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C.Pushrod Set
C.Dual Plane Intake Manifold
D.PCV Valve Adapter
D.Diaphragm Clutch Cover
A.572 Hemi Crate Engine, 650 Horsepower
B.528 Hemi Crate Engine- 640 Horsepower
A.426 Hemi Crate Engine - 465 horsepower
A.Engine Installation Components
B.Engine Teardown Gasket Sets
C.Oil Seal Package
D.Block Hardware Package
C.Crank Bolt Set
D.Vibration Damper- Thin Crank
E.Vibration Damper- SFI Approved
F.Damper Degree Timing Tape
B.Double Roller Chain and Sprocket
G.Forged Steel Connecting Rods
C.Offset Camshaft Bushing Set
D.Camshaft Sprocket Attaching Hardware
E.PCV Package
C.Valve Seals
D.Valve Stem Lash Caps
F.Valve Keepers (Split Locks)
D.Rocker Shafts
G.Rocker Shaft End Plugs
D.Dual Quad Intake Manifold- Holley Carb
B.Cross Ram Intake Manifold
C.Dual Plane Intake Manifold - Six Pack
D.Intake Manifold Gasket Sets
E.Intake Manifold Screw Set
B.Intake Manifold Plug Package
C.Oil Pans
D.Windage Trays
F.Oil Pan Bolt Set
A.Oil Pickup and Screen Assemblies
B.Oil Pressure Relief Spring
C.Oil Pump Assembly
D.Oil Pump Priming Shaft
E.Distributor Drive Gear Assemblies
C.Lightweight Aluminum Water Pump
D.Water Pump Housing
E.Water Pump Installation Kit
G.90 Degree Water Neck Outlet
C.Core Plugs
B.Vibration Damper- SFI Approved
C.Vibration Damper- Thin Crank
D.Damper Degree Timing Tape
F.Double Roller Chain and Sprocket
C.Front Cover Seal and Gasket
B.Camshaft Sprocket Attaching Hardware
D.Valve Keepers (Split Locks)
B.Rocker Shaft End Plugs
C.Rocker Shaft Hold-Down
D.Rocker Shaft Retainers and Bolts
D.Cross Ram Intake Manifold- Max Wedge
B.Intake Manifold Gasket Heat Block-Off
C.Intake Manifold Hardware
D.Oil Pans
A.Oil Pan Bolt Set
C.Oil Pickup and Screen Assemblies - Eight- Quart
D.Oil Pickup and Screen Assemblies - Six-Quart
E.Oil Pressure Relief Spring
D.Distributor Drive Gear Assemblies
B.Oil Pump Priming Shaft
C.Water Pump
A.90 Degree Water Neck Outlet
C.Viscous Fan Package
A.440 Super Commando Crate Engine - 530 Horsepower
B.410 Six Pack Crate Engine - 470 Horsepower
A.360 Magnum Crate Engine - 405 Horsepower
A.340 Six-Pack Crate Engine - 330 Horsepower
A.HP Magnum and "LA" Blocks
A.Engine Teardown Gaskets
B.Engine Bearing
C.Block Hardware Package
D.Brass Core Plugs
E.Front Cover Gasket
C.Crank Key Package
D.Vibration Damper- SFI Approved
B.All-Out Race Chain and Sprockets
C.Double Roller Chain and Sprocket
D.Timing Chain Tensioner
E.Front Cover Seal and Gasket
C.Camshaft Plate Kit
A.Camshaft Sprocket Attaching Hardware
D.Hydraulic Tappet
C.Head Bolt Sets
D.Head Stud Kits
F.Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield - 340
B.Valve Cover Hardware- Chrome
E.Bolt Set- Valve Cover
C.Grommet- PCV & Breather
A.Valve Keepers (Split Locks)
B.Valve Stem Lash Caps
C.Valve Spring Retainers
B.Rocker Arm Spacer Set
D.Rocker Shaft Stands
E.Rocker Shaft Hold-Down
F.Rocker Shaft Retainers and Bolts
B.Rocker Arm Stud Kit
C.Intake Manifold Gasket Sets
D.Intake Manifold Attaching Bolts
C.360 Magnum Crate Engine Fuel Injection Kit
E.Oil Pan Bolt Set
B.Oil Pickup and Screen Assemblies
C.Oil Pressure Relief Spring
D.Windage Tray
F.Distributor Drive Gear Assemblies
G.Tube and Peen Tool Package
A.Right Angle Oil Filter Adapter Kit
D.Oil Filter- Performance
D.90 Degree Thermostat Housing
A.Holley Universal Carburetor
B.Holley Cross Ram Carburetors
C.Holley Service Gasket Set
D.Cross Ram Carburetor Air Horns
E.Cross Ram Linkage
F.Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket
A.Tall Return Spring Bracket
B.Accelerator Return Spring Bracket
C.Carburetor Kickdown Bracket
D.Max Wedge Intake Linkage Package
C.Six Pack Holley Carburetors
D.Six Pack Secondary Diaphragm Set
E.Six Pack Gasket Set
F.Six Pack Choke Thermostat Assembly
A.Six Pack Fuel Line Kit
B.Six Pack Installation Kits
C.Six Pack Linkage Kit
E.Six Pack Air Cleaner Lids
F.Six Pack Air Cleaner Assembly Kits
G.Six Pack Restoration Air Filter Element
B.Cast Air Cleaner Systems
C.Replacement Air Cleaners
A.Engine ID Plates
B.Air Cleaner Wing Nut
C.Breather Hose
A.360 Magnum Crate Engine Fuel Injection Kit
A.Vacuum Advanced Electronic Distributors
D.Distributor Advance Weight Springs
E.Timing Curve Adjustment Kit
F.Distributor Cap and Rotor Sets
C.Pickup Coil and Lead Assembly
D.Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits
E.Capacitive Discharge Ignition Controllers
F.Drag Race Ignition Controller
A.Orange Electronic Control Unit
C.Electronic Ignition Update Set
D.Control Unit Wiring Harness Kit
E.Ignition Wire Separator Set
B.Plug Tube and Seal Set
C.Spark Plug Wire Removal Tool
D.Universal Fit Spark Plug Wire Loom
D.Coil Bracket
C.Tach Adapter
A.Torque Converter Bolt Set
C.Flywheel- Steel
D.Flywheel Hardware Kit
C.Clutch Linkage Shaft Service Kits
B.Clutch Cover and Pressure Plate - Race
C.Pressure Plates- Street & Strip
D.Muscle Car Clutch Discs
C.Hurst Pistol Grip Shifters
D.Shifter Boot
C.Slip Yoke Kits
D.Universal Joint Packages
E.U-Bolt Conversion Kit
F.U-Joint U-Bolt Service Package
G.U-Joint Strap and Bolt Set
C.Axle Brace
D.Differential Clutch Kits
A.Ring Gear Retaining Bolt Set
B.Sure-Grip Differential Assemblies
A.XHD Leaf Springs - Original Equipment
B.Competition Leaf Springs - Super Stock
C.Oval Track Leaf Springs
A.Solid Leaf Spring Front Eye Bushings
B.Rear Spring Shackle Bushings
C.Rear Spring Clamp Package
D.Rear Spring Front Hanger Bracket Sets
E.Offset Rear Spring Front Hanger Bracket Sets
A.Rear Spring Mounting Seats
B.Rear Spring Shock Mounting Plates
C.Spring Relocation Kits
D.Spring U-Bolt and Nut Packages
E.Straight Rear Shackle Packages
F.Offset Rear Shackle Packages
A.Bolt-In Frame Connector Packages
C.Torsion Bar Sets
D.Torsion Bar Lock and Seal
E.Front End Seal Packages
A.Front Strut Bushing Packages
B.Replacement End-Link Bushings
C.Manual Steering Gear Worm and Ball Nut Package
D.Power to Manual Steering Adapter
E.Drag Race Rear Shock Absorbers
F.Master Cylinder Heat Shield
A.Master Cylinder Offset Adapter
C.Brake Proportioning Valves
C.Battery Hold-Down Hardware
D.Battery Hold-Down Strap
C.Mounting Brackets
D.Oil Filter- Restoration
E.PCV Valves
B.340 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
C.Radiator Hose- Upper
D.Radiator Hoses- Lower
C.Radiator Cooling Fan Shrouds- 26.00"
D.Exhaust Tips
C.Gauge Lense
C.Turn Signal Switch Assembly
D.Arm Rests
A.Grille and Headlamp Bezel Package
B.'Cuda Lower Front Grille
C.Headlamp Bezels
D.Headlamp Brackets
E.Hood Pin and Cable Kit
C.Actuator Bracket
D.Air Grabber Flapper
C.Front Marker
C.Turn Signal
C.Cowl Panel
C.Trunk Floor
D.Outer Wheelhouse
C.Trim Rings
D.Rallye Wheel Center Caps
C.Camshaft - Race
C.Rocker Arm Assembly - Race
D.Spark Plug Wire Sets
C.180 Degree Race Thermostat
B.Underdrive Crank Pulley and Drive Belts
C.Differential Assemblies
A.Ring and Pinion Sets- HD
B.Ring and Pinion Sets - Race
C.Differential Cooling Package
D.Hurst Short-Throw Shifter
B.High-Durometer Transmission Mounts
SUSPENSION UPGRADES AND COMPONENTS C.Stage 3 Coilover Suspension Kit- Race
B.Solid Steering Gear Mounts
C.Air Filters- O.E. Performance Replacement
D.Smooth Bore Inlet Hoses
B.Cat-Back Exhaust System- GTS-R/T
C.Cat-Back Exhaust System- SRT 10
A.GTS-R 8.5 mm Spark Plug Wire Set
C.Cold Air Intake Systems
A.Air Filters- Cold Air Replacement
B.Air Filters- O.E. Performance Replacement
C.Air Filter Service Kit
A.Cat-Back Exhaust System- 6.1L Hemi
C.Cat-Back Exhaust System- 5.7L Hemi
C.Two-Piece Grille Assembly
E.Wire Mesh Grille Insert
B.Anti Sway Bar Kit
C.Strut Tower Brace
D.Valve Springs
B.Stage 2 Coilover Suspension Kit
E.Rear Tension Strut Kit
A.Cold Air Intake Systems
B.Air Filters- Cold Air Replacement
A.Air Filters- O.E. Performance Replacement
B.Air Filter Service Kit
C.Windage Tray
A.Cat-Back Exhaust System
D.Gearshift Boot
C.Main Bearings
B.Gear Drives/Fuel Pump Eccentric
C.Forged Crankshafts
C.Ductile Iron Cylinder Replacement Sleeve
B.Cylinder Head Stud Kits
C.Rear Cam Plates
C.Front Cover Gear Drive Set
D.Hardware Kit
F.Replacement Water Pump Drive
G.Replacement Water Pump Mount
C.Replacement Cam Cover
D.Replacement Camshaft Hub and Hardware Kit
E.Replacement Damper Seal Mount
G.Mopar Sprint Car Engine Build-Up Manual
C.Timing Chain Tensioner
A.NASCAR Sprint Cup Cylinder Heads
NASCAR Sprint Cup Water Pump (Not Shown)
C.Mopar 358 Oval Track Engine Build-Up Manual
D.Mopar Late Model Oval Track Engine Build- Up Manual
A.Mopar Oval Track Modifications - 3rd Edition
D.Double Roller Chain and Sprocket
A.Damper Degree Timing Tape
C.Offset Camshaft Key
D.Valve Spring Retainers
C.Valve Keepers
C.Cast Air Cleaner Systems
A.Cold Air Intake Systems - Jeep
B.Cold Air Intake Systems - Truck
C.Cold Air Intake Systems - Truck- Diesel
C.Ram Air Package
D.Ram Air Duct
B.Exhaust Header Y-Pipe Packages
C.Exhaust Headers- Ram SRT10
A.Cat-Back Exhaust Systems - Jeep
B.Cat-Back Exhaust Systems- Jeep SRT8
A.Cat-Back Exhaust Systems - Truck
A.Oil Pump-High Volume
C.Oil Pump - Performance
B.Steering Stabilizers
C.Stabilizer Bar Disconnects- Jeep Lift Kits
B.Traction Bars- 4" Lift Kits
C.Anti-Sway Bar Kit
D.Lowering Springs
B.Engine Controller- Ram SRT10
A.Differential Covers- Heavy Duty
C.Locker Wiring Harness
B.Ram Locking Hub Conversion Kit
C.Hemi Hockey Stick Graphics Kits
D.Hemi Billboard Graphics Kits
C.Gauge Pods - Triple
D.Gauge Pods - Quad
A.SilverStar HID Lamps
B.SilverStar Ultra Halogen Lamps
C.SilverStar Halogen Lamps
D.EcoBright Halogen Lamps
A.Silverstar Back-Up/Signal Lamps
B.SilverStar Fog Lamps
C.Dodge Charger
D.Dodge Challenger
C.Plymouth GTX
D.Plymouth Road Runner
C.Mopar "Fire" Poster
D.Mopar "Hell Yeah!" Poster
A.Mopar "OPA!" Poster
C.Wheel Covers
A.HEMI Decals
C.Mopar Omega M Decals
D.Direct Connection Decals
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Mopar Performance Parts Catalog

Mopar Performance Parts Catalog

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