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Published by Sindhu Nair

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Published by: Sindhu Nair on Aug 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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qatar toDay
juLY 2012
Braking news
ow is the new 911 Porsche dierent rom theearlier one? More speed? That was one o the random questions that I threw at AhedDawood, Brand Manager, Porsche CenterDoha beore I took it to the Doha roads. And it was that one question that made Da- wood take o on his avourite topic – brandPorsche – or almost two hours...!“Whenever we start with Porsche, westart with the driver,” he said, “and that’syou. And what do you know about the 911?”Feeling cornered, I asked him to do thehonours, and educate me about the twobrands in question; the Porsche and its a-mous 911.The 911 comes with a lot o history as it isthe only brand that has lasted so long in thehistory o auto-making.“It was introduced in 1963 as a 1964 mod-el. The rst car was called the 901 because it was the 901st product rom the engineeringactory o Dr Ing. Porsche brought it out butPeugeot objected as it was their copyrightto use the zero in between their numbers.So Porsche changed it to something thatcomes just ater zero, one. And hence wasborn the legendary 911,” says Dawood withobvious pride.The history and evolution o the 911Porsche is described quite prousely by amotoring acionado as having “establisheditsel as an icon o ‘60s cool, beore it seguedgraceully into being an icon o ‘70s peror-mance, then an icon o sophistication andafuence in the ‘80s, an icon o athleticismand power in the ‘90s and it is now simply an icon o all that’s right with Germany andautomobiles.”“Porsche was a small company whenit started in 1948. It built its reputation with its rst car, Porsche 356 which racedin the 1948 LeMans and won its class vic-tory. From day one, Porsche has been a very good racing car and proo o this has alwaysbeen on the race tracks. But at that time,
as tHe all new 911 porscHe arrives in DoHa,
sinDHu nair 
takes it ona spin anD coMes Back witH an oDDly faMiliar experience
living up to its
juLY 2012
qatar toDay
Braking news
manuacturers didn’t have the luxury o building race cars or road cars – there wasno such dierentiation – so 911 was seenas more o a race car. “From 1953 to 1998, which was the last year that the Porscheactory competed in the LeMans race track,Porsche won 16 category victories, a eat noother car manuacturer has ever beaten. Ithas more than 28,000 class victories,” heexplains.“Though Porsche pulled back rom racingin 1998, it continuously supported motorsports. It will always develop, promote andparticipate in motor racing but not directly as we do not have actory-run drivers.The 911 is a car which has always kepttrue to its history in terms o design. So inthat sense, when the new 911 is launched,there will not be many rude surprises. Thebody language o all 911s will remain thesame, the low-hunched prole, the distinct wideness o the body, and the curve thatseems to embrace the roads will always beintact.”“This is where Porsche’s brand values– evolution and tradition – come in. How can you continue to evolve a concept whilekeeping to its identity? That is one answerPorsche has. Generation ater generation,Porsche has managed to evolve while keep-ing its identity true to its evolution. Andevolution in Porsche is through technologi-cal and scientic advances.“Some cars, particularly the Italianbrands, go ater exclusive designs whichlook amazing but the design does not in any  way help the driver in everyday use o thecar. The 911 meanwhile, was the only sportscar which you could drive your kids toschool in every day and race on weekendsand beat other V8 machines without mucheort.”It still has a small 3.6 litre six-cylinderengine, while the perormance is thanksto the aerodynamics o the design. A caseo orm ollows unction, an architecturalprinciple o Frank Lloyd Wright that runs well in all walks o lie and now in the au-tomotive sector too, thanks to FerdinandPorsche.“An opening on the side o a 911 is not orany special eects, it has the unction o getting in air or cooling. Every design con-cept has a practical value to it as well.”
Cars and social acceptance
 While some cars have used the “shock”actor to attract attention, Dawood claimsthat Porsche has never opted or thesetechniques as it always comes up with anew design that is appreciated or its re-ned looks.He takes the example o the Cayenne which was the rst SUV rom Porsche and was initially subjected to a lot o ak romPorsche lovers or shiting away rom itssports-car genre. But it proved to be thebest thing Porsche ever did.“Beore 2003 or Porsche, the best Qa-tar could do was sell 30 sports cars (911and Boxster) a year. Ater the Cayenne wasintroduced, in 2008, we sold and deliv-ered 150 sports cars. Cayenne introducedPorsche to a wider range o acionados who had the wrong notion that Porscheonly delivered motor sports cars and hence
ahed dawood, brand manager, porsche center doha

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