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Published by Chuck Grove

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Published by: Chuck Grove on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Malachai’s Plunt solinatry 
(The song Of Malachai)
 A book for kids of all ages AUTHOR
 Chapter, 1
Jada's Silly Idea
Once upon a time, when the world was brand new, a dragon appeared out of atwinkle, when a little girl stumbled upon the miracle while hunting for seashellsalong the beach one morning.The warm, bright sunlight of the new dawn, reflecting off the water, agates,shells, gems and jewels, created a beautiful rainbow colored light show,illuminating the inside of the dragon's lair, revealing a mystical fantasy landwithin, with majestic dragons, large colorful mushrooms, fairies, unicorns, anddiamonds and gems of all sorts encrusting the walls. The beauty and splendor of it all awed and transfixed the girl so, but not so much that she did not notice atwinkling in the tide pool.It caught the little girl's attention, and when she saw it, she tried to pick it up.She was amazed to be able to pick up the twinkle! She had a feeling it was aliveso she quickly put it back in the water. Suddenly, it started to move. Then sherealized that what she was looking at was a dragon’s egg about ready to hatch!It looked more like an oversized frog’s egg about to become a tadpole thananything else, now that she looked at it closely.Completely entranced by the spectacle, even the birds hushed their singing atthe splendor and wonder of it all. And all God's creatures, great and small,hustled over to the little tide pool to witness the miracle taking place, and thenas if in a hurry so as not to disappoint his audience, the baby dragon emergedfrom the egg and began to swim around on its own journey of discovery into life.The sight of the little creature made the little girl smile.Illustration #1
Why he was no bigger than a minute! It reminded her of a tadpole, only a lotcuter! With it's tiny little tail and over sized eyes, and a little pug nose. He lookedup at her and exclaimed in surprise, "Mama!!""Why No!" she said with a shy little giggle, "I'm not your mama!"Instantly she heard the sound of loud laughter from above her. She looked up tosee the kid's real mama and began to laugh at herself for her silly mistake of thinking the newborn was actually talking to her! "Wait a minute" she thought,"How did I understand him at all? A newborn dragon can’t possibly speak topeople" So she looked back down at the little critter and said, "Hey kiddo…saysomething else."Well the baby dragon looked up at her and said, "Sure! Yeah! Okay! Fine! Youbet! No problem cause saying' stuff is something I can do! Why I just got here,so I got lots of stuff to say that I have never said before. So if there's anythingyou want said, you just let me know and I'll git 'er said for ya!"The little girl quickly blurted in, "All I wanted to know was your name." That oneshut him up as he had no answer for that question. So he looked up at hismama with a quizzical gaze, and she softly roared, "Oh Iggy, My Iggy, I'vewaited so long, to welcome you home and sing you this song! Your name isIggy, and my name is Claire, and that is old Malachai, your dad…over there."Just at that time, the girl blurted in, "My name is Jada, will you be my friend?" Atthat moment, they both felt something special begin to grow between them afriendship, a bond, an unspoken understanding, an unheard communication.Now she understood how they could communicate so easily. ''No words tomisunderstand''. It made her feel warm and wonderful to have such a friend.Oh they laughed and they giggled and squealed at play as they discoveredeach other in the tide pool that day. They played hide-and-seek till the day lightwas gone and then Jada went home to dinner and mom. Later that night allsnuggled in bed, she dreamed of dragons, fairies and unicorns and a beautifulfantasy world where everyone lived in perfect harmony.'' Oh what a silly idea shehad in her head''. Illustration #2
Chapter 2 A Long Lonely Winter First thing the next morning, Jada sprang out of bed and ran for the door withonly one thought in her head, and that was to spend the day playing with her new found friend. She had almost made it out the door when reality set in.“Whoa there little Miss dragon hunter”, Jada's mothers voice boomed fromacross the room. “Where do you think you are going in such a hurry?” “Why I’mgoing to visit my new friend” she replied. "Aren’t you forgetting something?” her mother asked. After a short pause to consider the question, Jada simply said“Why no mother, whatever could you be talking about"? Well her mother justlaughed and said, "for one thing you’re running out without any breakfast or anything for lunch and you are going to be mighty hungry before the end of theday". Oh yeah she said sheepishly with a slight chuckle and decided maybe sheshould eat breakfast first. “And another thing young lady, you’re not goinganywhere till I get a good morning kiss from my little Miss dragon hunter" Jadasmother said. “I’m sorry mother" she said as she ran over to give her a big hugand a good morning kiss. Explaining, "I guess I got a little ahead of myself thismorning". Her mother laughed again, even harder this time. "Now what’s so funny"? Jadaasked quizzically. "Well you run into your room and change out of your nightclothes and maybe by the time you get done you will figure it out". Jadasquealed and spun on her heels and went running back into her room laughingwhen she realized she was about to go out and play all day while still wearingher night clothes. She was real glad her mother had stopped her. It would havereally been embarrassing showing up like that! She changed her clothes in ahurry and gulped her breakfast down so fast that her mother had to warn her more than once to slow down so she didn’t choke, which she almost did once or twice. Then she gave mother a quick wet milky kiss before flying out the door after grabbing her collecting bag, explaining that she could not bring home manytreasures without it. And then, flit… she was gone.The next three years went by just like that. Just like the three miles of beachthat connected Jada's home with the home of her new friend. It flew by under her feet. It was almost as if her feet did not really touch the ground at all. Ohthey laughed and they played and enjoyed each others company as theydiscovered life together in that little tide pool. For the next three years, life was just wonderful. It was as if her dream was coming true. Until one day, her wonderful reality came crashing down around her, when she showed up one latefall morning at the side of the tide pool and something was terribly wrong with

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