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Seeing Faith Auditions

Seeing Faith Auditions

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Published by Maria Merrills

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Published by: Maria Merrills on Aug 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. ROLE of Faith
Faith is on the couch journaling.The words in her journal can beheard by the audience. She hasschools books, projects, and papers all around her. She hasbeen grading when she starts to journal.
: That's about a <C>, and Iknow I am being generous. I don'tsee a title. Where are thecaptions? He doesn't even give thebio of Henry Tanner here. (
Shesets the project aside and makes aloud blowing noise. She begins towrite
). I should be painting myown picture now anyway
(She prays over the canvas
) God, pleasetell me what to paint. Inspire meand speak to me through whatever
you want me to create and learnthrough this painting. In Jesus'name I pray, amenDEAR GOD, I don't really knowwhat to make of the session withRev. Cross yesterday. I couldn'tbelieve that Esau brought up myeating to him. I know our bodiesare our temples , but I am reallynot trying to abuse it. It just makesme feel good. When I am having atough day, it's just me and themuffins, or the Cheetos, or thecandy bar. Rev. Cross said that Iwas using food like a drug oralcohol. He said God wants us toget high on HIM. Still Esau doesn'thave to be so mean about it. Justthe other day, I was eating carrotcake and he told me that I neededto have the carrot without thecake. He actually said that outloud for everybody to hear it. Mymom just loved that. She is around
here showing me how to fix flaxmuffins and stuff. I don't wantthat. Rev. Cross did bring up agood point about having childrenand that I could get even biggerafter that. He said his wife Rachelhad a dream about me the otherday. A dream about me on thebeach with my wedding dress andsome twin boys or something likethat. I'd never want to get marriedon an island. I've seen one of those you know. While you arehaving your magical weddingmoment, strangers on the beachhanging around, laughing, playingmusic, doing all kinds of stuff. Andthen you are walking aroundgetting sand all over your dress.No thanks. I only have a good fiveyears left to have children. MaybeI don't even want kids. And twins,oh boy. I don't even know whether Ireally want to marry Esau to beperfectly honest. (She puts down

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