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Article II Super PAC, Washington Times Daily, Crime Of The Century, 7-30-2012

Article II Super PAC, Washington Times Daily, Crime Of The Century, 7-30-2012

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Article II Super PAC, Washington Times Daily, Crime Of The Century, 7-30-2012, http://www.Art2SuperPAC.com
Article II Super PAC, Washington Times Daily, Crime Of The Century, 7-30-2012, http://www.Art2SuperPAC.com

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Published by: Article II Super PAC on Jul 30, 2012
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MONDAY, JULY 30, 2012
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Article II Super PAC does not make contributions to candidates. Art2SuperPAC may accept unlimited corporate contributions and unlimited individual contributions. Funds raised by Art2SuperPAC will beused for independent expenditures. Contributions to Art2SuperPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from foreign nationals and federal-government contractors are prohibited. www.Art2SuperPAC.com
Now Congress refuses toacknowledge the evidence
This is no longer about speculation. Qualified experts arenow in agreement that, in an apparent attempt to vouch foran ineligible occupant of the Presidency, a proven forgery ison the White House website. A crime has been committed.
After an 11-month investigation, Maricopa County ArizonaSheriff Arpaio reports these findings:
The PDF image of Obama’s long form birth certificateon the White House Website is undoubtedly fraudulent.
Hawaii’s laws governing birth records are inconsistentwith the United States Constitution and threatenAmerica’s national security.
Mr. Obama’s Selective Service registration form is alsofraudulent—an act that disqualifies the holder of thatregistration from holding any office in the federal government.
Hawaii’s Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagaminerefused to verify for Sheriff Arpaio’s detectives whether the PDF image released by the White House is, infact, an exact copy of the document released to thePresident’s attorneys.
Lead investigator Mike Zullo stated, “There is no legalauthority for anybody, including the President of theUnited States and his staff, to make a Hawaiian birthcertificate. Computerized, hand written in crayon, itdoesn’t matter what it is; the only people who havethe authority to do this is the Department of Health inHawaii.”
Zullo also stated “There is not a document examiner inthe nation that could go into a courtroom and declarethis document authentic. It cannot be done.” He wenton to state, “That means a judge could never rely on theauthenticity of this document.”
Congress: Honor your oathto the Constitution!
The Founders believed and trusted that a natural born Citizenwas known to be a person born on US soil to two citizen parents. No Constitutional amendment to that effect has ever  been ratified.Obama’s father was never a US citizen. There is nosubstantiated evidence proving where Obama was born, but he, and his literary agents, claimed for 16 years that hewas born in Kenya. Then, when it served the purposes of his Presidential candidacy, Obama claimed to be born inHawaii. Now Congress must accept responsibility for their negligence.They must honor their oath to “defend the Constitution of theUnited States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Thisissue cannot wait for another tainted election. Congressionalinvestigations must begin NOW.
Contact your Congressmen and Senators and demand a Congressional investigation NOW!It’s your America. It’s your Fight. Please support us with a check.Donate by credit card: http://www.art2superpac.com/donate.html
Or donate by check: P.O. Box 940661, Simi Valley, CA. 93094
Consequences to Follow
Congress’ fingerprints at theWhite House crime scene
The facts are in. We know, definitively, that the alleged Obama birth certificate on the White House Website is fraudulent.Congress must admit their culpability in this. They faced aPresidential candidate with credentials based almost entirelyon two autobiographies full of composite characters, errors,and outright fiction. Rather than step up and do their job, theDemocrat-controlled Congress failed to properly vet their candidate’s fairytale narrative. Now the chickens have comehome to roost and Congress is desperately evading the issuewhile trying to sustain the illusion of themselves as defendersof the Constitution.Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigators presented hard evidence from top forensic examiners who dissected Obama’selectronic birth certificate and declared it a compilation of external data – not a scanned image. Lead Investigator MikeZullo interviewed a witness, Hawaiian registrar, Verna K.Lee, whose signature (“V.K.L.Lee”) is replicated on theforged document. Lee explained to investigators why variousdiscrepancies on the Obama file directly contradict the datadisplayed on the image, conclusively demonstrating its lack of authenticity. This and other corroborating evidence fromArpaio proves that Obama’s document on the White HouseWebsite is not a scanned image, but rather a forgery compiled specifically to deceive the American public.Decide for yourself. Watch how Sheriff Arpaio decoded the birth certificate:
 Sheriff Arpaio has pleaded with Congress to take up thisinvestigation and defend the Constitution. According to their oath of office, that is their sworn duty.
Congress tried and failed to abolish“Natural Born Citizen” clause!
 Not on our watch!
We the People are acutely aware, since 1975, several leadingmembers of Congress have made numerous unsuccessfulattempts to pass legislation to change or abolish the Constitution’snatural born Citizen clause. This includes a 2004 amendment,offered in the Senate by Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and in the House by Dana Rohrbacher (D-CA) to permit any
naturalized citizen,
including any immigrant who becomes a US citizen, to hold theoffice of President. Some called for anyone who has been a UScitizen for 20 years to be eligible.More recently, the non-binding, Senate Resolution 511, was passed in April 2008 on a 99-to-0 vote on behalf of JohnMcCain. That resolution, ironically co-sponsored by Barack Obama, declares McCain to be a natural born citizen becauseMcCain “was born to American Citizens” (note the plural).Having failed in their 37-year legislative attack on theConstitution’s natural born Citizen requirement, the leadershipof Congress, by all appearances, now seems determined to ignoreit. In response to hundreds of thousands of citizen inquiriesabout the eligibility status of Barack Obama, Representativesand Senators ill-advisedly claim that the birth certificate inquestion is legitimate while ignoring any further questionsabout Presidential eligibility. Obviously, they are wrong. Now the question is, who forged this document to give theappearance of Obama’s eligibility and who gave the orders?The same composite fraudulent document is still availableon the White House Website hiding in plain sight:
http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/rss_ viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf.
The act of offering a forged document to substantiate Obama’s eligibility for the office of  President of the United States is still happening;it remains a crime in process.
Fruit of the poisonous tree
When evidence is obtained illegally, in violation of a person’s Constitutional rights, that evidence is nullified. It becomes inadmissible; considered “fruit of the poisonoustree.” In this case, having apparently usurped the Presidencyfor which he was not eligible, all of Barack Obama’s actionsas President may be nullified.Mr. Jeff Kuhner of the Washington Times explains in hiseditorial of July 20, 2012 the consequences of Congress’negligence in allowing what evidence suggests is a usurper to occupy the Oval Office:– 
“Should the president’s legal authority be deemed invalid, then everything resulting from it isalso baseless. The Obama presidency would beoverturned. Mr. Obama himself would be facing criminal charges — and possible jail time — for committing fraud.”
Mr. Kuhner also keenly observes why Congress has neglectedthus far to act:
“This is why they are determined to destroyanyone who seriously challenges Mr. Obama’sconstitutional authority. To simply inquire into the status of his birth risks being called a “birther” — a kook and conspiracy theorist akin to Holocaust deniers. Having coddled and protected him, theruling class could not survive if Mr. Obama wasexposed as a slick con man.”
 P R O V E N F O R G E R Y

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cecropiaflies added this note
This fine presentation errs by saying, "There is no substantiated evidence proving where Obama was born." There is a world of supporting evidence, including some cited in the editorial, that subtantiates a Kenyan birthplace for Obama. "Substantiate" means "to support with proof or evidence." Can't catalog it all here, but Lucas Smith's affidavit for the Kenya b.c.sent to Congress is Exhibit A

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