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Imdeity Newsflash #1

Imdeity Newsflash #1

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Published by ikingdoms
ImDeity Newsflash/Newsletter Issue #1
ImDeity Newsflash/Newsletter Issue #1

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Published by: ikingdoms on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What’s theImDeityNewsflash?
Rumors were spreadregularly about whenthe new spawn willarrive the kingdoms.On the early Satur-day mornings, startingFriday night 27th/28th
of July, it nally hap
- pened. The new spawnarrived.It has been worked onfor a few months now by our wonderful buildteam that can be rec-ognized in-game withtheir sleek [Mason]tags. Leading this teamis our very own player,strydier. His team con-sists of CTTheSchism,BarryX15, Joklikolai,Joshbmxstar28, and bilko100. Additionally,many others helpedworking on the interior designs.We think the spawnoffers nothing but great-ness and jaw dropping builds. Building under a extremely hardcoremedieval/fantasy themefor the new spawn. Theydidn’t copy ANY buildsor schematics from oth-er servers or people, allof the builds you seewere hand-built andcompletely original. Not only will there be just over 300 great builds with much love todetails, brand new questsfor your adventure sidewithin to come out will be present. These aren’t just any ordinary questslike the ones we cur-rently have, they aremuch more planned outand made to perfection,some with the help of you, by the suggestionson the forums. I heardthere might be around,oh let’s say, 100 questsor even more. But justknow, there will beenough for everyonein this new spawn toenjoy. Secrets that pro-vide you with fun andsometimes leave you puzzled maybe, tillyou step over the nexthint. Parkourable roofsin the lower city. Thevarious new quests will be added slowly butsteadily now. Classeswill also soon be mak-ing a comeback, with player shops for mer-chants returning in thenext weeks.The whole ImDeityKingdoms is roaringwith new life.
The new spawn was released on Saturday morning
We want to answer your questions
Explore Greatness
The New Spawn
The builders at new spawn were assisted by several other people, butthese are the creative and proud members of the build team.
ImDeity Newsflash 
Issue #1 - Augst 2012
The demand for moreinformation given fromthe ImDeity staff to you,the ImDeity players, thatkeep the server alive, was pretty obvious the lastfew weeks on the forums.We want to show you thatwe care.
The ImDeity Newsash
Team will try to sum upall of the informationabout what is going onand what is planned for you. Furthermore, wewant to make you awareof some stuff that is askedabout regularly or thatwe think you are notaware of. Once a monthat least or with somespecial issues if needed,we will give you all theinformation with this paper. Some of it youmay have already readsomewhere else on theforums, however we wantto clear up the wronginformation and give youan overview.The team consists of ImDeity staff membersthat loved the idea im-mediately when it wasmentioned at one of theweekly staff meetings. Atthe moment, the News-
ash team is Arwenden,
DukeTop, KiddieWish,Leviathan_Ziz, moirafaeand xSock with Gwen-hywar as the editor-in-charge, who is also re-sponsible for the layout.Additionally the teamwants to thank iSquaredfor the new ImDeity logo,you see in the header.Depending on your re-actions to the paper, theteam will grow and wewill most likely also addfellow regular players aswriters now and then.We have a few ideas onhow to make the news- paper fun and facts inthe next issues. First ideafor the next issues wasthe “ask the staff” sec-tion. You ask, we answer.Another idea was to startan ImDeity KingdomsScreenshot contest andyou can send in funnyor brainy comments toit. The best idea will berewarded and publishedin the next issue. The onlything we do not want isadvertisement for townsor bashing of any kind.If you have any ideas,opinions, questions or comments: Just drop aconvo to the forum ac-count “Newsflash” or give your opinion on the
“ImDeity Newsash” fo
-rum thread under King-dom General.
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ImDeity Newsflash 
The ImDeity Vault System for your gold
The Vault System
An ImDeity Original
Golden blocks are a popular building material in the creative world,but at the moment not obtainable for builds in the main world.
The ImDeity King-doms got more origi-nal and secure withthe vault system, thathas been implementedalmost a month ago.The vault system wasmade to ensure that people don’t evade theKingdom’s tax system, break the rules by sell-ing, buying, and/or trading gold, and it can be used as future refer-ence so some peoplewon’t be wrongfully banned or taxed aswe can now track theamount of gold youhave!
It also has benets for 
you. You have a com- pletely secure vault tostore your gold andit will help cut downon your precious chestspace.If you want to reallyknow how it works,check out the front page post made by none oth-er, than our administra-tor and head developer,vanZeben.You can check your vault via the website player portal. Also onthis page, are recentgold transactions andyou can sell your goldright off that page!But wait, what’s thedeal? We can’t craftanything with gold any-more! Well, as for gold being used in crafting,clocks and poweredrails, they are alreadyavailable through theserver shop, which alsomade some nether itemsand the long demandedglowstone obtainableagain at the spawn.Just type /warp shopand you can purchasethe desired items at theadmin shop. Goldenarmor and tools will beadded to the server shopvery soon as well.“But what is with mygolden temple?” youmay ask, cause youcannot build with goldanymore. The adminsare working on a solu-tion to make it possibleto build with your owngold blocks again. Itmay take some time, but we will keep youinformed on that. Howcan you not love ImDe-ity Kingdoms?
Keep theForumsLovely!
You can help us keep them “clean”
As we all know, theforums are a place of knowledge, intelligence,sharing, joy, and thatdelicious...I mean hor-rible spam.The staff needs your help getting rid of thatdreaded spam. Theyaren’t able to check ev-ery single thread out thereand would love the as-sistance of all of you tomake the forums a better  place. Help them out byusing this really coolfunction on the forumscalled the report button.The report button is lo-cated under each thread/ post, you just can’t missit! In a few simple clicksand a little bit of typing,your reporting a threadand/or post helps cleanup the forums.It currently doesn’t getused enough but withthis post, we hope we’releading it in the rightdirection.Why do we want a cleanforum? With clean fo-rums, it makes it easier finding the threads youwant, getting the answersyou want, and the forumsare just a much easier, andfun place to read.Show love to the forumswhen you see a thread/ post that is just spam, byusing that report buttonso it can be brought tothe attention of the staff.The staff would truly ap- preciate this. And if thestaff haven’t mentioned before, we love all of our great players. The server is nothing without thecommunity.
Initials of this issue’s writers: Ar = Arwenden
DT = DukeTop
Gw = Gwenhywar 
KW = KiddieWish
LZ = Leviathan_Ziz
Mo = moirafae
So = xSock
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ImDeity Newsflash 
Creative Plots:Build Free
The Kingdom plugin,that manages the res-ident-town hierarchyon the ImDeity server as well as the block  permissions for towns,is on its way to version2.0. The Kingdoms2.0 is currently be-ing tested on the hubserver. The new ver-sion will provide play-ers with new features.Most of the long-time players will surely behappy to hear the oldnations will be back as “kingdoms” in thenew version. Further-more, the new versionwill distinguish maleand female as refers toKing or Queen.With this new versionalso the issues with plot perms will be adjusted.There will not just bethe recent permissions,they will be adjustablefor: Public, Friend,Town, Kingdom, Town-Staff and KingdomStaff.
This will x a lot of is
-sues that towns had withtown farms and such inthe past.The town staff will bedivided into mayor, as-sistant and helper in thefuture, which gives themayor the possibilityto decide more care-fully who he trusts howmuch. And mayors bet-ter should do that! In thefuture there is the pos-sibility for town staff tocast a vote to get a newmayor in town.As mentioned beforethis Kingdoms 2.0 was just implemented onthe Hub server and our head developer van-Zeben is the one whoworked on it constantlythese last few weeks.In the announcementssection of the forumshe explains a lot moreabout the plugin andasks for all our help
to nd bugs, while the
testing phase. You areall welcome to get intothe discussion, if youhave any relevant sug-gestions or found anissue.The Kingdoms 2.0will add a new ImDeityexperience!
The stats will be taken over to the main world later 
 New plots are added in regularly
Testing Phase
Kingdoms 2.0:
Towns in the main world are currently still run with the “old”Kingdom plugin, but Kingdom 2.0 is currently tested for main.
A much needed com-modity in the kingdomsrecently was creative plots. Even though Im-Deity creates a few thou-sands of plots at a time, players claim plots likethere is no tomorrow. Thethousands of plots ImDe-ity creates ends up beingall claimed sometimeswithin a week or two of him creating them!Staff members do goaround and look at thecreative plots to helpclear plots that playersdidn’t use or broke therules with, to help clear space for you all.But don’t worry if thereis no space now: ImDe-ity regularly adds morecreative plots for your creative minds to run andwander. Go ahead anddo /creative (if you endup in the events worlddo /creative again whenyou’re there) and buildaway to what your heartdesires.
 New features and “nations” will be back 
Could it be? McMMO,a very popular and favor-ite plugin to many people, back on this server? Youheard right! McMMO has been installed on the min-ing server, which you canaccess with /mine.Why is it currently onlyinstalled on the miningserver, you may ask?We’re currently testingMcMMO on the miningworld to make sure therearen’t exploits or ways togain an unfair advantagein McMMO. As soon asthis testing phase is over,McMMO will be brought back to the main server for you all to enjoy. Andyour gained XP from themining world will be car-ried over.If you’re unfamiliar with what McMMO is,as worded on the Mc-MMO Wiki, McMMO isan open source plugin for the Minecraft multiplayer server mod Bukkit. This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to existin the world of Minecraftcomplete with experience points, special powers, parties, PvP, and more.You can see your stats bytyping /mcstats.We hope you all enjoythis nice addition back tothe server.

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