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A presentation on NPO by my group
A presentation on NPO by my group

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Published by: Stephen Kwabena Enebeli Annan on Jul 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)and the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) an N.P.O(Non ProfitOrganization) is defined in terms of their characteristics that distinguishesthem from a business entity as a contribution of significant amount of resources from resources providers who do not expect commensurate orproportionate pecuniary returns, operating purposely other than to providegoods or services at a profit and absence of ownership interest likebusiness enterprises.Non-profit organizations (NPO) do not distribute its surplus to stakeholdersbut instead use them to pursue its goals as outlined by its object clause.They are known as Non-profit organizations (NPOs) because they provideservices not with the aim of making profit. In general, NPOs areorganizations formed by individuals or group with the primary motive of providing social services and other developmental activities at local,national and international levels. E.g. Sweetwater Ministries.The broad categories are however:
Mutual Non-Profits: e.g. Professional associations
Social Welfare: e.g. Employee Associations
Religious Communities: e.g. ChurchesIn Ghana there are laid down procedure to be satisfied in other to beregistered. The NPOs are to be duly approved by the Regulators:1.
The department of the registrar general.2.
The ministry of social welfare and employments.3.
According to the
code 1963 act 179 section 10, for examplegives legislation on NPOs which states that
company limited byguarantee may not be lawfully incorporated with the object of carrying onbusiness for the purpose of making
profit”. And
by this virtue they are taxexempted, but whenever found of carrying any other unrelated activitiesthe organization may be compelled to pay tax since that activity do notform part of its primary aim or purpose. The (GRA) Act 592 states that
exempted organizations participate in business ventures unrelated totheir objectives, and then tax would be assessed on the income derivedfrom such
The nature of the Non-Profit organization is mainly identified by what theyexist to do. Their mission may be geared towards meeting a necessarysocietal need, which may not be available otherwise. It therefore calls forcommitment in advancing their true values. The object clause of the NPOhelp them to be focused on what they intend to do. But it must be madeclear that the promoters are not seeking their personal interest since theyonly have a fiduciary relationship with the Organization.
The Selected Non profit Organization
Sweetwater ministries is an organization that is registered as a companylimited by guarantee with the registration number: G-17845 and have beenincorporated since 1993 with six principal directors, a secretary, StandardChartered Bank as their bankers and Beamat Associates as their auditors.They also have
Choices Incorporation
U.S.A as their HoldingCompany and Primary resource providers.
 Sweetwater ministries was established through
Today’s Choices—
USA bytwo American women (
Debbie French
Pam Hawkins
) who desired tohelp young girls in Ghana, West Africa acquire vocational skills training,come to know Christ and be disciple in the Word of God. Sweetwaterministries have been ministering in Ghana, West Africa since 1993 byoperating a vocational day school. Then in December of 2005, they wereable to purchase a residential home where these precious young girls livefor three years, learn a trade, and are fed and cared for at no cost tothem. When they bought the home in December of 2005, they were ableto completely pay for it, furnish it and hire staff. The first class to live inthe new residential house graduated in June of 2008.
Mission Statement
Choices - USA is a ministry that affirms thevalue of human life and the transforming power of Jesus Christ in thelives of individuals through evangelism, discipleship, and
: Serving young women in Ghana and giving them hopeSweetwater House is a ministry and discipleship program to young womenlocated in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. The ministry is dedicated to raisingup the next generation of Ghanaian leaders by focusing on emotional,physical, mental, spiritual, and vocational development. There are 24 girlswho are currently living at Sweetwater House. Many have been abusedphysically, emotionally, or sexually, and some were barely surviving on thestreet, sleeping on the dirt floor of outside shops, some were recentlyreleased from heinous trafficking in neighboring countries. While the girlslive at Sweetwater House, they learn to sew and take a nationalexam(NVTI- National Vocational Training Institute) upon graduation from the

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