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Keith Rothfus

Keith Rothfus

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Published by americanbridge

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Published by: americanbridge on Aug 01, 2012
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Keith Rothfus is a wealthy attorney who lost to Jason Altmire in 2010. Rothfus supports tax cuts for the wealthiest  Americans, and stubbornly opposes a women's right to choose. Additionally, he seems more interested in partisanshipthan getting things done. He has a history of supporting extreme right wing partisans, including the Family Research Council, the Susan B. Anthony list, Pat Buchanan, and once worked at Regent University (founded by Pat Robertson).
Rothfus Broke Promise On Residency
Rothfus: “I Will Not Run For A District I Do Not Live In.”
According to the National Journal,“Rothfus lives near the border of the 4th and 12th congressional districts. Therefore, his homedistrict could change depending on redistricting. ‘I will not run for a district that I do not live in,’Rothfus told PoliticsPA.” [National Journal, 9/21/11]
Rothfus Planned To Run In New 12
District, Even Though He Lived Outside It.
  According to the Beaver County Times, “Rothfus was unavailable Tuesday night, but hisspokeswoman, Stephanie Miller, said he would continue to seek the 12th District seat eventhough his Edgeworth home sits two blocks outside the new district in Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy's 18th Congressional District.” [Beaver County Times, 12/14/11]
Rothfus Is Too Conservative
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Rothfus Views “Unflinchingly Conservative.”
In an editorialendorsing his opponent, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that “Keith Rothfus, 48, of Edgeworth,served the Bush administration in 2005-07 in the Department of Homeland Security, where he set upan office to work with faith-based groups involved in disaster relief. His views are unflinchingly conservative.” [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Editorial, 10/19/10]
Rothfus Opposed The Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
In a PennsylvaniaCatholic Conference Questionnaire, Rothfus answered “Do you support or oppose efforts topass legislation (i.e., the Federal Employment Non- Discrimination Act) that would make sexualorientation and gender identity or expression protected classes that are equivalent to otherprotected classes (e.g., race, religion, sex, etc.)?” with “Oppose.” [Pennsylvania CatholicConference Questionnaire, Primary 2012]
Rothfus Said Life Begins At “Moment Of Conception.”
According to his website, Rothfussaid “"I am pro-life and believe that all human beings have an inalienable right to life from themoment of conception to natural death, and I believe that the nation's laws should reflect thisfoundational principle of our Republic.” [Rothfus For Congress, accessed3/23/12 ]
Rothfus Supported “Freedom Of Conscience” Legislation
. In a Pennsylvania CatholicConference Questionnaire, Rothfus answered “Do you support or oppose legislation that wouldguarantee comprehensive freedom of conscience for health care professionals, providers andinstitutions?” with “Support.” [Pennsylvania Catholic Conference Questionnaire, Primary 2012]
Rothfus “Not Convinced” Humans Causing Climate Change.
According to an editorial inthe Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Rothfus “is not convinced that human activity is causing climatechange and he would not back federal policies on the subject that might put jobs at risk.”[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/19/10]
Rothfus Was The Chief Operating Officer At Regent University.
According to the PittsburghPost-Gazette “Mr. Rothfus took a break to become chief operating officer of the struggling law school at Regent University, the Christian college in Virginia founded by evangelist Pat Robertson.”[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,4/18/10 ]
Regent University Was Founded By Pat Robertson.
According to its website, RegentUniversity “Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, Regent founder and chancellor, established the university in 1978.” The law school “provides for an open, scholarly analysis of how the Christian faithimpacts legal study and practice.[Regent University Website, accessed4/18/12 ]
Regent’s Had an ‘Equal Opportunity’ Policy That Favored Men Over Women.
The Washington Post reported that Regent’s University’s “view on permissible sexual distinctionshad become firmly rooted in university policy. … The third provision of the policy commitsRegent to equal opportunity ‘without regard to gender,’ although ‘consistent with a scripturalfamily policy, recognizing that God created mankind male and female (as determined at birth andnot subject to change), and recognizing that God instituted and defined the family as the primary civil institution of civil governance, designating a specific authority structure within the home.’ As biblical authority for that statement, the provision cites a passage from Ephesians, whichreads: ‘Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife asChrist is the head of the church.’” [Washington Post, 10/11/09]
Rothfus Contributed $500 To Pat Buchanan.
According to Influence Explorer, Elsie Rothfusgave $500 to Pat Buchanan’s 1996 Presidential campaign. [Influence Explorer, accessed 4/18/12]
Rothfus Contributed $200 To Author Of Anti-Abortion Law 
. According to Influence explorer,Elsie Rothfus contributed $200 to Stephen F. Friend. [Influence Explorer, accessed 4/18/12]
Friend Authored Controversial Abortion Law Requiring Notification Of Husband
.Stephen Friend “is best known as the main promoter of an anti-abortion law that is now being considered by the United States Supreme Court.” The law “places restrictions on a woman'sright to abortion, including requirements that a married woman notify her husband, that there bea 24-hour wait before any abortion and that doctors show patients a pamphlet with pictures of developing fetuses.” [New York Times, 2/21/92; Los Angeles Times, 4/22/92]
Rothfus Contributed $4,000 To The Family Research Council.
According to InfluenceExplorer, the Rothfus family contributed $4,000 to the Family Research Council in 2008. [InfluenceExplorer, accessed 4/18/12]
Rothfus Supported Tax Breaks For Wealthy…Like Himself 
Rothfus Had Between $2,944,032 And $12,692,500 In Assets In 2011.
 According to his personalfinancial disclosure form, Rothfus and his wife had between $2,944,032 and $12,692,500 in assets in2011. This does not include indecipherable assets on one page of his PFD.
Rothfus Supported Bush Tax Cuts.
In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Rothfus said “Well, thefirst thing I think you do, you have a tax bill that you would send to the president, where you`regoing to keep the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts in place.” [Fox News, 10/19/10]
Rothfus Supported Capital Gains Tax Cut – “A Big One.”
According to Human Events Online,Rothfus said “History shows that whenever you cut capital gains taxes, revenue goes up… We havethe second-highest corporate tax in the world so we're in line for another cut--a big one.” [HumanEvents Online, 6/11/10]
Rothfus Defended Upper Level Bracket Tax Cuts; Claimed “If You Make That Kind Of Money In Manhattan And You Have A Family, These Are The Taxes That Are Going Up On Them.”
In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Rothfus said “Neil, no, I think, especially when you look at people in the cities along the East Coast, who are making this $250,000 a year, if you make thatkind of money in Manhattan and you have a family, these are the taxes that are going up on them.”[Fox News, 10/19/10]

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