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Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio

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Published by brothemr

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Published by: brothemr on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Self Interview
Megan, you’ve just published your first collection of stories, how does that makeyou feel?
 —Frustrated, not relieved. As a writer, I never feel that my writing is completely “done;”there is
room for improvement. I could continue writing, tweaking, and re-writingthese stories for months—maybe years, and probably will.
That does sound frustrating, but also rewarding. In your short stories, I noticed thatyou often explore the topic of love. Why love?
 —I think love is a topic that has presented itself to me in many different ways over theyears. My best friend is engaged, my roommate has been through numerous guys and is just now figuring out that she was in love with her best friend from the beginning, myother roommate is obsessive about the failures of relationships, I lost my dad to cancer almost four years ago, and I’ve watched my mom struggle with relationships and feelingthat desire to be needed, and I have been dating my boyfriend since I was a junior in highschool. Love has always been an interesting subject to me because it is
abstract anddiffers in meaning for every single person. So I enjoy investigating the different forms of love and what it can do—and means—to a person.
So since love is such an interesting subject in your life, do you use your ownpersonal experiences as inspiration? Your stories seem autobiographical at times.
 — “The Girl in the Mirror,” came from a low point during my sophomore year where Imet this guy who lived in the same dorm as me. We would spend hours talking andhanging out, watching movies, etc. Meanwhile, my boyfriend of three years went tocollege three hours away. To make a long story short, the relationship I developed with
this guy progressed and it really put a strain on my romantic relationship. Though I neveactually cheated on my boyfriend like Ally—and no, I’m not saying that just to makemyself look good—I did experience the temptations of almost crossing the line and Iguess in a sense, I wanted to explore how having an indiscretion would have felt, had thathappened to me. Maybe that’s too much information, but regardless, it was greatinspiration for my story. —As for “Happiness,” it sort of came from a personal experience as well, but not nearlyas much as “The Girl in the Mirror.” Since elementary school, my parents were friendswith this family in our neighborhood and their son was my age; we did everythingtogether. However, once high school hit, I realized how much I actually liked him, butnever really did anything about it, for fear of “ruining the friendship” or whatever it wasthat I was afraid of. That feeling directly relates to the main character, Daniel, as herealizes his feelings for Riley, as it’s too late. However, in tying back to the topic of love,I really wanted to convey this concept of “unconditional love”—even though Riley waswith someone else, Daniel was ok with it because she was happy. I never experiencedthat feeling—more just the rage and jealousy of seeing my guy friend with another girl—  but, again, I guess I enjoyed exploring those emotions through different characters. —So while my stories may
autobiographical on the surface, it was merely the
 —or lack of feelings I guess—that I experienced in those situations that inspiredme to write them, not the actions.
In “Happiness,” you write from the perspective of a young man, was that difficultfor you as a woman?

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