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I Will Continue to show the Truth

I Will Continue to show the Truth

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  I Will Continue to Fight For the Truth
In my life, you go through numerous evolutions and changes.
Years ago, I had certain views. Mycore convictions are still the same, but I am more mature now
. I am more progressive and I amever learning about a multiplicity of subjects or issues.When I woke up for real, I feel more liberatedmentally, socially, and spiritually. It’s a great feeling where you can keep your soul intact andadvance freedom. This age is a revolutionary age in the since that our culture is rapidly beingrevolutionized. Certain archaic mores are gone or they are going away. True democratic values areembraced in a more resilient fashion. In our generation, one of the great things is the opportunityto think andto realize that there is no shame in real freedom and real love. Real love is not a sin.True love is not evil no matter what people say
. Also, all humans deserve that happiness and joy inlife. All of us should have the right to strive to be better, to be more moral, and to try our best tofulfill our own dreams and aspirations. Some folks even believe that since I believe in God then Imust unequivocally advance the most reactionary parts of the Republican Party agenda (or agreewith Tea Party rhetoric).
Yet, I won't do that at all. I refuse to receive a false gospel from the TeaParty or Engels. The unvarnished truth is I accept the tenets of civil liberties, peace, and humanrights. God is not a Republican or a Democrat. I believe in God, but I don't believe that a personshould be held into bondage or mental slavery because of their color, or their gender, or their
background. Religious freedom in my eyes doesn't mean that I adhere to a tyrannical form of libertysuppression inside of America or in any nation that surrounds the globe. It is a historical fact thatboth the Republicans and the Democrats have imperfections. Some of their histories have beenshameful when some of their own party members advanced Jim Crow apartheid, discrimination,and other injustices. That is one of the many profound reasons why I am an independent type of person politically. I can draw my own inspiring conclusions on issues and I can be relieved frompolitical pressures. I believe in equality in the Middle East (in other words the Israelis andPalestinians should exist without terrorism or modern-day apartheid. There is a potent peacemovement in Israel and Palestine that want a stable, harmonious system for all those who reside inthe Middle East) and I believe in just policies in order to protect our ecosystem. Just because Ibelieve in God doesn't mean that I believe that a human being of any background should receivesecond class citizenship or I believe that health care isn't a human right. Health care is a humanright and universal health care is obviously superior to the status quo (
or a corporate dominated,mostly privatized health care system in the USA
). Every other industrialized country in the worldensures its citizens with basic health care. Almost 50 million U.S. citizens lack coverage and at least22,000 American die each year unnecessarily as a result of an expensive health care reality.
Our rights aren't conferred by the state. They are inborn or God-given. Now, one link amongthose that support the idea that we must all be GOP-like is that most of them accept no-regulation allowed unfettered capitalism.
In other words, the realities of income inequality, huge poverty, and the failure of neo-liberalism allmerit the need for a more comprehensive approach in solving our economic situations. Some of these words aren’t popular. Although, sometimes the truth is shown not be prove popularity. It’sshown, because it is right. The free market alone can never eliminate poverty. The free market'slack of infallibility inspired human beings to institute the minimum wage, laws against pollution, theban on child labor, and other legitimate regulations that can prevent diseases and chaos. The freemarket cannot make a living wage, the free market cannot promote civil rights, and the free marketisn't God. It's extremely hypocritical for some to advocate record military spending, yet ignore thenecessary spending to adequately assist our domestic landscape. In spite of our monumentalchallenges, I still have hope. Hope is prevailing concept etched in my thinking and conscience. Ourancestors had hope and they made it so we could enjoy the bountiful blessings that prevail in ourland. It took hope to end Jim Crow. It took hope to end the evil Vietnam War and hope can succeedin stopping the immoral, unjust war on terror in the 21
century. No matter how debilitating thehour, hope and resolute actions can make a way where there is no way. A new generation is arising.Not by bread alone can we succeed though. There needs to be the efforts of individuals and thecollective in order for our standard of living to grow and for true liberty and righteousness to spreadacross the land. The socioeconomic characteristics of poverty make up one motivation for us topromote the redistribution of economic and political power (since there is the 1 percent having awide income gap in the realm of our fiscal reality). As long as I have breathe in my body, I willbelieve in public and private assistance to folks in need. It is just to believe in social reforms and it is just to advocate an annual guaranteed income if necessary for all Americans. Nothing will changethat in my life. I believe in the sanctity of human life, but I wholeheartedly reject war, unnecessarydeath, or a theocratic agenda. The lie of the reactionary in saying to get over it is an old falsehood.A person should never get over oppression, we should never get over injustice, and anybody should
use the past as a justification to press onward for reforms. A cultural awakening ought to take placetoo. Too many human beings have self-hatred and bouts of feelings of inadequacies. We shouldrespond to this problem like the old heroes did in the past. We should speak forthrightly and firmlythat all human beings have value irrespective of how they look like or their backgrounds. All peoplehave the right to be themselves. All people are somebody and special. The diversity of humanity invarious physical appearances, personalities, genders, and cultural backgrounds represent thebeauty of humanity.
Beauty is never monolithic. Beauty is truly diverse
. It doesn’t matter how youlook like in the final analysis, because it’s how you are going to treat people and it’s about yourcharacter (for we all turn into dust.
No one can look 21 forever. Some folks even in their 50s aretrying to relive their youth, but they can’t do it. Times up friends. LOL
). Henceforth, the ways of tolerance are better than way of materialism (or a selfish mentality). In the final analysis, what isimportant is our character and how can make a difference in the world, not our physicalappearance or our hair. Sure, America has talent, but it’s time to use that talent more in givinghuman beings true freedom. A person can talk about stars and the stripes, but radical changes arein order. Now, that’s talent. Instead of some men being numb to following some silly “guy code,”men should follow ethics, strength, and reasonable adherence to justice. As men, we don’t have totransform our psyche into the “new man,” but we can be unique men. Creating business, speakingout in favor of ending materialism, utilizing almsgiving in our communities, and going out tocommunicate with human beings are excellent modes of existence.Therefore, we must press forward. We must press forward for justice and adhere to the belief thatlove doesn't mean discrimination (Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness doesn't apply to somepeople. It applies to all human beings period) and that the truth doesn't mean we ought to acquiresome involuntarily allegiance to jingoistic patriotism. One of the reactionaries from YouTubequestioned my faith in God over microchips when I written plus spoke in opposition of microchipsbeing involuntarily implanted into humans (I opposed the Mark of the Beast system) for over 10years. So, I am over the silliness and I will promote the truth. Censorship can never stop the truth.Lies and stereotypes can never inhibit the strength and power of real human beings and light willalways expose evil.With our great advancements in genetics, technology, science, and mathematics, we shouldcontinue to inspire the youth to embrace the concept of MEST (or math, engineering, science, andtechnology). The youth inside of America should definitely have access to critical pro-MESTprograms within public & private educational locations. MEST is a creative expression of modernsociety and a key mode of any civilization. Now, a balance among serious matters and fun activitiesis a great part of life. That means that it’s fine to harbor great intellectual growth along with socialdevelopment too (like joining activities, establishing better bonds with friends, visiting a myriad of locations, developing growth in personal relationships, and basically living a very productive life ingeneral). Power is what we need and it is not tyrannical when it's utilized in a proper designation.There is nothing wrong with power.

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