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Malachai & the Dragon.

Malachai & the Dragon.

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Published by Chuck Grove
This is the story of how a man named Malachai met a real Dragon after they were extinct & the truth that the dragon shared with him.
This is the story of how a man named Malachai met a real Dragon after they were extinct & the truth that the dragon shared with him.

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Published by: Chuck Grove on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Malachai & the Dragon 
Chapter # 1The Red Dragon
Deep in the ice caves of the Carpathian Mountains of northern Romania, a secret, longhidden from the world was exposed. As it turns out, after all of these eons of belief that theDragon was just a myth, it was discovered that Dragons are real. Due to the warmertemperatures as a result of global warming,
the Ice flows in the arctic are melting. Mankind…
being the curious, adventurous scavenger that he is went up to have a look around at thenewly exposed landscape that had been buried in the ice for so long, hunting for treasure.
Well… they found it and
it was not at all what they expected to find. What these men foundthey had a hard time believing.What they were hoping to find as they approached the newly exposed ice caves were theremains of mastodons, but after they got inside the caves they found themselves face to facewith several long dead, frozen men wearing Roman armor and still clutching their swords.They thought
… Alright! We scored big 
time. This stuff will bring us big bucks back home 
.Then they saw it, a claw, hanging out of the ice that could not possibly belong to anything thatthey thought they might discover like a mastodon, or anything else known to man. Theirhearts raced and they chattered like a bunch of monkeys as they worked to melt the rest of theIce away to reveal the young Dragon.After they got it out, they still could not believe what they were looking at, I mean
Dragons are a myth,
aren’t they? 
Not knowing for sure how to proceed next they put it on ice andcalled in an expert in paleontology to have a look at the animal and give them his expertopinion. The Dinosaur expert took one look at the animal lying there on the floor, his jaw dropped as he remarked.
has got to be a hoax, doesn’t it”
After dissecting and studying the animal he was not only convinced that this was not a hoaxbut this massive 14 foot long animal was just a baby. As you can imagine, the dinosaur expertsmind was reeling. His next move was to take a crew back up to the ice caves in hopes of finding the mother. After several days of hunting through the caves and finding several moredead men all clad with Roman armor and still clutching Roman swords, he still had found noother Dragons and was about to give up the hunt. Discouraged and just about to leave, hebroke through an ice wall into a room in the cave they had not seen before. There he found anest with huge eggs in it and one egg was still intact. With renewed enthusiasm he thought,
the mother has to be around here somewhere 
. Suddenly he looked down and realized he wasstanding on one of her wings. All of this was very exciting to the men involved and a mythwas made real, but that is not what I have come to tell you about.What I have come to tell you all about is a secret that was buried with the Dragons that wasreleased the day their bodies were uncovered. Oh they did a big reconstruction scenario of thelife of the Dragon from the dissection autopsy of the animal and an investigation of the scene
of the crime. Yes. That’s right
, I said crime. You think that just because these dragons werehuge fearsome animals killed by man that there was no crime involved? This is what theRomans want you to think so you will not see their true nature or the extent of their crime.They figured when they killed the last of the Dragons they had eliminated the last majorroadblock standing in the way of securing their foothold in Western Europe and Great Britain.Now they could continue their Mission of world conquest unimpeded as they established theirnew country of northern Romania.You see, the human being is not the only animal on the face of the earth with a spirit. Just asthe whale is an extremely intelligent animal the Dragon was even more intelligent than thewhale or even man himself as it was the oldest living mammal on earth. The Dragon hadwalked the earth with the dinosaurs and was the only land animal intelligent enough tosurvive the ice age by going under the sea. After the ice melted it climbed out of the water toreclaim dominance on the land and watched the birth of man. The Dragons ambition
combined with its extreme age and respect for all living beings was what caused it to gain somuch intelligence.When the Dragon was slain, its spirit hung around just as a human spirit will do because itstill had something to do. The Dragon had a story to tell. It had such a love and respect for allliving creatures especially the children of man. It waited as long as it took so it could tell thetale and assist the children to survive when the Red Dragon finally decided to make its moveon an unsuspecting world. The Dragons love for the children is why he left the Aztecs somany years ago after witnessing the way they would sacrifice their own children to appeasetheir Gods. You see the Aquarian Dragon has such a big heart that it will not even attack manexcept in self defense and only then when cornered. So the Dragon just left and flew up northand halfway around the world to Western Europe and made its new home with the Druids.If you study history closely you will see that the Romans after Putting Jesus to death createdthe Roman Catholic religion to control the new Christians. After the fall of the Roman Empirethe remainder of the Romans that had become the (Red Dragon) the crusaders, marchingnorth torturing and killing all of the Christians that had separated themselves from the RomanCatholic core eventually came across the Druids and became allies with them. It is not toohard to see that the same Romans that hung Jesus are the Red Dragon behind the beast of theapocalypse that was foretold in Revelations. Eventually they judged the Druids to be Immoralin their way of life and betrayed their allies and started wiping them out. The sight of this going on hurt the Dragon as he loved his new people. As if this crime was not bad enoughwhat really upset the Dragon was witnessing the Roman soldiers as they killed even thechildren.The Honorable Aquarian Dragon had seen all it could stand, It had reached its limit of tolerance for
inhumanity to man. Seeing The Aztecs destroying their own children washard enough for the Dragon to see and not interfere, but they were their own children afterall, so the Dragon left rather than to try stopping it. This however was a crime on a whole new level. These children did not belong to the Romans and were guilty of no crime or immorallifestyle. The dragon did the honorable thing and tried to defend the children and was hunted

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