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Act III Scene 3 Edited

Act III Scene 3 Edited

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Published by: Gladys Eva Angela Angle on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCRIPT TITLEWritten byName of First WriterBased on, If AnyAddressPhone Number
INT. LIVING ROOM - AFTERNOONNOELIA sits on the couch watching television and scratchingher arm incessantly. A BOTTLE OF CODEINE and a glass of watersit on a coffee table in front of her. The curtains aredrawn, shrouding the room in a dull, indeterminate light. A MAN speaks from the TV.MAN (V.O.)...youneed to reassess. You needto ask yourself questions andanswer them honestly. I want you torepeat after me: why are you angry?Noelia grabs the bottle and pours a pill into her mouth, washing it down with water. The doorbell rings.NOELIA’S POVNoelia opens the door, revealing JULIE, who stands smiling.She holds a BASKET.JULIEHi!INT. LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATERNoelia sits on the couch again, itching. Julie peers aroundcuriously.MAN (V.O.)...butthat’s okay, because today, we’re going to put you on the pathto emotional-psycho-spiritualstability.Julie notices the bottle of Codeine.JULIE(pointing)What’s that?NOELIA (glancing over)Medicine.JULIEOh...She stands awkwardly. Noelia ignores her.
JULIE (CONT’D)Hey, let me get out the blend I made for you. I mixed these myself...She pulls a bottle out of the basket and sits next to Noelia.JULIE (CONT’D)...basedon what’s the most tension-relieving. Here, lay your head downand I’ll show you.Noelia gives her a look.JULIE (CONT’D)Come on, it’ll just take a minute!Make ya feel a lot better, Ipromise!Noelia shrugs and lays her head on Julie’s lap. Julie removesthe dropper from the bottle.JULIE (CONT’D)Now, close your eyes, I’m going toput a few drops on your forehead.She does.JULIE (CONT’D)Inn’tthat nice?NOELIA It’s fine.JULIEI know things don’t make sensesometimes, Noelia. It’s hard,there’s no gettinaround that. Theonly remedy I’ve found is prayer.It’s like my uncle used to say--I mean, not--hewasn’t really myuncle, we dated a little bit incollege...Julie blathers on about her uncle. Her voice fades out.CLOSE ON Noelia. The drugs begin to hit her. She’s about tofall asleep when...MAN (V.O)Say it, Noelia.Noelia’s eyes pop open. She sits upright and looks over atthe TV screen. The Man speaks to her directly.2.

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