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Published by: api-25945645 on Aug 05, 2012
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Australian Agenda5 August 2012 Campbell Newman 
Sky News Australian AgendaCampbell Newman 5 August 2012
Interview withCampbell Newman Australian Agenda program,5 August 2012Peter van Onselen:Welcome back. You're watching Australian Agenda and we're joined now out of Brisbane by the Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman. Mr Newman, thanks verymuch for your company.Campbell Newman:Thanks very much for having me.Peter van Onselen:I wanted to go straight to the issue of the National Disability Insurance Scheme if Icould. Given that both Victoria and NSW in a sense backed down, is there any room forQueensland to stump up a bit of funding as well now?Campbell Newman:I'm afraid not. You see, we have an absolutely critical budget situation this financialyear which we've inherited from Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser and the LaborGovernment. To give people a feel, the annual budget of Queensland is about 47 billionand in the budget that's handed down in September the budget deficit will be at least$4 billion. Now, we support an NDIS, we want to make it happen, we want to actuallydo a much better job as a Government ourselves in looking after people with disabilities
Australian Agenda5 August 2012 Campbell Newman 
but until we sort out the budgetary problems of Queensland we're in no position to putmoney in. But we'll be monitoring the trials. We'll actually be working with other statesand we'll also be undertaking reforms in our own system to do better over the next fewyears anyway.Peter van Onselen:Premier, can I ask this then because it seems that since the backdown by both Victoriaand NSW already Jenny Macklin the Federal Minister has been on the front foot,making the observation that she expects the states to be, you know, sharing in thefunding arrangements of this beyond what the Productivity Commission recommended.Where does that leave you post the trials? I suppose, if you're in such a position thatyou're in, post the trials it looks like you're going to be expected to put much moremoney into the funding of disabilities in the aftermath of the trials. Are you open tothat?Campbell Newman:Look, I want to sort of answer that in two ways. Firstly yes, there's a very cynical gameof politics being played by Jenny Macklin and the Prime Minister which departsdramatically from the Productivity Commission report which said that the FederalGovernment should fund the scheme. But having said that, should the QueenslandGovernment put more money in? Absolutely. To give you as a feel, we're putting $920million a year into supporting people at the moment. The Commonwealth puts in lessthan 300. If we were to put in the average per capita that other Australian states areputting in, the figure's about $230 million. If we were to put in the best, if you like, of other states which is WA as I understand it, that would be over 400 million extra. Nowwe're certainly prepared to lift our funding but right now with the problems we've gotwith this four billion plus deficit this financial year we simply can't do it. That, by theway, is the reason for the tough decisions my Government's making in cutting staff numbers and programs so we can get the budget back in black in the 2014/2015financial year.
Australian Agenda5 August 2012 Campbell Newman 
Paul Kelly:I just wanted to clarify that answer, Premier. What you've just said is that Queenslandis prepared to put in more so that it's contributing the same amount that other statescontribute on a per capita basis, but the big question here is that the GillardGovernment wants the states to significantly increase their overall share of disabilityfunding. Are you prepared to do that?Campbell Newman:Well we're certainly prepared to put in more. I say that. And it really depends on howsuccessful we are in getting this state back on a proper, stable, financial position. Iunderstand exactly what you're asking. That's about as much as I can say todaybecause we're dealing with a really very difficult position right now. The reason that Iproposed a levy on PAYG tax earnings a few - well, a couple of weeks ago was becauseI believe that is totally consistent with the spirit of the Productivity Commission report.Let's face it, once we start the NDIS it might start out at seven or $8 billion a year. ButI believe it will very quickly grow. It'll be billions of dollars more very quickly becausethere will be other people who come forward with need. So...Paul Kelly:Just on that point Premier, I mean, do you think the idea of a levy is dead or do youthink that this is still a possibility?Campbell Newman:Well look, I just put it in these terms: I am more than happy to support a levy. I hopethat other states will do that. There was a golden moment, as I've called it, a week orso ago where the Prime Minister did have the support of all State Premiers and FirstMinisters of the Territories to actually do this, and I think at that point it would havebeen a breakthrough nationally. Because we've got to fund it, either the FederalGovernment have got to find savings in their own $376 billion a year budget or they've

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