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Yoga Vasistha Section 4

Yoga Vasistha Section 4

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Published by atulchat2003

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Published by: atulchat2003 on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vivekananda Page 1
by Swami Shyamananda ParamahansaSection 4 
STORY OF DISSOLUTION "Dear Rama,"Once I was sitting in Bramhalok besides Bramhaaji. It was midday. I saw ascorching sunbeam suddenly arise in the west -- great light effulgent. Second sunin the west, then two more, three more from north and south. In minutes, twelvedevastating suns arose. Then as three eyes of dissolution, sun, ocean fire andligthening combined together began to burn all the world. Directions became red.Sound of burning was heard all around. Ocean water dried. Mountain's ice meltedinto water and evaporated. Mountains began to burn, flames and sparks of fireslipped into subterranean and that too burned up. Like pious one's heart in thecompany of wicked and unwise.When fire reached to Mount Kailash Lord Shiva looked through his thirdeye, great fire arose -- mountains began burning and flying all blackened in the sky.Then forty-nine clouds began to shower. As ignorant's heart cools down by thecompany of the wise all world became cool and soothed. Then water level arose inwhich all burned mountain pieces began to dance on the waves. Water level rose toall planets, to Svah, to Mahah, Janah, Tapah, Satyam and Bramhalok. I glanced allaround and found all ministers along with Bramhaaji have merged into deepmeditation. Deeply absorbed they were in samadhi like stone statues. All twelvesuns, forty-nine airs and clouds, and scriptures, all were meditating with their eyesclosed. Then suddenly suns disappeared. As after dream, in waking state dreamsdisappear so all of them too just became invisible. Right in front of my eyesBramhalok became empty, deserted and began burning. Bramhaaji sat in deepmeditation and lo, he just became evaporated. And water below took it all amongits waves.Then I saw a huge blue sapphirish person shining effulgently appear fromthe top. He had five faces, ten arms, three eyes with trident in hand. Through hisbreath he was bringing tides and ebbs in the water. He was Mahasiva. I offeredmy obeisances to him.
Vivekananda Page 2
"Holy Sire, explain to me the form of Mahasiva?""Dear Rama,"Individual ego is poison. That is abandonable. But Cosmic ego is acceptable likenectar. Experiencing the whole Bramhand as yourself is Cosmic ego. Mahasiva isthe embodiment of this. Sky is his nature. Because of being eternal he is blue. Allthe souls who have been liberated transcending their ego, accepting the condensedform of that, he has appeared so he was fierceful and dark. He was submergenceof five senses of perceptions so he had five faces. His ten arms representedsubmergence of senses of action. Mode of peace, work and sleep -- the threegunas were his three eyes in one face. Past, present and future were next set ofthree eyes in second face. Rik, Yajuh and Sam Vedas were three eyes in fourthface. AUM resonance of pranav mantra were three eyes in his fifth face. Sky washis form. Three planets his trident. From Bramha the pure consciousness he wasvibrated so he was dispatched by him and will get merged later on.As if he had wings of sky. When he inhaled all waters began entering in himthrough his noses and mouths as rivers enter in the ocean. Just in twenty-fourminutes he drank up all cosmic waters of the universe. As darkness by sunrise,ignorance of foolish by company of wisemen sucks up, same way he drank up allwaters. Then only sky shone as bright pearl."Dear Sir, what exists above this Bramhand?"There is sky, Rama, ten times, then air, fire, earth ten times more than theformer."Upon whom or which do they stay?""Dear Rama,"These elements lay upon the earth. As child comes and sits on the lap of mother,same way these elements are laid upon the earth which serves as outer edge of theBramhand."What is the basis of the Bramhand upon which shelter it stays on?"
Vivekananda Page 3
Upon what shelter these clouds float? Upon what basis the sun, moon,planets and stars move on their orbit? Rama, as the world of dream is shelteredby your will, same way these planets and the Bramhand too are sheltered by mightywill arisen from Bramha. As desire vanishes so Bramhand dissolves. As sunraysseem to be carrying water, blueness seems to have painted the sky, pearls seem tohave scattered in the sky, likewise, worlds, universes and Bramhand appear in theatma in the Self. As there is no count of sand and rays of sun, same way there isno count of Bramhandas. But still in reality they have never happened. Onlyvasanas, your passions are playing upon one another. Therefore Rama, drop out....."Holy Sire, what did Mahasiva do? Was he alone?"He had a shadow -- huge, blue sparkling brilliantly as if made of lightening.And she was dancing. She had three eyes, large eighteen arms with divine weapons.She appeared at times as she had two hands, then one thousand, then millions, thenonly one. Then no hand at all. No head, no feet, just trunk dancing. In her gait ofdance she covered the entire sky. There was no boundary of her tip and toe. Patalwas her feet, past Bramhalok her head. Lokalok her lips, wearing garlands ofplanets and rivers, exhaling breath of hurricane in which great mountains wereflying all over, water was spilling, wearing anklets of universes. And she wasdancing. Her ears had two large earrings of dharma and adharma. Four ambitionswere her breasts. Milk of the Vedas and sastras were dripping through hernipples. Entire Bramhand, mountains, rivers and planets shook and danced with hergait. Her nails were like moons. As mosquitoes fly by wind innumerable worlds flewfrom her form.As ocean feels all waves as its own form, she feels all universes as her ownform. The hairs of Lord Shiva were like peacock feathers and hers were like darkblue shining silk. And they were dancing. In a moment she would become thumbsize, in a moment huge, cosmic. All actions that happen in the world reflect in theform of Divine Mother like mirror reflecting the panoramic view. They weredancing."Holy Sire, Mahasiva and Divine Mother and their dance is very strange. Infinal dissolution nothing at all remains. How did you see creation in their bodies?After dissolution how worlds reflected in their bodies? How she reduced andincreased?""Dear Rama,"

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