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Jason Plummer

Jason Plummer

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Published by americanbridge

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Published by: americanbridge on Aug 01, 2012
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Robert Plummer has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns, while his disclosures indicated assets of up to $41million. In 2010, Plummer, who has only ever worked for his family business, exaggerated his experience while he was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, to the point that the Chicago Sun Times printed “Jason Plummer is unqualified.It is ludicrous that he is on the ballot.” He has also relied on his and his family’s wealth to self-fund his campaigns,raising about $375,000 from himself and his family in 2010.
Resume Exaggeration
2010 Chicago Sun Times: Jason Plummer Is So Unqualified “It Is Ludicrous
 That He Is On The Ballot.”
According to an editorial by the Chicago Sun Times, “If you're still undecided about whom to vote for in the race for governor, we urge you to take a closer look at their running mates,the candidates for lieutenant governor. The Democratic candidate, Sheila Simon, is well-qualified. The Republican candidate, Jason Plummer, is unqualified. It is ludicrous that he is on the ballot.”[Chicago Sun Times, 10/26/10]
2010 Chicago Tribune: Other Than Two Internships, Plummer Has Only Worked In HisFamily Business
. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Other than internships, Jason Plummerhas never worked anywhere but the family business. But he has built a resume that includesintelligence officer in the Navy Reserves, Republican Party county chairman, and high-techentrepreneur.” [Chicago Tribune, 10/10/10]
Chicago Tribune: Plummer Overstated His Roles As A Navy Officer And Business Owner While A Candidate For Lt. Governor
. According to the Chicago Tribune, “But a closerexamination of Plummer's resume shows that his leadership experience may be more limited than hisrhetoric and campaign bio suggest. Plummer highlights his service as a Navy intelligence officer, buthe received his commission just last September and has yet to undergo training. He touts his creationand operation of a wireless Internet provider while still a college undergrad, yet public records show it was his father who owned the firm and Plummer was never listed as an officer. He has referencedhis experience working for former U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald and a conservative think tank, butdoesn't always say both jobs were internships. Plummer also had a short stint as Madison County Republican chairman during which he oversaw the opening of a GOP office in a strip mall owned by one of his family's businesses, which received more than $13,000 in rent.” [Chicago Tribune,2/14/10]
Chicago Tribune: Plummer Exaggerated His Role With Senator’s Office, HeritageFoundation
. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Shortly after Plummer launched his bid for
first public office, his campaign produced a resume that noted he had ‘served internships’ withFitzgerald and with the conservative Heritage Foundation. By December, the official resume hadbeen updated and the reference to internships removed. Instead, it said that he ‘served under’ thesenator and ‘with’ the Heritage Foundation. In a Chicago radio interview last month, Plummerdescribed his role at the foundation as acting as ‘the go-between between the HeritageFoundation and Congress and the Senate and the administration.’ Foundation official BrianDarling said Plummer’s description of his role was accurate, but also explained that interns likePlummer spend a lot of their time ‘dragging around food for meetings and making copies.’Plummer said he wasn’t sure why the wording of his resume was changed, but maintained thatboth versions were accurate. ‘I never claimed I was not an intern,’ Plummer said.” [Chicago Tribune, 2/14/10]
Plummer Called His Misleading Campaign Biography As ‘Understated.’
 According to aState Journal-Register editorial, “Some have questioned why, for example, a campaign biography for Plummer claims he worked for then-U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald and the Heritage Foundationin Washington, D.C., without mentioning that he was an intern in both those jobs. (He was afull-time, paid intern at Heritage.) ‘There’s been a whole lot of things that I’ve done in my lifethat aren’t on the biography,’ Plummer responded. ‘I think that my biography is probably understated, to be honest with you.’” [State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL), 2/11/10]
Out Of Touch Self-Funder
2010: Plummer Funded His Run For Lieutenant Governor With Personal Loans FromHimself, His Father, And His Father’s Company
. According to the State Journal-Register,“Jason Plummer of Edwardsville, who is vice president of corporate development for his family’sbusiness, R.P. Lumber, has raised about $430,000 -- about $375,000 coming from himself and othersin his family, said spokesman John Pastuovic. That includes a $50,000 loan to himself in September,at least $100,000 loaned from the company, and $200,000 loaned from his father, Robert L.Plummer. ‘We made a decision early on that we were going to pretty much follow (former U.S. Sen.)Peter Fitzgerald road map for fundraising and (significantly) self-fund,’ Pastuovic said. That way, hesaid, ‘we can assure our independence moving forward.’ Plummer also listed more than 30 out-of-state donors, but Pastuovic said they fall into the category of most of Plummer’s solicitations, whichhave been to family, close friends and business associates.” [State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL),1/7/10]
Belleville News-Democrat: Plummers Worth Between $13 And $33 Million
. According tothe Belleville News-Democrat, “The scion of an Edwardsville-based family with extensive realestate holdings, including office buildings and shopping centers, Plummer, a Republican, hasreported a personal worth -- excluding liabilities -- of between $13.6 million and $33.1 million,according to financial disclosure statements filed with the U.S. House of Representatives.”[Belleville News-Democrat, 1/30/12]
Lack Of Transparency
February 2012: Plummer Opposed The Release Of His Tax Returns, Said Personal FinancialDisclosure Was Sufficient
. In February 2012 Jason Plummer rebuked a call by Republicancandidate Roger Cook for all statewide and federal candidates in Illinois to release tax returns. According to the Belleville News Democrat, “[Jason] Plummer issued a statement in which he stated
that voters ‘want to know where you get your money, where your money is invested, and what kindof financial relationships you have. They should want to know these things, it is tremendously important information.’ But this information is obtained ‘through a legally required Federal PersonalFinancial Disclosure, not a tax return,’ Plummer wrote. ‘A tax return does not have all the details aPFD has, which is why I released my PFD before any other candidate.’” [Belleville News Democrat,2/22/12 ]
In 2010 Plummer ‘Resisted’ Releasing Tax Return, Disclosure Listed Assets Between $3Million And $41 Million
. According to the Belleville News Democrat, “In 2010, when he ran forlieutenant governor as the Republican nominee, Plummer resisted call to turn his tax returns. In adisclosure report filed late last year, Plummer listed personal assets of between nearly $3 million and$41 million.” [Belleville News Democrat,2/22/12 ]

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