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Quinn-Aug 1-FL-OH-PA

Quinn-Aug 1-FL-OH-PA

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Published by CBS_News

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Published by: CBS_News on Aug 01, 2012
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Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times PollFor release: Wednesday, August 1, 20127:00 AM EDT
President Obama enjoys a lead over Mitt Romney in each of three battleground states – Ohio,Pennsylvania, and Florida, among likely voters (those who will definitely vote).
: President Obama has a six point lead over Mitt Romney (51% to 45%) includinga slight lead among both men and women and a 19 point lead with Hispanics. Romneyleads among those 65 and over.
: President Obama also has a six point lead (50% to 44%) here, helped by a slightedge among independents (47% to 44%) and a commanding 21 point lead amongwomen. Romney has a 10 point lead among men.
: President Obama enjoys an 11 point lead (53% to 42%), bolstered by a22 point lead among independent likely voters and a 24 point lead (59% to 35%) amongwomen. Pennsylvanians are less optimistic about their state’s economy than in Floridaor Ohio, but give Obama the edge in handling the national economy. 
In all three states,
Barack Obama is viewed more favorably than Mitt Romney. Mostthink the President cares about their needs and problems; fewer say the same about MittRomney. Four in 10 in each state view Mitt Romney’s business background as the kindof experience that would create jobs; slightly more say his experience is too focused onprofits. But skepticism crosses state lines: in all three, most don’t think either candidate’spolicies will help their financial situation.
Here are the results:
2012 Vote for President
(Among likely voters)Florida Ohio PennsylvaniaObama 51% 50% 53%Romney 45 44 42In all three states, majorities of the President’s supporters say they strongly favor him. Aboutone in five of Mitt Romney’s voters say they are backing him because they dislike incumbentBarack Obama.
Strength of Support
(Among likely voters)Florida Ohio PennsylvaniaObama Romney Obama Romney Obama RomneyVoters Voters Voters Voters Voters VotersStrongly favor 65% 49% 60% 42% 59% 41%Have reservations 24 29 31 35 33 37Dislike other candidate 10 19 9 22 7 22
The President receives support from women in Florida. He also leads among Hispanics, 56% to37%. While Romney has a strong lead among likely voters 65 and over, Obama leads among allother age groups.
Independents in Florida are split, 47%-46%.
2012 Vote for President - FLORIDA
(Among likely voters)Obama RomneyAll 51% 45Women 51% 44Men 50% 46Age 18-49 60% 36Age 50-64 52% 45Age 65+ 41% 56Independents 47% 46Whites 42% 55Blacks 93% 4Hispanics 56% 37
The President’s lead among women in Ohio is 21 points in this poll, while men favor Romney by10 points. The race is much closer among independents; they favor the President by just threepoints. President Obama had difficulty connecting with white working voters without a collegedegree during the 2008 campaign; white voters without a degree favor his rival by seven points.Obama has a slight lead among voters under 65 in Ohio, and the two candidates divide the voteof older voters.
2012 Vote for President - OHIO
(Among likely voters)Obama RomneyAll 50% 44Women 58% 37Men 42% 52Age 18-49 53% 41Age 50-64 49% 46Age 65+ 48% 47Independents 47% 44Whites 44% 51White, college degree 47% 49White, no degree 44% 51Blacks 87% 4
The President enjoys a sizable lead in Pennsylvania, one that is especially large among women(24 points) and independents (22 points) in this state. As in Ohio, white voters without a collegedegree in Pennsylvania support Mitt Romney.
2012 Vote for President - PENNSYLVANIA
(Among likely voters)Obama RomneyAll 53% 42Women 59% 35Men 47% 50Age 18-49 59% 36Age 50-64 49% 46Age 65+ 49% 46Independents 58% 36Whites 47% 49White, college degree 55% 41White, no college degree 42% 53There is room for movement in the race, but not much. In Florida, just one in 10 Obama votersand one in 10 Romney voters say they could still change their minds. In Ohio andPennsylvania, Romney’s supporters are less likely than Barack Obama’s voters to say theycould still change their minds.
Mind Made Up?
(Among likely voters)Obama RomneyVoters VotersFloridaMind made up 89% 90%Could still change 11 10OhioMind made up 86% 89%Could still change 13 10PennsylvaniaMind made up 84% 90%Could still change 15 9Likely voters in each of these three states have mostly favorable views of President Obama,while opinions of Republican Mitt Romney are more mixed. Ohio and Florida voters are dividedin their views of him, and in the Keystone state, more view Romney negatively than positively.

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