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Insane Muscle Gain Report

Insane Muscle Gain Report

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Published by Lou Frank
The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym
The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym

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Published by: Lou Frank on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008-2009.All rights reserved.
I Mul Gi
f -t
About The Author Vince DelMonte
If you have never heard of mebefore than you’re in for atreat! Growing up as an awk-ward, skinny, endurance ath-lete, I earned the nick-nameSkinny Vinny and believed Ihad no muscle friendly geneswhatsoever. You can considerme a regular guy, with horriblebodybuilding genetics and asuper charged metabolism.After a tragic event in his life, Iretired from long distance run-ning and entered the world of natural bodybuilding
(althoughI never saw myself as a body-builder per se)
. I just wantedto look good for the ladies
(Iwas 22 and single at the time)
,and be “that guy” who turnedheads on the streets, at thebeach and in the gym.I wanted to be “that guy” whopeople starred at while hetrained and “that guy” whopeople approached and said,“What should I do to look likeyou?” I wanted to prove thatany regular guy with horriblegenetics, no matter what yourage, could build muscle andhave a rock-hard, muscular andripped physique while still be-
ing t and functional.
After meeting my muscle-build-ing “saviour,” I went on to gain-ing 41 lbs of rock-hard musclein six months, which lead to mytransformation being featuredall over the Internet as well as
the International tness maga
-zine, Maximum Fitness.
For ve years I ran a personal
training department, in Ham-ilton Ontario, of 15 full timetrainers and became the mostsought out trainer in my area.
I entered the world of tness
modeling a few years ago andin my 3rd show ever, became
a national tness model cham
-pion. Currently I write for Men’sFitness Magazine and I am onthe Advisory Team for MaximumFitness Magazine.Do a Google search on my nameand you’ll see that I am a realperson, my website is not ascam and that I can and wantto help you achieve your lean-est and most muscular physiqueever!My personal success story andthousands of client success sto-ries inspired the creation of NoNonsense Muscle Building, theInternet’s number one ratedmuscle building program of it’stime found at www.VinceDel-MonteFitness.com
(as ranked by Clickbank.com).
It is the
only program that you can nd
that is endorsed by the Inter-net’s most reputable sources.Each day, I receive dozens of unsolicited success stories andspectacular before and afterpictures from real-life users of the program, many that youcan read and view for yourself on my website.I trust that my personal trans-formation story, my reputation,the expert endorsements andmy client success stories areenough to reassure this programis not another trend or scamand is the top rated musclebuilding on the Internet for areason!I see no reason why you can notbuild the body of your dreamsunless you are not truly com-mitted to your goals and notwilling to put in the effort.
 The Top 20 Ways To screW Up In The GyM The Top 20 Ways To screW Up In The GyM
Learn How To Sidestep These Suicide TrainingErrors While Trying To Build Muscle...
by Vince DelMonte, Author of 
No-Nonsense Muscle Building 
© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008-2009.All rights reserved.
• Never perform more than 4-12 TOTALwor sets per worout. Yes, this is far less than performing the bodybuilders’suggested 12-24 sets per musclegroup! Unless you are in a contest tosee how many sets are possible per worout, then your focus should be tospar the muscle into growth and thengo home.• Never follow a program out of apopular bodybuilding magazine – unless you are on steroids. Cheston Monday, Bac on Tuesday, Legs onWednesday, and so forth. I uestionthe worout intensity and recoveryability if anyone can mae weely gainsfrom this conventional approach -thatclearly reflects a blatant acceptance of tradition without any thought applied.• Never train continuously for longer than 12 wees. Hardgainers willactually benefit from taing a half weeoff every sixth wee of hard training toallow their muscular, neural, hormonaland immune system to FULLYrecharge. Try this one tip and watchyour strength go through the roof!• Following 3 sets of 10, 3 sets of 12, 3sets of 8 – any program that begins with3 sets of whatever was clearly copiedfrom someone else and, again, clearlyreflects the historical mistae of copyingtradition without any thought applied.Doing 3 sets of whatever for eachexercise in the worout is a surefire wayof overtraining.• Never train more than two days in arow. I uestion anybody’s recoveryability to train more than two days in arow. It typically taes up to 24 hours tofully replenish your glycogen reservesso by taing a day off every two daysyou are allowing your energy reservesto be replenished and optimized.
training for “general fitness”results and justwant to decreaseyour stress levelsthen you mustlearn to filter out the noiseand nonsense you arebombarded with eachday and follow a weighttraining program and mealplan designed for you.In my muscle buildingcourse,
I share ablueprintof the mostfundamentalprinciples andtechniues that MUSTbe executed to gain up to
5-pounds of lean musclemass each month!
Once you master theseprinciples you will beanchored to a proven setof criteria reuired togainmuscle and gain weightprogressively withoutgetting fat.Stac up anyinformation, concept,hype or advice againstthese principles – and youwill never be frustrated,confused or disillusionedever again. You will nowexactly what to believeand how to spend everyminute in the gym. Isn’tthat refreshing?The reality is that thereis plenty of free advicedished out in the gym,which can really roadblocyour gains if taen literally.This can begina downwardspiral of maingguys believethey are‘hard-gainers’when theyare really not. Trainingfor up to 2-hours a day.Taing out a small loanfor the next supplementbreathrough and evenresorting to drugs. Noneof this is recommended or necessary.I wrote this report totouch on, in my opinion,the most popular anddamaging screw-upsused when trying to gainmuscle mass – whether you want 5-pounds or 50-pounds.It’s hard to say with
Can I ask you a couple of honest questions? 
Who in the last 10 years has influenced you the most with regards to how to train?Where have you and where has everyoneelse learned how to build muscle?
Everything in life startsoff as a dream. if youdon’t have that visionyou’ll never mae thingshappen.”
Gary Strydom
Would you agree thatbodybuilding magazinesand websites havecontributed to the bul of the training informationand misinformationtoday? I don’t want tobe completely critical,but I am sure you wouldagree that the majority of mainstream bodybuildingliterature caters to thegenetically gifted or to thedrug user – which leavesthe rest of us wandering... Today, with the jungle of conflicting and misleadingmessages,I do not wantyou to mae the sametitanic mistaes andtraining errors that maybe costing you hundredsof hours in the gym withnothing to show for your hard earned trainingefforts.While I wasnown as “Sinny Vinny,I also fell into the trapof taing advice fromunualified ‘experts’,reading rehashedmagazines, trading wadsof cash for differentsupplements and stillgot comments lie, “Youworout with weights?”Yes, it was frustrating notnowing how or beingable to build muscle.Unless you are content
© Vince Delmontewww.VinceDelMonteFitness.com2008-2009.All rights reserved.
Experience vs.Discipline
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetuer adipiscing elit, seddiam nonummy nibh euismodtincidunt ut laoreet dolore eratmagna aliuam erat volutpatutwisi enim ad minim veniam,uis nostrud exerci tation loremwisi ullamcorper. Et iusto odiote ignissim ui blandit praesentluptatum zzril delenit augue duisdolore te feugait nullafacilisi.
absolute certainty if thesescrew-ups are having anegative effect on your progress, but, generally,speaing I’m veryconfident that they are.So without further ado,here they are:
The Top 20 ways to screw up in the gym!
Screw-up #1:Fear Of Overtraining
Overtraining is a resultof training too freuentlyand/or too long. Don’ttae a microscope to thedefinition. Overtrainingis as simple as that –overtraining. It is a resultof one of the following:• Training too freuentlyor in excess.• Training too long.• Inadeuate recovery.Mainstream bodybuildingliterature and sciencehave traditionally focusedon the symptoms rather than on the preventionof them. You often readarticles on ‘overtrainingsyndrome’ and ‘plannedovertraining’. This isunnecessary. If you are incontrol of the training andrecovery process, if youtrain for predeterminedperiods and recover inpredetermined ways,then you don’t need tonow anything about‘overtraining syndromes’!
does nottal about ‘overtrainingsyndromes’, but teachesadvanced recoverymethods to tae chargeof your training andaccelerate your abilityto recuperate and trainagain.
Screw-up #2:Not Eating EnoughCalories And Eating TheWrong Calories
I now you have heardit before but I will say itagain – if you are noteating enough calories,you will NEVER gainweight, no matter whatyou do. THERE IS NOWAY AROUND IT! Evenif you have the perfecttraining routine, you willnever grow unless youprovide your body with theproper nutrients. It’s liesaying you wantto build a housebut you don’thave enoughbrics, cementor wood. It willbe impossible tobuild that house.It’s lie trying to buy a$100,000 house and youonly have $50,000. It’sgoing to be downrightimpossible.Long story short – if youare not growing, therecould be two problems:
You have not appliedenergy balance (energyin versus energy out)properly. It is a lottricier than simplymultiplying your bodyweight by a factor of 18-22 as most authorssuggest. This factor neglects your uniueresting metabolic rate,your uniue cost of dailyactivity, your uniuecost of exercise activityand the thermic effect of food.
You combine thewrong food at the wrongtimes. Obviously eating3000 calories of chipsand Doritos is not aseffective as eating 3000calories of high ualitycarbs, fats and proteins.There are also a fewcritical windows in theday when you mustconsume the majorityof your nutrients tomaximize musclegrowth.If you wish toensure thatyour muscleshave enoughfuel to supportyour worouts,train intensely,recover fromworout to worout and,let’s not forget,grow NEWmuscle, you have to eeptrac of what you areeating every day.There is no way aroundit. This is the number one reason why sinnyguys never gain weightor why anybody, for thatmatter, will not mae theuality gains that they sodesperately strive for.
I train consistently,sleep 10 hours a night,never go partying,never drin, and never eat jun food...I don’tlie it. Jay Cutler 

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