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Final ECM

Final ECM

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Published by angel

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Published by: angel on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Energy Conservation Measures and AnalysisThe capital intensive improvements have been analyzed according to need, frequency of use, capital cost, yearly savings, and payback period. The first selection is made for the thingsthat have higher frequency of use because these are the ones that lead to higher savings. Out of all the possible changes, the recommended improvements are the ones that have a higher yearlysavings and shortest payback period.In the calculations the following formulas were used:
Energy Cost per Year = Appliance Watts [W] * hours used per day [hr] * 270 * 0.001 * $0.119 [1/kWh]
Payback Period = ((Current Energy Cost per Year)
(New Energy Cost per Year))/Price of New Appliance
The sources for Wattage of appliances and prices can be found in the appendix.
Electrical Audit
Television Room AuditThe television room in the fraternity/ sorority houses serves many purposes and thereforeis used very often. In the sorority house the television room is used most of the day and theappliance that is most frequently used there is the TV while in the fraternity house male studentsuse the TV plus a video game which is very popular. The energy use cost is higher in thefraternity house by $60 per year which is not very significant. The first ECM recommended forthis section of the house would be to unplug the TV, VCR, videogames, and any other equipmentin the room since there is no need to leave them plugged in. The second ECM for the rooms ischanging to more energy efficient televisions because, although the payback period is a bit long,
if the use of the TVs is higher than assumed or if a store discount is used then the payback periodwill be shorter and the energy conservation will be great.Replacement Energy Efficient Television :
Number of TVs Savings per Yearper TV (USD)Payback Period(Years)TotalSavings/year2 32.77 10.06 65.54
Basement AuditIn both, the fraternity and sorority house, the basement has the highest number of electrical appliances. The type and number of appliances is the same for both houses as is thenumber of inhabitants. This is why the energy consumption is very similar and the recommendedECMs will be the same.Changing of Appliances:The washing machine should be changed due to its short payback period which is 2 years.After this period of time the annual savings for the house will be $647.74, a significant amountwhich contributes to the economy of the students as well as to the environment. The dryer
replacement has a longer payback period of 9.7 years but $185.6 annual cost savings in energyand this is good because less energy is used.Replacement Washer and Dryer:The Sanya refrigerator replacement also has a short payback period of less than twoyears, approximately 1 year and 10 months. After this period of time the annual savings for thehouse will be $136.48, this amount is not as significant but it still contributes to saving money.Changing the toaster, the ice machine and the microwave and adding the savings leads toannual saving of $161.9. The payback period for all these appliances is approximately a year anda half or less.

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