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Published by Steph Raroque

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Steph Raroque on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Department of Communication SY 2012
Television Counter-Programming Method of Wil Time Bigtime
Chapter 1
Television counter-programming is the custom method of a broadcastingnetwork by showing a different program format against its competitors withinthe same time slot. In this particular method, since it cannot go head to head withits rival networks, it aims to counter the norm by bringing in creativity andinnovation through a particular program. The broadcast network intends togather audiences from its rival networks to switch and rather patronize the newprogram being aired.
 Wil Time Bigtime’s Television Counter
-programming Practice
TV 5, although barely new in the broadcasting industry is already part of
TV’s Big 3: the broadcasting industry’s biggest n
etworks, along with GMA andABS-CBN. (Morente, 2011)Wil Time Bigtime is a charity variety game show aired by TV 5 at 6:30 pm
9pm daily except Sundays. The variety show is aired daily at night when itsrivals have a different program format such as news broadcast to drama series.Wil Time Bigtime has been countering the norm, being the only variety showtelevised daily at night, when
GMA’s Eat Bulaga and
CBN’s Showtime are
televised at noontime. This television counter-programming technique hasseemingly been effective for the show since the ratings have been consistentlyhigh. On October 15, 2011, the show has achieved its highest rating at 10.2%AMR, an equivalent of 40% audience share. (Martinez-Belen, 2011) Since then, the
ratings have been stable and even
tops weekend primetime according toAGB Nielsen Mega Mani
la People & Household Ratings”. (Santiago, 2011)
Department of Communication SY 2012
Television Counter-Programming Method of Wil Time Bigtime
2Another approach of the television counter-programming of Wil TimeBigtime is their promotion of sponsors. While other broadcast networks gainprofit through advertisers by paying the network directly by being broadcastedduring a specific show, Wil Time Bigtime does more than the usual. Apart fromthe profit TV5 is gaining from advertisers, some sponsor advertisers directly payWil Time Bigtime instead, for the main show host Willie Revillame to advertisethe products.
This implies that a sizeable part of viewers prefer charity variety gameshows to be watched at night since its features of entertainment, music, sketchcomedy with games are more reliable and pleasurable versus watching the newsand drama series. The researchers believe that news and drama series are equallysignificant and enticing but variety shows are rather interesting when it comes toits techniques and elements. Corporate trust is a very significant element for abroadcast industry to maintain a show. The researchers believe that if televisioncounter-programming format would be brainstormed and executed perfectly, itwill have a lasting effect on both the network and show in strong connection withits current and even prospective viewers.
Statement of the Problem
This research sought answers to the following problem:
How does “Television Counter
Programming” format of Wil Time Bigtime help
in maintaining the
program’s ratings and corporate trust of sponsors?
To define “Television Counter
format in the broadcastindustry
To determine the advantages and disadvantages of “Television Counter
Programming” method in Wil Time Bigtime
Department of Communication SY 2012
Television Counter-Programming Method of Wil Time Bigtime
familiarize with the program’s structure effectiveness as a variety show
 To identify the target audience and observed audience viewership of theshow
To analyze how “Television Counter
Programming” method works
effectively on its network and audienceTo identify the structure, key elements and techniques of a variety show
Significance of the StudyAudience viewership.
The research would benefit the television audienceas its explanations and conclusions of the study would accentuate on which kindsof program are truly beneficial to them.
Media students and future researchers.
The research would furtherexplain a method used in the media that most media students and prospectivemedia enthusiasts are not aware of. This research would enhance theirknowledge and understanding as its content evidently came from a show that haseffectively used the element and more importantly, is still ongoing thusilluminates the efficiency of the method. It would also be advantageous to futureresearchers with intentions to further study
the “Television Counter
Programming” method or even other broadcast practices.
Media practitioners.
The research would be valuable and constructive tomedia practitioners who would like to boost their knowledge and career. Keystructures, elements and techniques are discussed in the study would bebeneficial to them when they choose apply it in their field of work.
Scope and Limitations
The concept of
“Television Counter
format is limited to itsdefinition and citation of techniques, advantages and disadvantages of the formatwill only be limited to the perspective of Wil Time Bigtime and its network TV5.

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