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12 Days of the Secret Song Santa

12 Days of the Secret Song Santa

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Published by Aubrie Bird

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Published by: Aubrie Bird on Aug 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jenny Phillips Jenny Phillips
Enrich Your Life Through Music
Christmas 2006
here is no better gift we can give our childrenand ourselves during Christmas than to give service. Iremember some of the favorite gifts I got forChristmas as a child--a real cooking toy oven, a gym-nastics mat, and an art farm--but I don’t rememberthe dozens and dozens of other toys that I got overthe years. But etched into my memory, perhaps for-ever, are the moments of service that we gave to oth-ers. Doing secret santa for others is one of myfavorite memories. I smile to think of the feelings of excitement and happiness that filled me while secret-ly dropping gifts and notes off to people with mybrothers and parents. I remember clearly as a teenag-er the Christmas that my mom asked us all to pick awrapped present under the tree with our name on it,before we opened it, to give to a family in need. Idon’t remember one gift I got that year, but I’ll neverforget the wonderful feeling of charity my mothercreated in us.My grandmother passed away a couple of yearsago, and my grandfather is often very lonely. LastChristmas, every time I saw my grandpa, he seemedto have a special twinkle in his eye. There was a fam-ily in his ward that was secretly doing the 12 days of Christmas for him. He told us the details almosteveryday of what they dropped off, the notes theyleft, etc. He looked forward to that everyday. Iremember almost being moved to tears as I realizedthe joy this family was brining to my grandfather.It’s so important that we go beyond the decora-tions, the lights on the house, and the gifts and stock-ings. Christmas will be most memorable and specialfor your family when you reach out and do some-thing special for someone else. Here is one idea yourfamily could do for a special family, widow, or singleperson in your ward or neighborhood.
 \  \ 
Choose a family or person in your ward to be “secret song san-tas” for. Include the whole family in deciding upon the familyor person so everyone feels involved. On the first day, you willleave a miniature Christmas tree” on their porch with the song“O, Christmas Tree” and a note explaining that they have beenchosen by the “Secret Song Santa” to receive the 12 days of Christmas. Each day, they’ll receive an ornament to put on thetree that corresponds with a Christmas song. You can alsochoose to include a small gift or goodie with all or some deliv-eries. Makes sure that the deliveries are anonymous and that theperson or family is going to be in town over the holidays. Onthe very last day, you may choose to ring the doorbell with yourwhole family there, and sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas”when you present them the last ornament, a star for their tree.
Items Needed:
Small, artificial Christmas Tree (like 16” high) withstand or in a pot.
Notes for each day. Print the notes out from thisnewsletter in color. You can roll each note up and tie itwith a bow.The following ornaments: (They can be home-made orstore bought. Try your local $1 store.)
Candy Cane (Shepherd’s Crook)
Santa Clause
Astar for the top of the tree
You have been chosen by the “Secret  Song Santas” to receive the 12 days of  Christmas! Everyday until Christmas, you will receive a song and an ornament  for your tree. Merry Christmas!  Love, the Secret Song Santas
Day #1
O Christmas Tree
O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree!How are thy leaves so verdant!O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,How are thy leaves so verdant!Not only in the summertime,But even in winter is thy prime.O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,How are thy leaves so verdant!O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,Much pleasure doth thou bring me!O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,Much pleasure doth thou bring me!For every year the Christmas tree,Brings to us all both joy and glee.O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,Much pleasure doth thou bring me!O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,Thy candles shine out brightly!O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree,
Day #1: December14th: O Christmas Tree
Leave the small Christmas tree on the porch with the followingnote. You may choose to buy a pre-lit tree, or include a small setof lights on this first day
(Goodie idea: Christmas Tree shapedsugar cookies.
Day #2, December15th: Let is Snow
Leave a “snowflake” ornament and the note for “Let it Snow”.(Goodie idea: Snowball cookies. You can find a recipe forsnowball cookies at the end of this newsletter.
 Snow is the symbol of purity. Nothing has been more pure on this earth thanthe life of the Savior, whose birth we now celebrate.
“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swad- dling clothes, and laid him in a manger . . .” (Luke 2:7)
Day #2
Let it Snow
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!Oh the weather outside is frightfulBut the fire is so delightfulAnd since we've no place to goLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!It doesn't show signs of stoppingAnd I've bought some corn for poppingThe lights are turned way down lowLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!When we finally kiss goodnightHow I'll hate going out in the storm!But if you'll really hold me tightAll the way home I'll be warmThe fire is slowly dyingAnd,my dear,we're still goodbyingBut as long as you love me soLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Day #3, December16th: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Leave a “bell” ornament and the note for “I Heard the Bells onChristmas Day” (Goodie idea: Bell shaped chocolates)
Day #5, December18th: While Shepherds Watched TheirFields by Night
Leave a “candy cane” (shepherd’s crook) ornament and the notefor “While Shepherds Watched Their Fields by Night. (Goodieidea: Candy canes)
Day #4, December17th: Angels We Have Heard on High
Leave an “angel” ornament and the note for “Angels We HaveHeard on High.” (Goodie idea: Angel food cake)
Day #6, December19th: Frosty the Snowman
Leave a “snowman” ornament and the note that goes with“Frosty the Snowman.” (Goodie idea: Marshmallow snowman(recipe at the end of the newsletter.)
“God is not dead, nor doth he sleep.” 
Day #3
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
I heard the bells on Christmas dayTheir old familiar carols playAnd mild and sweet the words repeat,Of peace on earth,good will to men.I thought how as the day had come,The belfries of all ChristendomHad roll'd along th' unbroken songOf peace on earth,good will to men.And in despair I bow'd my head:"There is no peace on earth," I said,"For hate is strong,and mocks the songOf peace on earth,good will to men."Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:"God is not dead,nor doth He sleep;The wrong shall fail,the right prevail,With peace on earth,good will to men."'Til ringing,singing on its way,The world revolved from night to day,A voice,a chime,a chant sublime,Of peace on earth,good will to men!
Day #4
Angels We Have Heard on High
Angels We Have Heard On HighAngels we have heard on high,Sweetly singing o'er the plainsAnd the mountains in replyEchoing their joyous strains.Chorus:Gloria,In Excelsius DeoShepherd why this jubilee,Why your joyous strains prolongWhat the gladsome tidings be,Which inspire your heavenly song?Come to Bethlehem and see,Him whose birth the angels singCome adore on bended knee,Christ the Lord the newborn king.See him in a manger laid,Whom the choirs of angels praiseMary,Joseph,lend your aid,While our hearts in love we raise.
Day #7, December20th: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Leave a “reindeer” ornament and the note for “Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer.” (Goodie idea: Abag of red hots tied with abow, or a bag of round chocolates wrapped in red tin foil).
Day #5
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night
While shepherds watched their flocks by night,All seated on the ground,The angel of the Lord came down,And glory shone around."Fear not!" said he;(for mighty dreadHad seized their troubled minds),"Glad tidings of great joy I bring,To you and all mankind."To you,in David's town,this dayIs born of David's line,The Savior,who is Christ the Lord;And this shall be the sign:"The heavenly babe you there shall findTo human view displayed,All meanly wrapped in swathing bands,And in a manger laid."Thus spake the seraph;and forthwithAppeared a shining throngOf angels,praising God,who thus addresses their joyful song:"All glory be to God on high,And on the earth be peace:
Good will henceforth from heaven to man,Begin and never cease!"While our hearts in love we raise.
Day #8, December21st: Candlelight Carol
Leave a “candle” ornament and the note for “Candlelight Carol”(Gift idea: Asmall Christmas candle).
Day #9, December22nd: The Little DrummerBoy
Leave a “drum” ornament and the note for “The Little DrummerBoy.”
Day #10, December23rd: Holly Jolly Christmas
Leave “mistletoe” that can be hung on the tree and the note for“Holly Jolly Christmas.”

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