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THE FEAST - JULY 29, 2012 ISSUE.pdf

THE FEAST - JULY 29, 2012 ISSUE.pdf

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYJuly 29, 2012
 S p e c i a l  M e s s a g e  T o d a y
 B re a k  Fe a s t
I READ a beautiful story fromConnie Podesta.She said she met this incredible womanwho’s been married for 53 years. Amazingly,this woman was still working and she stillhad a great job, earning big money. Andsometimes, her job would take her to various parts of the country.That year, however, her husbanddecided to retire. But he told his wife hisreservations. He said, “I’m a bit afraid.Because you’re earning and I’m not. Youmay decide you don’t need me anymore…”His wife said, “I really don’t needyou. I’ve never needed you. I don’t needyou for the money. I don’t need you togive my life meaning. That’s not your job.That’s my job.”And then she held his hand and smiledat her husband of 53 years… “But when I’m
traveling, and instead of staying in a ve-star hotel, I take a midnight ight, and crawl in
 bed beside you, not because I need you—  but because being with you is where Iwant to be.”Do you know the problem of mostrelationships? We confuse love with need.We think we love when in fact we need. Wesee the other person as a way of completingwhat is lacking in us, to meet our deepest
needs of worth, fulllment, security…
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.Today, I open myself to the unbounded,
limitless, overowing
abundance of God’suniverse.Today, I open myself to God’s blessings,healing, and miracles.Today, I open myself toGod’s WordSo I would becomeMore like Jesus every day.Today, I proclaim that I am God’s beloved,I am God’s servant,I am God’s powerful champion.And because I am blessed,I am blessing the world.In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Don’t Confuse...with Need
If you want a great relationship, each person must already be complete without the
other. Our heart must be lled with worth,fulllment, and security. And from a position
of strength, we go into the relationship to giveourselves to the other…Have a beautiful Feast today!May your dreams come true,Bo SanchezPS. Next week, we start a brand new seriestitled,
. I believe it will change your life. Invite your friends to join us in thisincredible journey of transformation.
   S   h  o   j   i   M  e  r   i  s   R  a  m  e   l   R  o   b   l  e  s
Alex Uy Yco
July Feastimages, clockwise from
tarp onstage;Mercy volunteer with
plasc gallon for He Caresdonaons; Mary KholeCharmane J. Tino givingher share for Feast 1000.
THE readings last Sundayfocused on Jesus as the GoodShepherd. Thus our priest presider, Fr. Eric Santos, zeroedin on how Jesus showed whata Good Shepherd is like. In theGospel, Jesus and His discipleswant to take a break from their ministry work. The people,however, follow Jesus for theyknow He is the Shepherd who cansatisfy their longing for a deeprelationship with God.Just like the people whowanted to be with Jesus, peopletoday long for a Good Shepherd.Fr. Eric noted, however, that
our modern-day shepherds may
 be like those alluded to in the
rst reading in 1 Jeremiah 23:1-6
where the Lord says,
“Woe tothe shepherds who mislead and 
 scatter the ock of my pasture.
In our Church today, Fr.Eric lamented, we have two
 problems: 1) lack of priests; and2) priests lacking in preaching
skills as well as true love for their parishioners—thus drivingthem away from the Churchand into the arms of other religious denominations.Fr. Eric said theologyis not enough to evangelize people. Parishioners need thei priests to be shepherds who willguide them in their journey tospiritual renewal. Thus peoplego to prayer gatherings such asthe Feast which answer their spiritual need. We come to theFeast because we seek qualitytime with Jesus—amid our trials.So nothing—not even the rainslast Sunday—could stop us fromattending the Feast.Christians need priests whoserve as their true shepherds, Fr.Eric emphasized. For as long asthere is a shepherd, the sheep
will come out.
Fr. Eric then called for 
 prayers for our priests-- becausethere are some who go astray--
and for more young men to gointo priesthood.
Follow the Shepherd
IN the last talk of our series
, titled
,Bro. Bo Sanchez said to invite people to becloser to God means we should be
 shers of men
as Jesus said in Matthew 4:19,
“And he said unto
them, Follow me, and I will make you shers of men.”
Jesus called us to become shers of men
not because we are useful to Him, but becauseof His love for us. Jesus wants to establish arelationship with us, His people, because He is
interested in us-- He considers us as His friends!
Many think that Jesus’ calling to become
shers of men are only for religious leaders.
Make Disciples
Bro. Bo recalled that the Light of JesusFamily used to have about a hundredword mission statement. But now, LOJ’s
mission statement is down to two words:
 Make Disciples
.A disciple means a follower of Christ. And
Jesus wants us to be a disciple-maker. How?
By being a friend to someone. Discipleship isrelationship. In the context of that relationship,we make someone experience God’s love.How did Jesus really do it? Here are
His strategies:Learn from the story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19. Israelites consider 
Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector, as a traitor because he collects taxes for theRomans who have conquered Israel, and worse, he collects more than the requiredtax so he can pocket the excess amount. Zaccheus, a small man, also knows he is
Meal Beforethe Message.
 spiritually smal
 —a fact that does not escape Jesusas he sees Zaccheus climb a Sycamore tree to getthe Lord’s attention. So Jesus tells Zaccheus, “Imust stay in your house today.Bro. Bo pointed out that instead of condemning Zaccheus— as church elders of the time are most likely to do—Jesus has a
meal with the tax collector, meaning, He rst befriends Zaccheus.
In the same manner, if we want to make disciples of people around
us, we must rst be a friend to them, before we relay to them Jesus’
message, His invitation for them to follow Him.Learn from the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4. Israelites consider 
the Samaritan woman as an outcast for three reasons: she is not a Jew; she is awoman—therefore a second class citizen; she is not holy – because she had vehusbands, and she’s living-in with No. 6.2.
Worth Beforethe Word.
asks her, “Will you give me a drink?”By doing so, Jesus gives this woman
In the same manner, beforewe tell people about Jesus’ invitation for them to be His disciple, we must
rst make them feel that they have worth—that is, they are valuable, they
matter—enough for us to care for them.To avoid people’s condemning eyes, the womanfetches water at noon time, when everybody’s at their home having lunch. But Jesus goes near the woman and
Seek the Unchurched.
 Bro. Bo revealed the shocking
fact that only 1.5 out of 10
Catholics attend Holy Mass.The 8.5 who no longer attend
Mass have various reasons:they are too busy; they
are angry at God or at the
 priests; they had joined other denominations; they don’t
feel they belong to theCatholic Church.Bro. Bo said we shouldfocus our discipleship effortson the 85% of Catholicswho have strayed away fromour Church.He then outlined three
 basic steps in making disciples:
1. Plant.
Establish goodrelationships with peoplearound us.
2. Grow.
Nurture our relationships by constantlyconnecting with the people andassuring them of our love for them.
3. Reap.
Invite the peopleto follow Jesus.Bro. Bo said success in building relationships maynot happen overnight. But wemust persevere in sharing witheveryone God’s words, Hismessage of love and ways toabundant living. For, as God
 promised in Isaiah 55:11,
 shall my word be that goesout from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it 
 shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall 
 succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”
 — Kristine Mutuc Photos by Edmundo L. Santiago
THE FEAST July 29, 2012
IN March 2010, I was given a chance to
work as production assistant on TV 5,serving in
, the television station’stalk show on movies, movie stars, andother players in the entertainment business.
My job was a dream-come-true. I
was part of a dynamic team covering oneshow biz event after another, interviewingcelebrities, video tape recording for thevarious segments of the show.
 Naturally, I was often star-struck,
getting a kick out of having my picturetaken with the stars, and posting the pictures on my Facebook page.What’s more, I enjoyed free meals,free taxi fare, plus lots of giveaways fromthe stars’ press conferences.
Alas, I was given only a three-
month contract. I applied for a regular  position in the same network but what wasoffered to me was a desk job in an agencyconnected with TV 5. That meant I would
no longer cover show biz events-- no more
hobnobbing with the stars, no more picture
I HAD this ve-day vacation from work so I
got the chance to watch an episode marathonof 
The Vampire Diaries
.The vampires in this television seriesare pale and good looking. Guys who turn into
werewolves have six-pack abs, and witcheshave magical bling-blings. All of them have
supernatural powers and humans have always been their victims.But we know vampires aren’t real. Theydon’t roam around the city robbing blood banks, roaring “ahhooo” during full moon,and, up to now, I haven’t met someone with alibrary of magical spells.I’ve realized, however, that we do meetvampires, wolves, and witches every day.Scared? Don’t be.The vampires around us won’t drink your blood up to the last drop but they could be people who drain your love tank, your 
self-esteem, and your energy. They could be
those negative people who don’t believe inyou, those abusive people who control you,you become a people pleaser and you hate it,and then you feel like they are parasites eatingyou up. Next, there are the wolf of temptationand the wolf of trials. Sometimes they could
 be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They disguise asgood pleasurable things but they usually dragus to sins. That’s where the wolf of temptationis good at. On the other hand, the wolf of trials could be cruel. He could give us painfulsituations, sickness, brokenness.How about the witches? They areexperts in magical spells, right? They are thosewho lured you into a business that turned out to be hocus pocus. Or those who cast a love spell
on you-- those pick-up lines that turn you into a
love sick puppy.But as we learned in our 
Someone is more powerful than these real-
life vampires, wolves, and witches. He’s onour side. All we have to do is stick to Him,our beloved Savior, and He will give us thestrength and wisdom to deal with evil.Our God has the capacity to mold, save,and love us over and over again. No one can bite... er... beat that.taking, no more free meals and taxi fares,no more freebies.I was not exactly happy about theoffer, so I prayed to God if I should acceptit. And I sensed God wanted me to accept
the ofce job. So difcult as it was, I
obeyed the Lord.Today, I realize the job is a big blessing. In my previous work, I had noregular working hours. It’s show business,and you cover events whenever andwherever they happen. In my work now, I
have regular working hours-- plus a day off 
of my choice.I chose Sunday as my day off. The best ever. For now, I could attend the Feastregularly, and I have ample time to serve asmember of the choir.I don’t get paid for my service. Idon’t have freebies. I don’t meet stars. Nomore celeb pics on my FB.But hey, I am always with the Star of All Stars—Jesus, my Lord and my Savior.Life can’t get any more juicy than that.
Rosemarie with the stars.
THE FEAST July 29, 2012

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