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221657_1343998153August 8 2012 Z1_low rez

221657_1343998153August 8 2012 Z1_low rez

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Published by: CoolerAds on Aug 03, 2012
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child’s first day of school is a momentousoccasion, one that par-ents and children alike willnever forget. For parents, theday might stir memories of theirown first day of school all thoseyears ago. For youngsters, theexcitement of the first day of school might be accompaniedby a little anxiety, as kids don’tknow what to expect.Anxiety may decrease askids grow more acclimated totheir school and their class-mates, but that first day can bedifficult for some youngsters.Here are a few steps parents cantake to prepare their childrenfor school.•Discuss the schedule with yourchild. Having a schedule can bea difficult adjustment for young-sters, especially those who havenever attended preschool oranother structured program. Tohelp kids handle this adjust-ment, discuss the schedule withyour children ahead of time,explaining when schoolbegins and ends each day andhow activities are likely to bescheduled during the schoolday. In the weeks leading upto the first day of school, helpkids get in the swing of thingsby waking them up earlierand scheduling some activi-ties so kids can get used to amore structured environment.•Visit the school. The schoolitself might also be a cause foranxiety. Kids who have neverbeen inside of a school mightbenefit from a visit to theschool in advance of their firstday. Arrange a tour with thelocal school district so kids cansee the bright classrooms andthe playgrounds, which shouldsettle any fears they might haveabout leaving the comforts of home for the classroom.•Let kids know their classmateswill likely be nervous as well.For youngsters who seem espe-cially nervous about their firstday of school, parents can pointout that other kids are likelyjust as nervous. Parents caneven share stories of their ownanxiety with regard to schooland explain to kids howthe nervousness was quicklycalmed.•Remind kids you’re just aphone call away. Going toschool and becoming independ-ent is an important step for kids,but children might be reassuredif their parents remind themMom and Dad is just a phonecall away. Soon enough, kidswill adapt to the classroom andwon’t need that reassurance,but those initial nerves mightbe calmed if kids are reminded
Ready young kids for school
There are many ways parents can help nervous youngsters get over the first day of school jitters.
Proverbs 3:5,6• God Bless America
Recycled Paper from 30% Post Consumer Waste
August 8, 2012Zone 1, Vol. 10, No. 15
The Official Paper of Wayne Day
 S  S  U. S . O S  GI  HI   9 MI   6  5 
 i   f   e  & e  i   s  u r  e  , C
 3  4 M ai  n S  t  e e t  ,n d l   o oi  n c ol  nP a , N J  0  7  0  3  5 - 7  8  7 
6"",*-)(/'!))5,1.",/*$0("&,!)/ 3(0',+$.$",2$.5-$.(,#6,.$",/0$%%$"0(2$!+#)$//#,3+0(*$6$/0'$0("'!.*,+53(0'#.!*!0(".$/1)0/6$.%,.*$#(+!"100(+&$#&$/0!0$,%0'$!.0%!"()(056,.1+/1.-!//$#$4-$.0(/$!.0(/0.5!+#/(&+!01.$/05)$
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To have your group'sannouncement appear inCommunity Happenings,please e-mail the informationin paragraph format to calen-dar@lifeandleisurenj.com.
August 16
•Naomi Miller has beensinging all her life and whileshe sings in eleven differentlanguages, Yiddish was her first.Born in a displaced personscamp after the War, Naomi isdedicated to the perpetuationand rejuvenation of the lan-guage that was almost lost inthe Holocaust. She has had theprivilege of studying withactress Tovah Feldshuh andperforming several roles withthe National FolksbieneYiddish Theatre under thedirection of Zalmen Mlotek,Motl Didner, and Moshe Yasur.Yiddish Naomi has performedin cabarets and concert hallsthroughout the United Statesand Europe and has fourrecordings to her credit. Pleasecome and celebrate the lan-guage that everyone thoughtwas kaput with singer andraconteur Naomi Miller as sheperforms her show, “Yiddish isin My Genes,” on Thursday,August 16 at 7p.m. in theRosen Theatre at the YMCA,One Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ.Tickets are $10 and all seats arereserved. Nu, so what are youwaiting for? Call 972-595-0100Ext. ) and order your ticketstoday. And if you’d like to eatprior to the show, the Tel AvivCafé at the Y offers an all youcan eat buffet for $8 starting at5:30p.m.
September 12
•If you are a grandparent orother kinship caregiver caringfor children whose parents areunable or unwilling to do so,you are invited to attend theGrandparents as Parents(GAP) of Passaic Countymeeting on Wednesday,September 12, 2012, 9:15 a.m.– 11:30 a.m. at the PatersonPublic Library, 250 Broadway,Assembly Room, Paterson, NJ.For more information or toattend, contact Mary Osinskiat osinskim@wpunj.edu or 973720.3690.
 Around the Community ...
•The Golden Age Circle of Wayne, Inc. (GACW) is anactive non-profit senior groupsponsored by the WayneDepartment of Parks andRecreation that meets everyThursday at 1pm. in the PALBuilding, 1 PAL Drive inWayne. Coffee is served aftereach regular meeting and mem-bers enjoy an afternoon of fel-lowship. Day trips andovernight trips are scheduledthroughout the year, certainmeetings host special speakers,and bingo is played for onlyGACW members oneThursday during each month.To qualify as a member, youmust be a Wayne resident of atleast 50 years of age. Yearly dues
visit our website at
August 8, 2012Page 2, Zone 1
100% mailed twice a month newspaper
234 Main Street, 2
FloorLincoln Park, NJ 07035
Publisher: Joe Pellegrino
Editors: Bethanne Pellegrino & Kenneth Nicholas
Assistant Editor & Administrative: Jennifer PellegrinoMultimedia: Joe Pellegrino, Jr.
Art Director: Robin Banta
Graphics: Mary LalamaSales:
Lisa Buniewski, George Papendick, Veronica Pluta Classifieds: Kathleen Todd
Please e-mail all press releases and calendar information to calendar@lifeandleisurenj.com or fax to 973.556.1991.Advertising in Life & Leisure is affordable and effective. We are a “family friendly” publication and therefore reserve the right to accept onlyadvertisements that appeal to the entire family; the final determination of which is made by the Life & Leisure. Views expressed in Life & Leisure arethose of the respective columnists and writers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, or Life & Leisure. Advertising is open to anyonedesiring to reach the public and is subject to approval, revision and/or rejection at any time by the publisher. Many of the articles are paid for by theauthor and are in effect advertisements. Publication of any advertisement does not constitute, either implied or inferred, an endorsement of services,products or businesses advertised. © 2012 Life & Leisure, LLC. Life & Leisure is a trademarks of Life & Leisure, LLC.
up to
30% Off!
Design, Install, Patios, Walls
 Before After Before After
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visit our website at
August 8, 2012Zone 1, Page 3
We target the source of your pain, so you canget back to work, play and doing what youlove withoutsurgery.
18 NewarkPompton Tpke.,| Riverdale973-616-4555 | www.AdvancedSportMed.com
Why choose us?
Our team is as committed to your recovery as you are. You’ll feelcomfortable in our spaciousfacility with its private treatmentareas and state-of-the-artequipment, where we employ acombination of modalities andtreatment techniques for better,faster results.
Call now to schedule your physical therapy assessment and/or chiropracticconsultation.
 After only three weeks of treatment, clinical studies have showoutstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by bulging, herniated, degenerative, or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, and many failed back surgery cases.
Specializing intreatment for:

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