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Evs Project

Evs Project

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Published by Akhilesh Jain
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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Akhilesh Jain on Aug 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evs project| Author: RKCHARIHi Akhilesh, 2. Bellandur Lake has great potential to be developed on the lines of LakeInterlarken in Switzerland! 3. I guess as a catchment area for rainwater and sewage / grey water runoffsfrom the city 4. Lots can be done if BBMP / BWSSB / LDA etc have the will and guts (?) totake bold steps. Technology has made it possible to install self cleaningmechanisms which run on solar energy. No chemicals and minimal maintenance.Proposals are with BBMP, but nobody wants to lift a little finger. You shoulddrop in one day at the CE's office in Utility building - 9th floor where liftis invariably not in operation! It is like a ghost office. No one comes andthe standard answer by a lone peon is that they have all gone oninspection! What improvement can take place with such apathy?2
personDear Sri Akhilesh,I thank you for your mail. My Name is T.Sampath Kumar.Bellandur lake is fully polluted with the untreated sewage dumped by BMP and BWSSB. Earlier itwas a fishing lake. The lake can be rectified by proper treatment. We have a product called NUALGI that can help growth of Diatoms in any water. The growth of diatoms produces Oxygeninside the water by photosynthesis. The oxygen helps aerobic bacteria breakdown the sewage andorganics and converts it as food for fishes. The entire lake can be cleaned up economically. Pleasesee our web page www.nualgi.com/new for full details . You can also see the documentary called"The diatom story" in youtube.
importance of bellandur lakeBellandur Lake is the biggest water body in Bangalore. In our metro we are depending heavily water bodiesas wet lands in Nitrogen cycling. Bellandur Lake thus plays an important role in this cycle as a naturalwetland. The three main
of sewage are1.
Bellandur Lake
Nagavara (180MLD)3.
Vrishavabhati Valley (500MLD)Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has a strong group working on Carbon and nitrogen Cycle relevant tothe city of Bangalore. It is now becoming important as per them, to examine how efficiently we aremanaging our C and N budgets in urban and peri-urban areas. Are these methods sustainable?
Theseissues are dealt at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore by carrying out pioneering research on thesubject.
If we consider the area of Bangalore as 250sq km (the densely populated area) we get a deposition of 1500 kg N /ha/yr. This is very high deposition rate and will lead to N contamination because the depositionrate outstrips the natural processes for N cycling
Urban -bore well(water source) and soak-pit /sewage proximity–1-9m apart ≥10yr exposure to103higher bacterial load/pathogen risk -higher coliformdiarrhoeaand new pathogenic species, 15-20m travelthough soil inadequate for safety –60-200 mg/L NO3 groundwater–Smaller molecules (Pharmaco-biotics)→→→NEW Research
Water composition of Bellandur Lake Water as reported in the IISc report (18 Nov 2006) shows that thereare places where NO3 of ground water is above permissible limits and even greater than 150mg/L, in someplaces.
See the attached
IISc report.
There are three major inlets to the Lake viz
Indiranagar, Airport and Agarasides. The pictures of these inlets are good. Have a look.
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sanjayv - 9 Jun 2009 - 2:59pm
Something I do not understand at all - why is sewage being pumped into a lake and then treated?
Thevalleys are designed for rainwater to flow and here you have sewage added into the mix.
Now we have allthese residential properties all around the lake - what water do their borewells pull out.
How about thecoconut plantations around? I will not have the guts to drink any water from a tender coconut dropped froma tree there.-Sanjay
psaram 42- 10 Jun 2009 - 6:20pm
Dear Sanjay V, As an engineer like you, I would also feel the same apprehensions one gets with the realization of somehard facts of life. Is the Bellandur lake water being polluted unnecessarily? How do the nearby propertiesmanage to get drinking water?Let me explain with my limited knowledge:- If you read the attached research paper of IISc you have thisslide:-1.
Nitrogen and Carbon Flows through Bellandur Lake2.
Bellandur Lake as a natural wetland
treating wastewater 4.
ChanakyaHNI want to impress upon you the second point viz
Bellandur Lake as a natural wetland. Natural Wet Land is aland with water which plays an important role in carbon/Nitrogen cycle in natural purification of human solidwaste in the sewage water. Another application is gober gas plant which we are more comfortable with.Gober gas plant is better application where we use even the gases generated as fuel. Pardon me if I am bitwrong in details.
sanjayv - 23 Sep 2009 - 7:03am
 Actually, turns out that the Bellandur lake pollution and encroachment is currently in the courts. There havebeen several actual and threatened litigation which motivated the authorities to do whatever was done sofar in term of sewage treatment plants. The current litigation sub-judice in the Lok
 Adalat was a result of theerstwhile Bellandur 
panchayat realizing its power under the Panchayati Raj act, filed a case on a host of agencies including the BWSSB to clean up the lake. Actually, it turns out that the recent order on various hospitals by the KSPCB (Pollution control board) toeither setup up effluent treatment plants or close operation was a result of this ongoing litigation. Apparently, the judge threatened to throw the KSPCB chairman in jail if they did not act on the situationfaster. The board promptly issued a notice to the hospitals to open the plants immediately or shut down!I will be adding some information to the gyan section covering various aspects of the problem (including thelitigation) in a few days
Anathram 42 (psaram)There are 20 storms cum sewage water inlets feeding polluted water into the Bellandur Lakein total. Out of this only one inlet namely Koramangala
Challaghatta (KC) valley inlet wateris being treated before discharging into the Lake.
 There are two KC Valley Sewage Water Treatment Plants at Belur   Nagasandra in Bangalore. The capacities are 216 and 30 MLD a total of 246 MLD. Lok  Adakat is interacting at some stage withthese Plants. Government of Karnataka is spending rupees 5 million per month on the above twotreatment plants. Bangalore citizens are using about 100 lpcd (Liters per day per capita) water. The KC valley inlet storm water drain is 2.75 KM long. The water is pumped to the treatment plant on arrival. The water is treated in following various stages:- 
Non biodegradable items like plastics are removed by suitable mesh sieves. This plasticwaste is given out to external agencies for recycling.2.
inorganic items or grit is separated3.
 Aeration plant removes Nitrogen. Provides oxygen and food for bacteria. This is known asbiological treatment.4.
 At Thickening tank the Bio mass in the water is thickened. Clear water is collected and fed toa collector tank and sent to Bellandur Lake through a pipe.5.
The thickened bio waste goes to another tank for removing some more water.6.
The waste bio mass is dried in drying beds, a total of about 200 beds are available7.
The waste is lifted by contract trucks.

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