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Sri Ramasahasranamam With Translation

Sri Ramasahasranamam With Translation

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Published by: Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan on Aug 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sri Ramasahasranamam
Translation by Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan
जलनमन   ामजेमो      पम१
ैमरमै   जशै   रनम२
लनममीक   ामी्
ीरमरममन   रम३
ेरमेीमपमेषज   ा
   ूषैमरमै   ूरैप   ीकम६
ैैलकीम   िैकरन्
 अनमर   भरम्
जरेमजरमजरैमजपप   म८
ऋनोरमैक   ूस्
जरैम   ै   ैेरम९
ेेम   रनजन्
रममेम   जम१०
śrīrāmo rāmabhadraśca rāmacandraśca śāśvataḥ |
rājīvalocanaḥ śrīmān rājendro raghupuṅgavaḥ || 1||
 jānakīvallabho jaitro jitāmitro janārdanaḥ |
viśvāmitrapriyo dāntaḥ śatrujicchatrutāpanaḥ || 2||
vālipramathano vāgmī satyavāk satyavikramaḥ |
satyavrato vratadhara
ḥ sadā hanumadāśritaḥ || 3||
ḥ kharadhvaṁsī virādhavadhapaṇḍitaḥ |
vibhīṣaṇaparitrātā harakodaṇḍakhaṇḍanaḥ || 4||
saptatālaprabhettā ca daśagrīvaśiroharaḥ |
 jāmadagnyamahādarpadalanastāṭakāntakaḥ || 5||
vedāntasāro vedātmā bhavarogasya bheṣajam |j
dūṣaṇatriśiro hantā trimūrtistriguṇātmakaḥ || 6||
trivikramastrilokātmā puṇyacāritrakīrtanaḥ |
ṣako dhanvī daṇḍakāraṇyapāvanaḥ
|| 7||
ahalyāśāpaśamanaḥ pitṛbhakto varapradaḥ |
 jitendriyo jitakrodho jitāmitro jagadguruḥ || 8||
ṛkṣavānarasaṁghātī citrakūṭasamāśrayaḥ |
 jayantatrāṇavaradaḥ sumitrāputrasevitaḥ || 9||
sarvadevādidevaśca mṛtavānarajīvanaḥ |
ca mahādevo mahābhujaḥ || 10||
Sri Rama, Sri Rama who gives welface to all, Sri Ramaof the beauty and quality of moon, the eternal andwithout destruction,withe eyes resembling lotus,possessor or great weath and also the consort of Shree,equal to Indra among Kings, foremost among thedynasty of Raghus, the affectionate husband of thedaughter of Janaka, the person with victoris as habitand having many victories to his credit, who hasvanquished all who are not friendly to him, one who iseager to help people, who is the darling of sageVishwaamitra , who is very generous is giving bounties,who has established victory over enemies and who isthe scorcher of the enemies.. who is the vanquisher ofVaali, who is a great orator, who stand from truth, whouses his valour to establish truth, who has taken is as avow to estabiish truth, who is undergoing austerities,who is always served by Hanuman. He is the son ofKausalya, He is the annihilator of Khara, he metculouslybrought to end the viraadha, he is the protector of
Vibhiishana, he shattered the bow which was oncepossessed by Shiva, he felled and shattered sevenpalymira trees arrayed not in a row, with a singlearrow. He destroyed all the ten heads of Ravana (theten headed Rakshasa) .
. He relieved Parasurama the son of Jamadagni of hisextreme arrogance. He became the deathgod for thedemoness Tadaka. He is the quintessance in humanform of all that is contrained in vedanata. He is the soulof all Vedas. He is the ultimate medicine for thediseases in the form of worldly woes and desires. He isthe killer of Dooshana and Trishiras. He is themanifestation of Trimurti.. brahma, vishnu and shiva.He is the embodiment and controlled or the three gunassattwa, rajas and tamas. He is the lord Trivikrama whomeasured the universe with three feet. He is the masterof the three worlds.. bhoo, bhuvaH and SuvaH.. He is ofexemplary character and of great virtue and his lore ispraised everywhere. He is the protector of the threeworlds. He is the foremost among those who wield thebow. He is the lord who sanctified the forest ofDandaka with his presence. Placing his feet on thepertirfied form of Ahalya he relieved the great lady ofher curs. He is always obedient and eager to put intoact whatever his father Dasaratha wished. He is thesource of all boons. He is the vanquisher of all hisorgans and mind. He is the vanquisher of the worstemotion called anger. He is the vanquisher of all hisinternal and external foes. He is the leader andorganized of boars and monkeys and consideredhimself as the leader of the group. He found happinessin taking chitrakuta as his abode. He gave refuge toJayanta, the son of Indra who once took the form of acrow and tried to cause disturbance to Sita. He is beingserved with utmost devotion by Lakshmana, the sond ofSumitra. He is the supreme lord of all gods and gods of

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