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trainingthegoaliesmind v2

trainingthegoaliesmind v2

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Published by John Haley
Free e-book from TheGoaliesMind.com. "Training The Goalie's Mind V2" is a high level overview of the various mental training techniques that can help aspiring goalies from Mite to Pro take their game to the next level.
Free e-book from TheGoaliesMind.com. "Training The Goalie's Mind V2" is a high level overview of the various mental training techniques that can help aspiring goalies from Mite to Pro take their game to the next level.

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Published by: John Haley on Jan 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 © Copyright 2004-2008, The Goalie’s Mind, All Rights Reserved
By John Haleywww.TheGoaliesMind.com Peak Performance Coach © Copyright 2004-2008, All Rights Reserved, The Goalies Mind
 © Copyright 2004-2008, The Goalie’s Mind, All Rights Reserved2
 Table of Contents:
The Psychology Of Goaltending
Getting “In The Zone”
Using Audio
Imagery and Visualization
Using Video
The Concept Behind The Goalie’s Mind Mental Training Methods
Recommended Resources
About The Author
 © Copyright 2004-2008, The Goalie’s Mind, All Rights Reserved3
To be a successful goaltender, you have to be fully committed to learningeverything you can about the position and about the game of Hockey. You needto spend a great deal of time physically training your body, practicing gamesituations over and over, and working on your mind.This ebook focuses on training your mind. This is, what I feel, the missingingredient for many goalies in reaching their full potential.The majority of committed goalies will spend several hours a week practicing thephysical game. I recommend that you study the physical game of goaltending,and you seek out the best goalie coach you can find to make sure you arepracticing correctly. If you don’t have proper coaching, you could be practicingthe wrong moves, the wrong angles, improper reactions, and bad save selection.If you wait too long to get good coaching and instruction, you will need to unlearneverything you’ve been practicing before relearning the proper techniques. Thiscan be a monumental task. Get the right coaching early.Young goalies today have access to so many great goalie camps, books,manuals, videos, and personal instruction. Make this a priority in your training.You must continually work on your physical game the right way as a first steptoward achieving full potential as a goaltender.Intense training of your body through repetition of the proper movements,techniques, skating, balance, angles, and save selection will give you the musclememory to make your reactions automatic during games. The more automaticthat you can make your reactions, the more you can concentrate and focus onthe game situation in front of you. This will also build your confidence which you’llneed in order to have the right frame of mind when playing in games.It is universally agreed that goaltending is over 80% mental. What this means isthat no matter how good you are at the physical game, if your mind isn’t workingthe way it should, you will never be able to fully utilize your physical skills incompetition. Training the mind is often overlooked or ignored by young goalies.This has a lot to do with a lack of awareness of just how important this aspect ofyour game really is. Also, training your mind is not an easy thing to do. First, youneed to know
to do, and then you need to put as much time, or even moretime into working on your mental game as you do working on your physicalgame. The other obstacle in your way is a real lack of instruction and trainingtools available.This ebook is going to give you a good baseline of understanding around whatyou need to work on in order to train your mind. Understanding what you need todo is a good first step. You will also learn techniques and strategies you can use

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