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Quiz Show Outline

Quiz Show Outline

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Published by Jordan Brown

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Published by: Jordan Brown on Jul 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Color Day Brain Bowl
Game is set for directly after Lunch. The teams are of 1 per cabin, no captains, chosen atthe 8:45 a.m. team meetings in a volunteer fashion.
Campers will be answering questions in the categories of 1)
Camp Knowledge2)
General Knowledge3)
Pop CultureQuestions are chosen by teams from a category board, read to teams, and they have 15seconds to confer and answer. If they lapse, their opponents have the option to steal for half points. No penalties for wrong answers. The game should have an emphasis on speed and fun.Each team has two ask the team questions: They may choose one member not on the panel team for conference from the rest of the seated team in audience.
3 Rounds:
1) Normal – Three main categories, on a board w/ points a la Jeopardy. 3 columns, 6questions per column. Opposition can steal for half points of questions.2) Lightning – 5 rapid questions per team (5 seconds per question), no opposition steal.3) 1v1- Both teams choose one player from their team to compete in a hotseat round.Questions are delivered to the players, and in competition fashion, the first response wins.There is a 10 second time limit for answers. After expired time, opponent can steal for half points.
General Knowledge
1. What is the capital of Northern Ireland? – 
2. What American War lasted from 1965 to 1973? – 
 3. Who was the President of the USA during the Cuban Missile Crisis? – 
 4. Name the planets of our solar system, from closest to the sun, outwards. – 
Me, V, E,Ma, J, S, U, N
5. Name the three states of matter? – 
Solid, Liquid, Gas
 6. What day of the year does pi day fall? – 
March, 14
7. What is the square root of 16? – 
 8. What is the importance of Washington D.C.? – 
It is the Nation’s Capital.
9. What is our National Bird? – 
Bald Eagle
 10. Who is credited with the creation of the Law of Gravity. – 
Sir Isaac Newton
 11. Name a former movie star holding a major public office. – 
Arnold Schwartzenagger
 -Bonus—Name a former U.S. President who was a movie star during the 40’s and50’s. – 
Ronald Regan
 12. In American lore, George Washington was never able to do what? – 
Tell a lie
.-Bonus—What act in Washington’s youth created this myth? –Cherry Tree13. Whose face is on the penny? – 
Abraham Lincoln
 14. Name the three branches of the U.S Government. – 
Executive, Legislative, Judicial
 15. Who is the author of the book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go?” – 
Dr. Seuss
 16. Who created the Cotton Gin? – 
Eli Whitney
 17. Who invented peanut butter? – 
George Washington Carver
 18. Who created the Theory of Relativity – 
Albert Einstein
 19. When was the last time the Cubs won a World Series? – 
 -Bonus—What is the Chicago Cubs Curse? – 
Sianis…Goat…Ejected fromStadium…Cubs won’t win no more.
 20. Who is the famous traitor of the American Revolution? – 
Benedict Arnold
Camp Knowledge
1. What are the names of Amy’s two boys? – 
Brady, Keegan.
2. How is canteen order decided? – 
By cabin clean-up scores.
 3. What country is Grant Wilson from? – 
 -Bonus—Where does he live? – 
 4. Name 2 Glen Cabins. – Named5. Name all of the Grove Cabins in order of youngest to oldest. – 
H, B, Wolv, Wild,Hawk, Buck, I, G, J, S
6. In which Michigan town is camp located? – 
 7. In Which Michigan town is Formula K located? – 
8. When was the Grove founded? – 
 9. Name 3 counselors who were campers at Greenwoods. – 
Josh Conover, WillyBarnes, Henry, Jeff Winograd, Ben Weintraub.
 10. Who is the head nurse? – 
 11. What is the highest possible score in an archery round? – 

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