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Stanford Political Science Catalog 2012

Stanford Political Science Catalog 2012

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New and forthcoming books in Political Science
New and forthcoming books in Political Science

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Published by: Stanford University Press on Aug 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University Press
New and Forthcoming Titles from Stanford University Press
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cmparave Pl
Table o Contents
Comparative Politics .........
Political Economy ................
U.S. Politics ...............................
International Relations ....
Security Studies ................
11-15Exam Copy Policy ......................10Ordering ..........................................10
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Costly Democracy 
Peacebuilding andDemocratizationAer War
Christoph Zürcher,Carrie Manning, Kristie D.Evenson, Rachel Hayman,Sarah Riese, andNora Roehner
Costly Democracy 
makes thecase that the preerences o domestic elites are greatly shaped by the costs they incur inadopting democracy, as well asthe leverage that peacebuilderswield to increase the costs o non-adoption. Te book oerscomparative analyses o recentcases o peacebuilding romAghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo,imor, Rwanda, Namibia,Mozambique, and ajikistanto deepen understanding o postwar democratization andbetter explain why peacebuild-ing missions oen bringpeace, but seldom democracy,to war-torn countries.
A consistent and rigorous ocusacross many dierent cases o in-ternational peacebuilding makesthis a standout collection.
—Benjamin Reilly, Australian National University 
208 pp., 20129780804781978 Cloth $40.00
$32.00 sale
Social Movementsand the New State
Te Fate o Pro-Democracy Organizations WhenDemocracy Is Won
Brian K. Grodsky 
Te world’s democracies cheeredas the social movements o theArab Spring ended the reignso longstanding dictators andushered in the possibility o democracy. Yet these uniquetransitions also t into abroader pattern o democraticbreakthroughs around the globe,where political leaders emergerom the pro-democracy move-ment that helped aect change.In
Social Movements and the NewState
, Brian Grodsky examinesthe relationships betweennew political elites and thecivil society organizations thatbrought them to power in threeculturally and geographically disparate countries—Poland, South Arica,and Georgia.
“A careully researched and theo-retically innovative contributionto comparative politics.
—Laura Henry,Bowdoin College
216 pp., 20129780804782326 Paper $24.95
$19.96 sale
9780804782319 Cloth $80.00
$64.00 sale
Most SUP titles are availableas e-books via our websiteor your avorite e-readingplatorm. Visit
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cmparave Pl
Contested WelareStates
Welare Attitudes inEurope and Beyond
Edited by Stean Svallors
Tis book analyzes people’sattitudes toward welare policiesacross Europe, and oers a novelcomparison with the UnitedStates. Occupied with normativeorientations toward the redistri-bution o resources and publicpolicies aimed at amelioratingadverse conditions, the book ocuses on the interplay betweenindividual welare attitudes andbehavior, institutional contexts,and structural variables. Itprovides essential input into thecomparative study o welarestate attitudes and oers criticalinsights into the public legiti-macy o welare state reorm.
Contested Welfare States
truly em-bodies the state-o-the-art on thetopic o public attitudes towardssocial protection and redistribu-tion. It delivers resh perspectiveon a distinctive set o questionsconcerning welare debates andwill be o broad interest and use.”
—Jonas Pontusson,Princeton University 
Studies in Social Inequality
272 pp., 22 tables, 27 fgures, 20129780804782524 Cloth $60.00
$48.00 sale
Social Forcesand States
Poverty and Distribu-tional Outcomes inSouth Korea, Chile,and Mexico
Judith A. eichman
Social Forces and States
explainsthe reasons behind distinctdistributional and poverty outcomes in three countries:South Korea, Chile, and Mexico.South Korea has successully reduced poverty and has keptinequality low. Chile has reducedpoverty but inequality remainshigh. Mexico has conrontedhigher levels o poverty and highinequality than either o theother countries. Judith eichmantakes a comparative historicalapproach, ocusing upon theimpact o the interaction be-tween social orces and states.
“Teichman employs a novelanalytical lens to understandimportant human developmentoutcomes.”
—Wendy Hunter,The University o Texas at Austin
272 pp., 14 tables, 11 fgures, 20129780804778268 Paper $24.95
$19.96 sale
9780804778251 Cloth $80.00
$64.00 sale
Te Roots o Crisis inPeru and Venezuela
Jason Seawright
o date, scholars have pointedto economic crises, the rise o the inormal economy, and thecharisma and political brillianceo Fujimori and Chavez toexplain the changes in Peruand Venezuela. Tis book useseconomic data, surveys, andexperiments to show that theseexplanations are incomplete.Integrating economic, organi-zational, and individual consid-erations, Seawright provides anew explanation and compellingnew evidence to present a ullerpicture o voters’ decisions andactions in bringing about party-system collapse, and the riseo important outsider politicalleaders in South America.
“Seawright oers the best expla-nation I’ve read or the collapseo party systems in Peru andVenezuela. He also provides anexemplary study o the roles o leadership and mass opinion inregime change.”
—Michael Coppedge,University o Notre Dame
336 pp., 26 tables, 10 fgures, 20129780804782364 Cloth $60.00
$48.00 sale

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