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Quezon City Times May issue

Quezon City Times May issue

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Published by iloveqctimes

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Published by: iloveqctimes on Aug 01, 2012
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Three Strong Years of the City’s Magazine! 
Haunted by gHosts?
MAY 2012
MAY 2012MAY 2012
2 3
The Quezon CiTyThe Quezon CiTy
hile the Aquino Administration has made “Matuwid na Daan” the centerpiece of his governance agenda, a lot has yet to be done. From what we have seen this month on the ghost employee issue, it is clear that stakeholders are not prepared to face a vital issue of governance.
hy is the Philippines poor?This is a perennial quesionquestion that every politician should be thinking about. Our country is endowed with more than 7,000 islands with rich natural resources. During the 1950’s 1960’s the country’s gross domestiproduct (GDP) was among the highest in South East Asia. It was even higher than that of China and Thailand. So logically it is hard to see why the Philippines had been left behind by its neighbors in terms of economic progress. A study conducted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2007, however states that in the last 50 years, the Philippines’ economic growth has slowed down compared to its neighbors.
Ways to slay tHe gHosts tHatHaunt uslet’s confront corruption
laman’s tems which shuld be fllwed ban aggessive and ceaseless cmmunicatinsf gains in anti-cuptin effts in the ti-media and at the baanga levels. It shuldals pen htlines f epting cases fcuptin and it shuld publish names fpeple with cases f gaft and the eslutins
of the cses led inst ccsed persons.
The business sect must be activelencuaged t paticipate in anti-cuptinactivities like inviting them t sit in biddingand business awading f the sect’sinitiatives that cntibute t anti-gafteffts.Media must als be espnsible in eptingcuptin cases and als include epting fanti-cuptin initiatives. Shuld cuptin
be  focs of  medi ott, it shold lso
include cupt businessmen and cuptpivate individuals.
Finll, civil societ incldin privte
individuals must assist in inf-disseminatinn was t pevent cuptin. It als helpst be citical f gvenment lapses but apactive efft and suggestins t helpcub cuptin shuld als be extended.Paticipatin in bidding and awads pcessesculd als impve the state f cuptin inthe bueaucac.Thee ae things that we need t fget inde t mve n. But mving n des nt
men reminin ot withot considertion
f the lessns in the past. Nw is the time tpve that u Cit is matue enugh t cullthe lessns as we ente a new gvenance eawhen the electates cast thei vtes in 2013lest we want t maintain the “ghsts” in the
pst. Now, tht’s the rel horror stor tht
nl we can chse t bliteate  nutue.
commodities incldin helth cre,
educatin and even safet. Cuptinhindes the Philippines fm having accesst fee medicines and supplies. Accding
to  std b Trnsprenc Interntionl,for ever 10 percent increse in corrption,
immunizatin ate dps t 20 pecent. Itdepives the childen fm having qualiteducatin that can give the cunt hpe fa bette futue.An investigatin cnducted b the PhilippineCente f Investigative Junalism (PCIJ) in2009 fund that cuptin in all levels in theeducatinal sstem is widespead; stating
from the centrl ofce of the Deprtment
f Educatin t the public schls in emteislands. It can als cmpmise the safet fthe public due t lw qualit infastuctueand sevices.We shuld be vigilant abut cuptinnt nl n the amunt f pess lst fscial sevices and its lst cntibutin t
sstinble development, bt lso on the
intangible impacts f cuptin. Lst tust
nd condence in or politicl insitittions
and demcac has a lng-tem impact ingvenance. Hw man gvenments havebeen usted in the specte f cuptin?
Citizens et dismed in pin txes, votin,
and fllwing ules f peace and de.Lw-male amng the bueaucac itselfhas a high pice tag f lcal gvenmentcnfnting man cncens n a dail basis.
Hence, the tct we hve to mke riht now
is the diectin fllwing the ule f law. Letthe watchdgs d thei le. Let the accusedespnd and pve thei inncence. Let thebueaucac pen its infmatin and ladwn a cmpehensive plan f cuptin.We need a cuptin-pf cit nt afatenit f pliticians.That Ma Hebet Bautista and Vice Ma
Jo Belmonte stood b their concilor, despitehvin different politicl flitions, cn be
seen as a magnanimit fm the leadeshipf the lcal gvenment. The slgan -- nevet leave u sldies behind - might be thepinciple that cntinues t bind this lcal
overnment bt m, in the lon term lso
be the same easn f its disintegatin.The accused camp sas the easns ma be
politicll-motivted, sin the re stron
cntendes f the next electal bid. While
this miht be tre, the locl overnment nd
the stakehldes as well shuld als ensuethat the investigatin be pusued. Statementsthat give sides  cleaing accuntabilities f
overnment ofces before  cse hs been
clsed culd pe-empt the cnduct f an
independent fct-ndin corrption effort,
especiall when the suces f infmatinae gvenment data.It’s a shame If the news that Jimm Lee
Dvis hs indeed withdrew the complinttht he led to the Field InvestitionOfce of the Ombdsmn inst ConcilorsRoderick Plte nd Frncisco Cll Jr,.
The amunt P3.3 millin that allegedl wentt ghst emplees wuld neve be cleaedand we culd neve test the matuit f uplitical institutins and leades t pen itsds t investigatin and save public tust.
Shold the cse be closed nd be forotten,stkeholders incldin the locl overnment,medi, nd civil societ mst embrk on n
anti-cuptin campaign t shw its sinceitin espnding t issues f cuptin.
The locl overnment mst hve  cler,
cmpehensive and inte-linked lcalgvenment plan f cmbating cuptinand disseminate t the public in simpleAccding t the 2011 Cuptin PeceptinIndex (CPI) eleased b Tanspaenc
Interntionl-Philippines, or contr
has had slight impvements in battlingcuptin. The suve spanned fm 2009 t
2011,  period ttribtble to the President
Benign Aquin III.The CPI sce indicates the peceived level f
pblic sector corrption on  scle of 0 -10,
whee 0 means that a cunt is peceived ashighl cupt and 10 means that a cunt ispeceived as ve clean.But what des a slight impvement meant us?A pgess in anking is gd f thecunt but it did nt help in making thelives f Filipins bette. T illustate these
rnkins, when the Philippines’ corrptionindex improved, it ws s ood (or s bd)s the corrption in Bnldesh, the BlticStte of Belrs, nd Pkistn.
Cuptin is detimental t eve citizen’ssuvival. Hweve it is als Filipin cultuethat tleates and pemits cuptin tpevail. It is imptant that the Filipinpeple will knw the vitalit f putting anend t the ‘cance’ which is cippling thesciet and gnawing at the peple’s basicneeds f suvival. This then will deteminethe cuse f actin that needs t be takentwads alleviating the cunt’s ecnmand thus impve the peple’s lives.
Politicl Corrption is commonl deneds “the bse of pblic ofce for personl
enichment” . The mst cmmn fmsf cuptin that ae pevalent in the
Philippines re l sstem, extortion,collectin “ton”, ried biddin, overpricin,nepotism, cronism, nd host emploees.
Cuptin hampes the develpment fa cunt. It stips the peple f basic
MAY 2012MAY 2012
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The Quezon CiTyThe Quezon CiTy
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ground Floor, Frn towrs. Borromo s. ornr eDsa,Bry. souh trinl, Quzon ciy
f e, cmme, cb, ee we  eE--Ce veqezcyme@y.cm
Haunted b ghsts? 
At and cultue and thebueaucac
Ripples:  hven for trnsformtion, evoltion
Cmmunit News 
QC painting the twn ed fchilden with lead-fee paks 
Erth D 2012 Cit rises
eclgical awaeness 
Cming Tgethe 
CmpessedNatual Gas (CNG): Altenative Fuel f a Geen Futue 
 Knw u Candidate
Places T G In The Cit
The Quezn Cit TimesMa 2012 Issue
CoVEr STory
Cve St bAngelica Caball

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