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Published by Manashwi Dhakal
study on plants
study on plants

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Published by: Manashwi Dhakal on Jul 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Arguments Against the Hoax Theoryof Crop Circles
by Joseph E. Mason
Most serious crop circle researchers agree that a majority of the formations are not being made by the human specie, andseem to be symbolic messages from an unknown, highintelligence. The researchers include people with advanceddegrees in science and engineering. The reason is that theevidence supports the theory that human beings could not havemade many of the many thousands of crop circles world wide.Of course, people can make circles that look "genuine" at firstsight. That was demonstrated on television in 1990. Theevidence includes a number of factors.
Unexplainable Changes to the Plants
The plants inside crop circles are changed in a way that is beyond human ability.
Figure 1straight and bentnodesFigure 2control sample fromoutside a crop circleFigure 3sample from insidea crop circle
Figure 1 above is a photograph showing a normal plant stem anda stem found bent in a crop formation. The bent node of the plant from inside a crop formation is elongated yet undamaged.Plant stems bent by people via mechanical means appear damaged and do not have the elongated nodes.Figures 2 and 3 above are photographs demonstrating themicroscopic changes in a plant inside a crop circle compared toa control sample taken from the same field.
Figure 4normal nodesFigure 5 blown nodesFigure 6 blown nodes
Plants inside crop formations often have "blown nodes." Figure4 above is a photograph of the normal nodes of plants takenfrom outside of a crop formation. Figure 5 above is a photographof the blown nodes of plants found inside the crop formation.Figure 6 is another example of the blown nodes of plants takenfrom inside a crop formation.Other changes to the plants have been reported by Dr. W.C.Levengood and his BLT team, including stunted seed-heads,cell-wall pit enlargement, and expulsion cavities. See:BLT Research
Semi-Molten Meteoric Iron Associated with a Crop FormationW.C. LEVENGOOD and JOHN A. BURKEAbstract - We report the unusual discovery of a natural iron"glaze" composed of fused particles of meteoritic origin,concentrated entirely within a crop formation in England,appearing shortly after the intense Perseid meteor shower inAugust. 1993.
The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles
Scientific Research & Urban Legends
Dr. Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D.
http://www.deepeningcomplexity.com/The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles is the first popular-scientific book about the world-wide appearance of large,geometrical patterns in farm fields and other land areas, usuallyreferred to as 'crop circles'.Crop circles are usually explained as the handiwork of creative pranksters. `Not true,' says Dr. Eltjo H. Haselhoff, Ph.D., former employee of Los Alamos National Laboratories. `Thecomplexity of the crop circle phenomenon is tremendouslyunderestimated, because its true nature is unknown to thegeneral public.' `Obviously, there are people trying to imitate thereal thing, but the suggestion that all of these crop formationsare made by men with simple flattening tools is by far insufficient to explain the well-documented observations, likeunambiguous and consistent biophysical anomalies in theflattened plants, inside the circles, all of which have been

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