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PreneurCast 001: The First Time…

PreneurCast 001: The First Time…

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To download this transcript and get the audio, visit: http://www.preneurmedia.tv.

In their first episode together, Pete Williams and Dom Goucher talk about their reasons for producing the show, and get straight into a chat about focus, flow and productivity, where Pete shares some of the books that have influenced him.
To download this transcript and get the audio, visit: http://www.preneurmedia.tv.

In their first episode together, Pete Williams and Dom Goucher talk about their reasons for producing the show, and get straight into a chat about focus, flow and productivity, where Pete shares some of the books that have influenced him.

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 Entrepreneurship | Business | Internet Marketing | ProductivityPete Williams + Dom Goucher 
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Pete Williams:
Hi. Welcome to the very firstepisode of PreneurCast withmyself and my good buddyDom. How are you, buddy?
Dom Goucher:
Hey, Pete.
I‟m pretty good
,mate. Pretty good.
So this is a bit of an idea we‟ve
been shuffling around for awhile, just to jump on for 20minutes to half an hour eachweek and just talk about randomthings that can hopefully helpanother entrepreneur succeed and get a little bit further to wherever goal they are
trying to achieve, so…
That‟s the plan anyway.
That is the plan. That‟s about as much planning as we have done is the intro.
Hey, hey. We have a mind map.
True, we have a mind map. You‟ve prepared
you‟ve done some homework which I
love; and we have a mind map that we will try and follow to be organized.
It will never last.
No, we can try though. We have big dreams.
Okay. So look, I mean I think before we start, Pete, we talked about us before, but Iknow who you are, you know who I am.
I am still trying to figure out who I am myself though, that is the problem.
I think pretty much we should take a couple of minutes and just explain why we‟re
doing this, why we think it was a good idea. A little bit about your background just tofill in people who might have come to this from, well, wherever they came from.
Sounds good. I
t‟s always funny
to talk about
yourself. It‟s always
weird to sort of try and beam atyourself and things, but I guess
I‟ve got my hand in a few
different pies. I have atelecommunications companyhere in Australia, bought a finger food company, a marketingcompany, and a few other e-
commerce sites as well. So I‟ve
put my hand in quite a fewdifferent pies which seems tokeep me very, very busy and I enjoy that. I wrote a couple of books; and some
other people, I guess, think I‟m half 
-decent because I won a few entrepreneurialawards over the last a couple of years. S
o I guess I‟m doing something right to
make someone stand up and notice me.
Episode 001 | The First Time...www.PreneurMarketing.com
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You managed to avoid it,
but I‟m not going to let you. You do have that little quote
on various press releases and things:
s answer to Richard Branson.
Yes, that is a tagline that themedia has given me, which I am
happy to embrace. It‟s always
weird saying it yourself,
but I‟m
happy other people are saying it
and I‟ll definitely back it up and
reinforce it. So, yeah. I
t‟s been agreat little tagline I‟ve had for 
quite a few years now in Australia, which is pretty cool.
It‟s awesome. For my part, I‟
mhere as a kind of a bystander,the guy that kind of prompts youevery now and then, really. Wework together because Iproduce your media for all your various ventures. And this ideacame about because you are, Iwould say, a serialentrepreneur. You love beinginvolved in businesses and youlove making things happen
 taking an idea and making itreal. And what interests me isthe way that you use standardbusiness theory, but you alsouse technology -- the latest and greatest technology, or really some really old-fashion and ordinary stuff to make that stuff happen in the most efficient way.B
ecause if you look at the spread of all those things that you just listed, it‟s quiteamazing that you manage to…
well, actually that you manage to make it to lunch,really. A
s you‟ve done presentations and things and conferences and stuff, quite a
few people comment on this
how amazing it is that you get all these stuff done.Really, what we thought was we would cover some of that stuff. How do you get allthese stuff done? What drives you as well because that is interesting.
A lot of people wonder why you get out of bed at the morning, what makes you getout of bed. It could get a little bit random.
Which should be good.
Which will be very good.
We‟ll always have our mind maps to bring us back.
you‟ll have your mind map that I‟ll look at two minutes before the show. We‟ll
definitely gain through a lot of stuff. And I think the productivity is a big element. And everyone is sort of really loving the whole workflow conversations these days.There is a lot of blog posts and a heck a lot of conversations around workflows,
definitely important. I‟m a big believer in workflows but I think hopefully that we ca
take this beyond workflows; definitely mention the stuff that I‟m doing it and how I‟mdoing what I‟m doing and even how you are doing what you are doing
, becausethere are definitely some stuff that you are doing that will help a lot of people.
Episode 001 | The First Time...www.PreneurMarketing.com
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But I also would like to talk about other things that are kind of just cropping out, thatare happening on a week-to-week basis, whether it be looking at assessing a new
business opportunity or whether it‟s just books I‟ve read recently, or thoughts and
ions I‟ve had that might be really helpful to other people. They say that
the best way to learn and reinforce yourself is to teach it. So I guess this is a greatway for me to kind of try and communicate stuff out there which should not onlyhelp other people but to reinforce it for myself.
Yeah, I‟m going to do it to you again
, mate. Another one of those quotes that popsup is that you are a bit of a
Renaissance Guy.
What a word, eh?
I‟m not that old.
But one of the things again that I‟v
e noticed about you, having worked on thedifferent projects that you work on, r 
ead some of the stuff you‟ve produced, and
been involved with you for a time, is that you do really have all these differentinfluences and different things that you are intere
sted in. And I‟m really lookingforward to you bringing some of that out in the talks rather than just, “Oh, yes, thisweek I have been using this methodology and this piece of software,” and stuff like
that. I think it is far more interesting to be real about it.
So you‟ve got a lot of breadth there. You mentioned that maybe you want to do
workflow and look at information in books that you read in and things like that, andinfluences as well. One of the things I think people are interested in are influences
where you get your ideas from, where you got your start as well, how you movedon through. So that could be an interesting thing to cover.
We can definitely cover a lot of different stuff. So I think the hard part is going to bemaking sure that we can keep concise and keep to that half-hour purpose, which isa good point to aim at every episode so people can digest it quite easily.
Yeah, we talked about that in the brief planning that we did for this.
We‟re really making this sound like it‟s so professional, aren‟t we?
Well, it will sound professional as long as nobody actually listens to it.
One of the things that you are big on is optimizing your time. And so one of the
things we‟re going to be big on is optimizing other people‟s time including not taking
off too much of it with this rambling on. So yeah, we are going to try and stick to
that half an hour. I‟ve got a close eye on the clock here. And I‟m not sure what kindof noise I‟m going to make to let you know we are close to half an hour, I‟ll maybe
surprise you every week.
I could use my menu bar countdown timer. That would have been pretty cool.
My latest fascination with apps.
I‟m loving the different apps at the moment. That‟s
my latest focus, a little random countdown timer that sits in my menu bar. So wecould start at that, and it gives a little bit of a thing at the end once it countdowns toa pre-set time. So we could have used that. But I find that really handy actually justin terms of workflow stuff; just using that keeps you focused, with different periodsof time. L
ike if I‟m working with a particular project or an element of 
some other 
project of a different business. I could say, “Okay, I‟m going to dedicat
e 25 minutes
of this,” and start the countdown timer and just force myself to really stay focused
for that time and just push out as much as I can in that 25 minutes.
So you said that you‟d do 25 minutes
. Now, here is one of those really big topics tostart on. We will see if we can keep it small. You are a big fan of Pomodoros then?

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