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To Save the Muse

To Save the Muse

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Published by A Mu
To Save The Muse: A Case Study of a Mind Controlled Human Sacrifice Or How to Make Someone Into A Muse as a Living Host for the Powers That Be (With Numbered List for Scanning Convenience) MU: “the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet”. SIC: "as written" (From Wikipedia: The adverb sic – meaning "intentionally so written", first appeared in English circa 1856); "unwell or ill"; or as in "sic the dog". Consider that “MUSIC” can be read as "12 AS WRITTEN" or “12 ILL”. Of course, one can also consider the word as "muse sick".
To Save The Muse: A Case Study of a Mind Controlled Human Sacrifice Or How to Make Someone Into A Muse as a Living Host for the Powers That Be (With Numbered List for Scanning Convenience) MU: “the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet”. SIC: "as written" (From Wikipedia: The adverb sic – meaning "intentionally so written", first appeared in English circa 1856); "unwell or ill"; or as in "sic the dog". Consider that “MUSIC” can be read as "12 AS WRITTEN" or “12 ILL”. Of course, one can also consider the word as "muse sick".

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Published by: A Mu on Jul 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To Save The Muse: A Case Study of a Mind Controlled Human SacrificeOrHow to Make Someone Into A Muse as a Living Host for the Powers That Be(With Numbered List for Your Convenience!)MU: “the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet”.SIC: "as written"
(From Wikipedia: Theadverb
meaning "
intentionally sowritten
", first appeared in English circa 1856);
"unwell or ill"
; or as in "sic the dog".Consider that
“MUSIC” can be read as "12 AS WRITTEN"
“12 ILL”
.Of course, one can also consider that word in the form, “
 Life imitates art far more than art imitates life
” – Oscar WildeI will add to the above statement that,
if you happen to be born on 12/12, it can be that  your life imitates art far more than what you or anyone around you are willing to believe.
History is written by the winners, and the Muse is the exploited loser. If you espousethe truth, I beg you to read this story. If nothing else, please read the list below.
If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have a birthday in December, you may havenoticed that your life follows a particular pattern relating to movies, and books, butespecially
which can be seen as
12, intentionally so written
(as noted above). If your name somehow relates to an animal, then you may be more sensitive than most. My friend,whom I will only refer to as “the muse”, out of respect for her privacy, has been exploitedto provide material for others to profit from, while she has received nothing in return but pain and suffering, and the knowledge of how her whole life was designed to keep her down with the inability to do anything about it.
The only comfort I can give her is thatnone of what has happened in her life can be blamed on her, as
she never truly hadfreewill
, which I will prove in the following pages. By turning this woman’s world upside-down before she was even born, a cache of compelling stories was made, from whichauthors and musicians have profited, while she has received mostly criticism for not beingsuccessful herself.The Muse may just be a real person. Make the muse sick in an emotional/mental way, andthere will be plenty of creative inspiration to draw from her, dolling it out to artists who aresupported by the media.
Pray for the muse, for she has suffered.
You may not believewhat is written here at first, so you may see it as a fictional account, but I ask that you readit with an open mind, and keep positive thoughts for the unfortunate victims of this strangescheme who get no credit for all they have contributed. The items in the numbered list below may not mean much individually, but when taken all together,
it cannot be deniedthat this woman’s freewill was taken from her without ever having to incarcerate her
and that it was by design.
Born innocent, she was used, abused, and betrayed from themoment of her birth.
When the muse began to discover what had been happening to her all her life, she became a target for what is now being called,
“No-touch Torture”,
including the broadcast of degrading, tormenting voices through implants, and electroshock in her privates complete with contractions, among other things.
The following list describes how the muse has been made without her consent:
1)Find a woman who wants to place a baby for adoption, who is due in January tohave a female child, as females are generally more submissive and therefore easier to manipulate. Born out of wedlock, the child will be viewed as more expendable,due to how the Bible views bastards (see Deuteronomy 23:2), so no one who is nota so-called bastard will care what happens to her anyway. They’ll just be glad itisn’t them, and will be all too happy to participate in the scam against her.2)Induce the birthmother to deliver the baby on 12/12, so that the child is born premature and easier to control, and so that this number’s high visibility in the bibleand culture can be used to manipulate her ego throughout her life, without her beingconsciously aware of it. This will also cause her to be metaphorically andmetaphysically tied to the words
(which can be read as “12-intentionallyso written”), as noted above and also to the 12
trump card of the tarot.3)Name her something that has a mostly negative connotation in the culture, such asgiving her the initials C.A.T., so that the child can be easily associated with suchnegative ideas as “catty”, “pussy cat”, “scaredy cat”, “cataclysm”, “catastrophe”,and so on. While there are some positive ideas related to the word cat, such as“catalyst” and “catharsis”, the majority are negative. This helps to create a negativechild with a very low self-esteem, who will be easily manipulated by others, muchlater.
By making her surroundings as miserable as possible, she will questioneverything she has been told about there being a loving god
. By associating her to negative things and by using black magic to associate her on the metaphysicallevel to mu-sic and the tarot, this task can more easily be accomplished as opposedto just setting her up with a family that pays her little attention. The initials idea hasthe extra benefit of pointing her out as little more than an animal to the perpetrators.Language will be used to manipulate her in other ways, which will be seen in a paragraph farther below.4)By tying the child to the 12
trump of the Thoth deck (as opposed to other decks),she will be even more unconscious of what is being done to her. It shows a figureupside-down, eyes closed, arms and one leg pinned with nails, and one leg tied toan upside-down ankh. Please do an image search for “12
trump Thoth tarot” on theinternet, to better understand this concept.
The ankh symbolizes life and fertility,and by being attached to it in an upside-down position, her ideas about thoseconcepts will be terribly skewed, and she will not understand why
. It will affecther for her whole life in a negative way, and then she will be blamed for being sonegative. Because the 12
trump card is known as the Hanged Traitor in mostdecks, as she gets older, most people will often see her in a negative light, becauseof the oc-cult underpinnings of our cult-ure, and because many people sheencounters will have seen or studied the tarot by the time she enters her 40’s. It isironic because she was betrayed the very moment she was born. Since the Thothtarot deck names this card as “The Dying God”, it will further manipulate her ego,at a later date.
The fact that there are at least 1000 decks of the tarot showing
the 12
trump as an upside-down figure, with at least as many printings of each, further amplifies the intent behind the curse of that birthdate.
5)Her adoptive mother, who was physically abused, has a 4/4 birthday, and istherefore connected to the 4
trump card, known as “The Emperor”, giving her waytoo much power over her adoptive child, who is in the unfortunate position of beingthe “Hanged Man”. To see the mother’s card, The Emperor, from the Thoth deck, please do an image search for “4
trump Thoth tarot” on the internet.6)Beyond the 12
trump card, the subject will be tied to the Thoth tarot deck ingeneral by using her Pythagorean numerology, in which her numbers are 22, 11, 8,and 2. When one considers Oscar Wilde’s assertion that “Life imitates art far morethan art imitates life”, the 11
trump of the Thoth deck shows a disturbingdiscrepancy from decks such as the Rider-Waite, what is usually “Justice” has beenturned into “Lust”. Even more disturbing is that the 9/11 tragedy can be read as “no justice”, since
in German means “no”, and the 11
trump card of the tarottraditionally represents justice.7)Television (tell-a-vision) will be her primary babysitter, because it has been knownto induce a hypnotic state, making the child more susceptible to post-hypnoticsuggestion.8)Keeping the subject away from any mother figure for the first six weeks of her life(by keeping her in the custody of the adoption agency during this time), ensures anemotional trauma, known as abandonment syndrome, right from the start, makingher easily suggestible even as she gets older. This can be seen in studies onmonkeys in captivity, taken from their mothers at birth. To see more information onthis, please do a search for “Harlow Isolation of Infant Monkeys”, or follow thislink:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Harlow#Partial_and_total_isolation_of_infant_ monkeys9)Make sure the adoptive parents have a history of abuse in their family. An upper-middle class family with the father away on frequent business trips is important for giving the child daddy issues, which will make her easily influenced by boyfriendsin the future. A family that keeps a revolving live-in housekeeper is best, that waythe child will never have a stable caregiver. They will have money, so that peoplewill think the subject had “every advantage in life”, when the real thing she neededwas love and discipline.10)Baptize the child in the Catholic faith, even though the parents are known to haveaffairs on each other, thus confusing the child early on about God and faith. Get her at least as far as first communion, which is a ritual that does have slightly sexualovertones when taken at face value. The family should already have a male child,who is an alter boy. Abused by his mother, he will pass this on to the sister whenshe is out of babyhood, introducing more traumas into her life. This brother will beabout ten years older than the adoptee and will be favored by the mother. Oddlyenough, but it will make sense later on, he will give her a dress that closelyresembles a wedding dress, when she is about 12 and he is 22.11)Make sure the mother uses the Dr. Spock method of child rearing, allowing theinfant child to scream herself to sleep, even if left in the crib for an hour or more.This adds to the attachment disorder. The mother will also only use negative

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