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Online MCQ Quiz From HTML Set 02

Online MCQ Quiz From HTML Set 02

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Published by sekhargadige

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Published by: sekhargadige on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ICT TrendsWebpage Designing and HTML
Practice Exam Set 02
F.M. 20 P.M. 15 Time 18 minutes
Time left: 17 minutes and 45 seconds1. To create HTML document you require aweb page editing softwareHigh powered computerJust a notepad can be usedNone of above2. The special formatting codes in HTML document used to present content aretagsattributesv
aluesNone of above3. HTML documents are saved inSpecial binary formatMachine language codesASCII textNone of above4. Some tags enclose the text. Those tags are known asCouple tagsSingle tagsDouble tagsPair tags5. The _____ character tells browsers to stop tagging the text?/>%6. In HTML document the tags
Should be written in upper caseshould be written in lower caseshould be written in proper casecan be written in both uppercase or lowercase7. Marquee is a tag in HTML tomark the list of items to maintain inqueueMark the text so that it is hidden in browserDisplay text with scrolling effectNone of above8. There are ____ different of heading tags in HTML45679. To create a blank line in your web pagepress Enter two timespress Shift + Enterinsert >BR< taginsert <BLINE>10. Which of the following is not a style tag?<b><tt><i>All of abov
e are style tags11. The way the browser displays the object can be modified by _____ attributesparametersmodifiersNone of above12. Which of the following HTML code is v
alid?<font colour="red"><font color="red"><red><font>All of abov
e are style tags
13. Which of the following is an attribute related to font tag?sizefacecolorAll of abov
e are style tags14. HTML supportsordered listsunordered listsboth type of listsdoes not support those types15. What tag is used to list individual items of an ordered list?LIOLULNone of above16. When should you use path along with file name of picture in IMG tag?path is optional and not necessarywhen the location of image file and html file are differentwhen image file and html file both are on same locationpath is always necessary when inserting image17. Which of the following is not a valid alignment attribute?LeftRightTopAll of abov
e18. Which attribute is used with img tag to display
the text if image could not load in browser?descriptionnamealtid19. Which attribute can be used with BODY tag to set background color green?background="green"bgcolor="green"v
link="green"None of above

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