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Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan Yamani (PBUH) - Interpretation of a Verse From Surah Yunus a.s.

Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan Yamani (PBUH) - Interpretation of a Verse From Surah Yunus a.s.

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Published by unkept_knowledge

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Published by: unkept_knowledge on Aug 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interpretation of a verse from Surah Yunus
By: Sayyed Ahmad Al-HassanVicegerent and Messenger of Imam Al-Mahdi, Upon him Peace.
In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful,
The Almighty said:
{And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in tyrannyand enmity until, when drowning was to overtake him, he said, "I believe that there is no deity except that in whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am of the Muslims."} 
(1)The Holy Quran Surah Yunus: 90
In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful, All Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
“O sons of Adam, remember Me in the midst of your anger and I shall remember you in the midst of mywrath and save you from ruin. When someone oppresses you, remember my retribution. For verily, Myretribution is better than your revenge. ” 
O Allah, I am a needy weak and vulnerable slave, I have accepted Your Retribution for thosewhom have wronged me.
In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful,
{And indeed, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes when they hear the message,and they say, "Indeed, he is mad." * But it is not except a reminder to the worlds.} 
Prior to beginning the inner meaning of this verse:First:
I convey certain words of Al-Sarkhi with which he attacked me:
“And with this the claimant has gone against the intellect and the intellectuals and violated the customs of the people of tradition and violated the rights of the common humans and of humanity…………… Verily, this ignorant dark claimant…………….. He claims these claims [which are] false, corrupt, misguided, straying, and misleading………….. Absurdity and foolishness and hastiness and ignorance and dark thoughts of themind and the heart and the self are with the claimant………….. What was written by the claimant isinsignificant insignificant insignificant irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant and he is more insignificant and moreirrelevant than you think……………The irrelevant thoughts of the claimant and his sickened mind and his psychological deviation……. Etc.” 
(1)Al-Kafi: Part 2, p. 304; and The Pillars of Islam: Part 2, p. 537.(2)The Holy Quran Surah Al-Qalam (The Pen): 51 & 52

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