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Published by dermadep

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Published by: dermadep on Aug 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IPL beauty machine manual
201105 Edition
DermaDep Ltda CNPJ 15.657.048/0001-44
Chapter OneIntroduction of IPL system
ITherapy principleIITherapy scopeIII
Taboo illumination
IVReference schedule for therapy period
Chapter TwoOperation of IPL system
ISafety of IPL (Intensive Pulse Light)IISafety of electric and mechanics
Chapter ThreeInstallation of IPL system
IParts and the functionII
The instrument screen interface diagram shows and explains
Chapter FourInstrument operation instructions
INotesIIParameter settingIIIClinical application guidance
Chapter FiveMaintenance
IGeneral maintenanceIITroubleshootingIIIRepair upon return-to-manufacture
Chapter SixService documents for Cosmetology application(For reference only)
IIPL technology instructionIICosmetology agreementIIIIPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation record
DermaDep Ltda CNPJ 15.657.048/0001-44
Chapter OneIntroduction of IPL system
ITherapy principle
ABiological stimulation: Light chemistry on skin by intensive pulse light will enable collagenfiber and stretch fiber bosom in derma to change molecular structure to restore to original elasticity. Inaddition, the light energy produced can tone up the blood vessel to improve circulation so as to eliminatewrinkle and to reduce pore in size.BLight-energy-melting: Since the pigment groups contained inside the pathological changetissues are far more than those inside the ordinary skin tissues, the temperature increase upon lightabsorption of the pigments is higher than the one by the ordinary skin tissue. The temperature differencecan block out the blood vessel of pathological change, which finally can decompose the pigments and donot destroy ordinary tissues.CThe operation method of IPL system is based on selective light-energy-melting as well. Thedark pigments can absorb relatively short-wavelength light between 250-1200nm, while light absorption peak value of oxygenated hemoglobin is at 418, 542 and 577nm respectively. Thus, the wavelength lightat 530nm can be easily absorbed by dark pigments and oxygenated hemoglobin, which can produceenergy to destroy the collagen fiber. It is understood that collagen fiber can greatly absorbs lights at thewavelength between 400-600nm. Therefore, part of the light at the wavelength between 530-1200nm byIPL system can be absorbed by collagen fiber, which leads to activation of fiber cell and increase of collagen synthesis. Not only can increase of Type I collagen be seen, but also of Type III collagen.Because most of Type III collagen can be seen around blood vessel, IPL system can effectively change precipitation of pigment, abate expansion of capillary vessel, alleviate fine wrinkle, contract pore andimprove skin texture and overall character.
IITherapy scope
1Effectively cure facial redness (dilation of capillary vessel), remove facial redness.2Effectively contract pore, remove or alleviate tumefaction and scar.3Increase thickness of skin collagen and restore skin elasticity.4Furthest clean or reduce freckle, age pigment and other kinds of pigment precipitation etc.5Furthest clean or alleviate the pigment precipitation caused by suntan to whiten skin.6Smoothen fine wrinkle or alleviate facial shrinks and dark eye rim.7Improve the pigment precipitation caused by the traditional therapy, and meliorate minor skin pathological change.8On non-facial skin: whiten body skin.9Skin tendering can be achieved in combination with other cosmetology methods.10Remove or restrain excessive hair growth.
IIITaboo illumination
The following patients are to be prevented from the surgery:
DermaDep Ltda CNPJ 15.657.048/0001-44

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