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Grant Request Proposal- Bds Training- Brian m Touray - Zest Project Manager

Grant Request Proposal- Bds Training- Brian m Touray - Zest Project Manager

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Published by anon_793793836
FINANCING SMEs and Proving Business Development Training - Brian M Touray - ZEST PROJECT MANAGER
FINANCING SMEs and Proving Business Development Training - Brian M Touray - ZEST PROJECT MANAGER

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Published by: anon_793793836 on Aug 02, 2012
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Abass Hussein – SaateniP. O. Box 2782Phone:
223 0616/5500523
 May 14, 2012
Program ManagerUSADF or ANY DONORDar es SalaamTanzaniaRE: Request for funding from USADFWe, at Changamoto LPF, are introducing our project in order toincrease the potential for SMEs and provide accelerated economicgrowth and to decrease poverty in Zanzibar. Our main focus isproviding micro-financing to SMEs. We however realize that thatfinancial support alone is not enough for achieving sustained economyand competitiveness, as a result, we included business developmentservices (BDS) for SMEs.BDS are all types of SMEs support services, including business skillstraining, consulting, technical and managerial assistance, marketing,and policy advocacy. Our BDS approach is specifically aimed at helpingsmall enterprises to overcome market imperfections and inadequateaccess to technology, as well as to operate more competitively andwith greater efficiency in the market. Among the advantages ofsupporting SMEs through micro-financing and BDS SMEs, our main goal isto impact a large number of lives through the expansion of our programto the greater Zanzibar SMEs communities.During the
last few years
, we piloted our program with
a handful
 ofSMEs engaging in various business activities but, lacked businessskills and a capital for potential growth. Since then, we have seen ameasurable success. Our training provides tools to aid the SMEscommunity in self-sustaining these initiatives, by providing resourcesto reduce the barriers of growth of their businesses, and to haveaccess to the value chain while launching a market base approach tosecure livelihood in Zanzibar, including the possibility of expandingto other parts of Tanzania.The total funding required is
TSH.200, 000000
 and has been calculatedbased upon financial requirements after the completion of
 phase 1 and 2
 of the pilot program. The summary of the breakdown of all funds madeavailable is such to support our
administrative cost
, expansion of theinitiative,
training equipment
office furniture
computers and computer equipment
 means of transportation
 for easyaccess to some of the beneficiaries.Zanzibar is a major tourist hub, and as a result, most SMEs focus ontourism or tourism related business. Tourism has considerable
potential linkage especially with Agriculture and Fisheries, which cansignificantly minimize the existing leakage effect. Contributions forgenerating operational revenue, by the Organization will be achievedthrough various initiatives combining the membership fees and loaninterest rates charged to our members. The project duration islimitless and with proper funding and continued operations andmanagement, Changamoto LPF should gain and remain self-sufficient andincrease financial training opportunities, sustainability and self-reliance to various SMEs for its target market for years to come.By meeting our goal to partner with
and more SMEs in Zanzibar,we intend to raise more awareness of the vitality of linking theTourism, Agriculture and Fisheries sector, and the role it plays inpoverty alleviation. The potential linkage created between the SMEsand hotels/restaurants and our organization will enable participantsto maximize their potentials and will benefit all SME sectors andconsumers, increasing sustainable revenue potential for the Zanzibarcommunity in general.The request for funding submitted to
is to aid in the expansionof this incredible project, which will only improve the lives of thelocal people and the Zanzibar economy through a successfulcollaboration and coordination between the Agriculture, Fisheries andthe ever popular Tourism industry in the Zanzibar region, with thepossibility of expanding into other regions of Tanzania in the future.We hope that USADF will take an interest in our Organization andproject in helping Zanzibar SMEs towards poverty alleviation. Pleasecontact us at:
Phone number and or email address
if you require anyfurther information or have questions concerning this proposal.
Context and justification of the project

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