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Snippet of Miss Susie's Summer Travels

Snippet of Miss Susie's Summer Travels

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Published by Susie Siegel

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Published by: Susie Siegel on Jul 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear friends--not quite adept at blogs yet...but here is what's been up from one lucky gratefulgirl!
Brow8 solid weeks o
(more if you include prep and dismantling but I don't want toinclude that!)
The beginnings, endings (and middles) are particularly challenging to teachers soas I prepare for my 20th year or so of teaching I reflect upon a particularlyfabulous summer of travel that I have just completed.
It was 14 plane rides, 2 Continents, 11 Countries, A Ship, 2 Ferry Boats and a Shipas well as more time zones than this insomniac cares to ponder...
Deep down, I feel there is no reason for me to leave the amazing comforts of myhome here in San Francisco. After all, SF is a vacation unto itself. I LOVE MYHOME...and that is exactly what motivates me to get out-of-the-box in thesummer.It would be easy to become complacent, sheltered and numb to the rest of theworld as I bask in my creature comforts.
But ahhh, to escape all the STUFF, to pack up one bag and just GO...I am superlucky to do this while I have good health and no summer commitments. I alwayslearn SO much and I feel that I take that back not just in personal growth but alsoto my classroom.
It is easy to perceive America as the center of the Earth and I just loved being inAsia where the name California was not always recognized.
My trip is better told in pictures so I will enclose some highlights. All who reallyknow me, know that pictures are something I am never short of taking!
I started my journey in Singapore and the highlights there were its very clean,pristine streets, parks, etc and most definitely its food. From watching ladiesmaking homemade udon and I mean HOMEMADE to eating crispy peking duck, Iwas mesmerized by its food courts which make ours here in US malls look silly.Did I mention any freshly squeezed fruit or veggie you could imagine?
On to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. A town that is inland in the hills set amongst ricepaddies, spiritual healers and crafts people, it was one of my favorite stops.Some highlights:1. a villa accommodation overlooking rice paddies and really the most incrediblerainforest shower that was outside
2. taking yoga classes in the coolest yoga studio I will ever see...open-air as thesun goes down, crickets, katydids, a sunset and the smell of fresh flowers over-looking rice-paddies during downward dog.3. Visiting Christopher and Amana's friend, Ari whose family are mask-makers of the most extraordinary kind.4.Spending time with Ketut from "Eat, Pray, Love." fame. He is like 94 and prettymuch no 100% says positive things about your health and future and had a spiritthat was super fun to be around.5. Luwak Co
ee passed through the stomach of a Luwak!) apparently quitepricey in the US.6. The smell of the crisp, air there was something I couldn't get enough of.
On to Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia for a short splurge at a W hotel which wasseriously ridiculous!Yes, their motto was, "WHATEVER, WHENEVER!" It was like someone else was theteacher and I could just have whatever, whenever!!!!! My senses couldn't getenough of the whole "Scene" very stylish, tactile, amazing food, great design andcomfort beyond words...and then a lovely afternoon of shopping with my formerprincipal, Ms. Yvonne Chong and my former student, Patrick's mom whohappened to be vacationing in nearby Nusa Dua. If you want to go shopping youare in great hands with Yvonne and Faye! Faye also has complete command of what Indonesian delicacies to order. This area was right along the coast and achange from inland Ubud.
On to Bangkok, Thailand! PHEW! WOW! Not my favorite place. Crowded.Congested. Major Tra
c. Felt Polluted. But wild, anything goes...amongst all thishustle bustle it is Thailand....from Kho Shan rode to outrageous buddhisttemples...and neighborhoods representing many di
erent cultures. Bangkok thegateway to the rest of Thailand and I learned not to characterize all of Thailandby my early perception of Bangkok.
I liked observing the di
erent Buddhist traditions in di
erent Asian Countries andam quite fascinated by it.Learned bits and pieces about its practice, its tradition, its importance. We evensaw a funeral passing by.

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