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Jesus Asleep

Jesus Asleep

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Published by glennpease

And He was in the hinder part of the ship,
asleep on a pillow. And they awake Him, and
say unto Him, Master, carest Thou not that we
perish ? — Mark iv. 38.

And He was in the hinder part of the ship,
asleep on a pillow. And they awake Him, and
say unto Him, Master, carest Thou not that we
perish ? — Mark iv. 38.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JESUS ASLEEPBY Edward B. CoeAnd He was in the hinder part of the ship,asleep on a pillow. And they awake Him, andsay unto Him, Master, carest Thou not that weperish ? — Mark iv. 38.It had been a busy day in the life of our Lord.For many hours He had been teaching on theshore of the lake, and the multitude which gatheredto hear Him was so great that He had at laststepped into a little boat, and making that Hispulpit, had spoken from it to the crowds whichlined the beach. Parable after parable of extra-ordinary beauty and power had fallen from Hislips. o doubt, in the course of the day He hadwrought many miracles of healing. At last, towardevening. He said to His disciples, ^*Let us crossover to the other side." Accordingly they dis-missed the multitude, took Him as He was in theirsmall fishing-boat, and accompanied by many otherboats of the same kind, set sail to cross the lake.It was only some six miles wide, and in an hour orso they should easily have reached its easternshore. But a sudden squall came up, with therapidity and violence with which such changes inthe weather often occur on lakes that are embosomedin the hills. The skies grew dark, the waters be-came boisterous, the boat became unmanageable;it was rapidly filling, and seemed to be on thepoint of going down. And Jesus was asleep.181182 Life Indeed
It was the sleep of weariness. He was a man,and like many another man was tired out with Hislong day's work. The physical limitations andinfirmities with which we are all acquainted, wereno less familiar to Him. He was exhausted by themental tension and strain, involved in continuousteaching during so many hours. ot without aconscious drain upon His physical strength, asother circumstances indicate, did He perform Hismiraculous cures. And hea^vier still was theburden of sympathy resting upon His heart, as Heobserved the sad spiritual state of the men andwomen around Him, whom He compared to sheepwithout a shepherd, to lost children who hadwandered far from their Father's house. It evi-dently cost Him something, more, doubtless, thanwe always realize, to do His daily work; andgreater far than the physical fatigue or the mentaleffort involved in it, must have been the stress of feeling under which He lived, through all Hispublic ministry. He must indeed have beenthoroughly worn out, to have been able to sleep insuch a storm.It was also the sleep of innocence. In such anhour of obvious peril, one who is troubled by aguilty conscience cannot sleep. Have you nevergone to your rest, when the day's work was doneand everything was quiet around you, and thenbeen kept wide awake, hour after hour, by thoughtsof the mistakes you had made, or the sins you hadJesus Asleep 183committed during the day ? Have you not some-times even been roused out of a restful slumber bythe memory of some act of folly or of wickedness,
which you perpetrated many days or weeks oryears ago, and found yourself unable to expel itfrom your thoughts and go quietly to sleep again ?Have you never lain awake through some wildnight at sea, when the great, strong ship was roll-ing heavily in the tumultuous waves, and wonderedwhat would become of you, if anything should giveway and the brave vessel should go down ? Jesusnever made a mistake. He never committed asin. He never neglected or turned aside from aduty. There was nothing to cause Him self-re-proach. His conscience was always perfectly clear.And therefore He could sleep even amidst the furyof the storm.And then again, it was the sleep of confidence.Who of us has not seen a little child falling asleepin the arms of its mother, with a look of perfectcontent and perfect trust on its pure face, lifting itslittle hands in a silent caress as the eyelids closed,and then resting, no matter what turmoil or perilmight surround it, without a motion or a sound,absolutely secure, absolutely peaceful ? So Jesusslept, on that stormy night, in the open boat, amidthe howling waters, under the pelting rain, nodoubt, and through the wild raging of the wind,trustfully confiding in His Father's care.ow look at the disciples. They were not184 Life Indeedasleep. They had no business to be asleep. Theywere toiling with all their might. They werestoutly battling against wind and sea, striving tokeep their little boat from being driven from itscourse or capsized or carried down. But theywere terribly frightened ; and the whole story

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