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Published by: The University Daily Kansan on Aug 05, 2012
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2009 graduation
MAY 7, 2009 presented bY the universitY dAilY kAnsAn speciAl section
Far above the Glorious to view,Stands our noble ,Towering toward
Lift the ever onward, and the Hail to thee, our Hail to old 
th coMMenceMent
Sunday, May 17, 20092:30 p.m.Memorial Stadium
p y Jy Wag/kAnsAn
2009 graduation guide
 thursday, may 7, 2009
As their time at the University comes to a close, seniors are re-ecting on their time in collegeand remembering some o theirgreatest memories throughouttheir stay in Law-rence.Wichita seniorsAlly Mounts andMeghan Hamp-ton have the sameavorite memory as many KU stu-dents: the 2008men’s basketballnational champi-onship.“I have been a die-hard KU anall my lie, and to be a studentduring the win was unbeliev-able,” Mounts said.John Babcock, Holton senior,agreed that thechampionshipwas a highlight o his college years.“How can youtop partying withthousands o oth-er Jayhawks aera national cham-pionship victory?”Babcock said.Babcock hasmany good memories o hisyears at the University, such asperorming at KMEA with KUConcert Choir, sledding downCampanile hill, dancing at sum-mer parties and traveling to Juar-ez, Mexico, with Wesley KU.Lucas Lux, Topeka senior, re-called a great memory rom his junior year.“We sang the alma mater withother KU students while on abus back rom a wine tasting orstudy abroad in Germany,” Luxsaid. “It was a good time.”Stephanie Patyk, Wichita se-nior, said her work as a specialevents coordinator or StudentUnion Activitieswas the thing thatgave her such amemorable collegeexperience. It wasPatyk’s job to or-ganize the home-coming show orher sophomoreyear.“On the rstday o school Ireceived word that our previousshow headliner had backed outo the show, which le us rough-ly six weeks to redo everything,”Patyk said.Because Patyk was a an o hugean o Kathy Gri-n’s show on Bra- vo, she suggestedthat Grifn bethe homecomingshow at the LiedCenter.“When I oundout that she hadaccepted SUA’s o-er, I was over the moon,” Patyk said.Aer completely selling outthe Lied Center and witnessingGrifn’s comedic perormance,Patyk had been the driver or herown best memory o her time atthe University.
— Edited by Casey Miles
spring 2009 kansan staff 
Brenna Hawley
Managing editors
Tara SmithMary Sorrick 
Managing editor, Kansan.com
Kelsey Hayes
Special sections editor
Nora Simon
Drew BergmanNick Gerik Liz SchubauerKelly Stroda
Copy chief 
Luke Morris
Photo editor
Ryan McGeeney
Advertising director
Laura Vest
Sales manager
Dani Erker
General manager, news adviser
Malcolm Gibson
Sales and marketing adviser
Jon Schlitt
Kansan Newsroom
111 Stauffer-Flint Hall1435 Jayhawk Blvd.Lawrence, KS 66045(785) 864-4810
et cetera
 The University Daily Kansan isthe student newspaper of theUniversity of Kansas. This graduation guide is publishedannually in the spring to honor theUniversity’s graduating class.
Editor’s notE
Walking down the hillan important tradition
raduation season alwaysreminds me o how ast things are movingand changing in my lie. Now,I’m not a senior, so I don’t havethe perspective o coming to theend o my college career. But itseems like yesterday that I wasgraduating rom high school.I like the eeling graduationhas — the traditions, the alumni,the amily, even the ormality.Because there is something aboutgraduation that makes you real-ize that there’s a lot o potentialor how your lie could end up.At this time two years ago, Inever thought I would be livingin Kansas, and I deinitely didn’tthink I’d be working or TheKansan.When I graduated rom highschool, I didn’t think I wouldbe where I am today, but thingschange and opportunities arealways there.Although I’m not a senior,I can appreciate the eelings o change, relie and happiness thatcome at graduation.And i I could give only onepiece o advice, it would be this:Don’t miss your opportunity towalk down the hill with all theother graduates on May 17.There won’t be another timein your lie that you’ll get to bepart o this tradition. That’s mucho the reason why I chose thisparticular cover photo. It’s some-thing that I want to be a part o when I graduate, just to say that Iwas part o it.Many may remember theirhigh school graduations beinglong and boring, but it’s just parto the tradition. For me, it wasthe eeling right ater receivingmy diploma that made me happy I’d opted to walk with my gradu-ating class.Don’t orget the greatmemories o your years at theUniversity. Whether you like itor not, this place has shaped whoyou are in some way. You may not appreciate or realize untilyou’re graduated and gone whatyou really got out o college. Butit’s important to recognize how your past inluences your uture.It may seem like just a diplomayou’re getting on May 17, butwhat really matters is the timeyou spent at the University andall that you accomplished.Congratulations, Class o 2009!Good luck with lie ater college,and don’t orget the memories youmade at the University o Kansas.
BY noRA Simon
looking back 
Seniors recall bestcollege memories
Hard work, study abroad and Mario’s Miracle
“I have been a die-hard KU an all mylie, and to be a stu-dent during the winwas unbelievable. ”
Ally MountsWca r
Table of contents
The reasons or regalia
exp t t bd t p d 
By The numBers
s  t dt  z p
alumni associaTion
Bft  t   2009 d t  t
Do i neeD To Be somewhere?
a d  dt d  p
graDuaTion: since 1873
T uvt   tdt tt v 
where’s walDo?
B t  t  t ’ dt
walking Down The hill
d t  t td b t p
 Jayhawk naTion
a  t t t t t t 
a amily irsT
s  t ft t dt t   d
“When I ound outthat she had acceptedSUA’s ofer, I was overthe moon.”
stephAnie pAtyk Wca r
 J w/kansan
2009 graduation guide
 thursday, may 7, 2009
Undergraduate degreerecipients
Graduate degreerecipients
Students gettingmaster’s degrees
Students getting Ph.D.sor higher level degrees
In-state graduates
Out-o-state graduates
Male graduates
Female graduates
Size o graduating class
Undergraduate Graduate
College of Lberal Arts an Scences
School of Alle Health
School of Archtecture an Urban Plannng
School of Busness
School of Eucaton
School of Engneerng
School of Fne Arts
School of Journalsm an Mass Communcatons
School of Nursng
School of Pharmacy
School of Socal Welfare
Size o graduating class
School of Law
School of Mecne
— Michael Harry, technological support consultant in the University Registrar’s Ofce— Compiled by Rachel Schwartz 
Below is a breakdown of the University’s graduatesby school, degree, and in-state and out-of-state
University of Kansas 2009 Commencement Schedule of Events
Fray, May 15
1 to 2 p.m. School o SocialWelare recognition or bachelor’so social welare candidates. LiedCenter.
2:30 to 4 p.m. InternationalPrograms and InternationalStudent and Scholar Services rec-ognition. Kansas Room, Union.
4 to 6 p.m. School o Busi-ness undergraduate recognitionceremony. Lied Center.
Saturay, May 16
8:30 a.m. School o Journal-ism graduate recognition. LiedCenter. Reception ollows, lawn o Stauer-Flint Hall.
8:30 to 10 a.m. Reception orchancellor’s awards recipients.Kansas Room, Kansas Union.
9 a.m. School o Allied Healthrecognition ceremony. JohnsonCounty Community Collegegymnasium, 12345 College Blvd.,Overland Park.
10:30 a.m. School o Fine Artsconvocation. Lied Center.
10:30 a.m. to noon. Lun-cheon or School o Allied Health,health policy and management,master’s o public health, andgraduate studies graduates.“Under the tent” at KU EdwardsCampus, 12600 Quivira Rd., Over-land Park.
11 a.m. School o Nursingrecognition ceremony. JohnsonCounty Community Collegegymnasium, 12345 College Blvd.,Overland Park.
11 a.m. to noon. Phi BetaKappa initiation. Woodru Audi-torium, Kansas Union.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Centeror Russian, East European andEurasian Studies graduationreception or master’s candidates.318 Bailey Hall.
12:30 to 2 p.m. Luncheonor School o Nursing graduates,amily and riends. “Under thetent” at KU Edwards Campus,12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park.
1 to 3 p.m. University HonorsProgram, University Scholars,and CLAS students graduatingwith distinction. Craton-Preyer Theatre, Murphy Hall.
1 to 3 p.m. School o Educa-tion convocation. Lied Center.
5 p.m. Multicultural ScholarsProgram graduation banquet.Ballroom, Kansas Union.
6 p.m. Oce o MulticulturalAairs graduation banquet. Big12 and Jayhawk rooms, KansasUnion.
6 to 7:30 p.m. School o Pharmacy senior recognition.Craton-Preyer Theatre, MurphyHall. Reception ollows.
7 p.m. School o Medicinehooding and awards. Lied Center. 
Sunay, May 17
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MemorialDrive closed to trac. (Parkingban begins midnight Saturday.)
8 a.m. School o Engineeringrecognition and awards ceremo-ny. Lied Center. Reception ollowsat Oliver Hall.
10 to 11:15 a.m. School o Law hooding. Lied Center. Ticketsrequired. Reception ollows,Green Hall.
11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Classo 2009 commencement lunch.Chancellor’s residence, 1532 LilacLane.
11:30 a.m. School o Archi-tecture and Urban Planningcommencement luncheon andrecognition ceremony. Ticketsrequired. Ballroom, Kansas Union.
Noon to 1:15 p.m. School o Social Welare hooding or mas-ter’s o social work candidates.Lied Center.
2 p.m. Commencement par-ticipants assemble on MemorialDrive.
2:30 p.m. Commencementprocession begins
— www.commencement.ku.edu
Commencement day signi-fies for most graduates the endof their time as a student at theUniversity and as a member of theLawrence community. The AlumniAssociation wants recent graduatesto know, however, that their timeas a Jayhawk is by no means overafter they walk down the hill andinto Memorial Stadium.“We help bridge the gap betweenbeing a student at the University and being an alumni; we want youto know that there’s still a com-munity out there for you, even if you’re not on the Hill,” said Aly Rodee, Wichita senior and formerexecutive member of the StudentAlumni Association. The SAA is anoffshoot of the Alumni Associationthat helps with running programsand events.The Alumni Association attractsmembers in part by sponsoringyear-end programs for recent grad-uates, such as Wieners for Seniors,a hot dog giveaway on WescoeBeach that is designed to advertiseanother Alumni Association event,Grad Grill.Grad Grill will take place tonightfrom 5:30 to 7:30 at the AdamsAlumni Center and features freefood and drink, door prizes andinformation tables.“It’s the first event that studentsattend as alumni,” said StefaniGerson, coordinator of student pro-grams for the Alumni Association.“It’s a congratulatory event heldin their honor, and it’s free for allmembers of the Class of 2009.”After helping organize the eventseveral times, Megan Lemon,Smithville, Mo., senior and formerSAA executive member, will get toenjoy Grad Grill from the otherside of things this year.“This semester has been for mereaping the rewards of everythingI did in the past,” Lemon said.“It’s nice; I appreciate it a lot moresince I know what went into thepreparation.”Rodee said she hoped Grad Grillwould help students become morecomfortable as alumni, in addi-tion to providing a relaxing envi-ronment before finals.The AlumniCenter is known as the big scary building on campus that no oneknows if they can come in to,”Rodee said. “Grad Grill is to getpeople to the come to the center.”In addition to Grad Grill, theAlumni Association sponsors aring ceremony, during which stu-dents receive class rings if they havepurchased them. It also provides afree box lunch on the chancellor’slawn at 11 a.m. before commence-ment on May 17.Beyond programs, the AlumniAssociation welcomes recent grad-uates into the alumni community with a year’s free membership tothe Alumni Association, a $25 valuesponsored by KU Endowment, andan opportunity to purchase a life-time membership for half price.“I will definitely take advantageof my free year’s membership withthe Alumni Association,” ReubenDermyer, Olathe senior, said. “Ithink it’s a good idea, because Idon’t think a lot of recent grads willhave the money to join the AlumniAssociation up front.”Gerson said benefits of AlumniAssociation membership includ-ed a subscription to the
Kansas Alumni Magazine
, special discountsto events held around the country,access to an online directory fornetworking purposes, a monthly KU e-newsletter and a 10 percentdiscount at all KU bookstores.Rodee said that the connectionsan Alumni Association member-ship provided were its most impor-tant advantages.“It connects you to over 300,000other Jayhawks,” Rodee said. “Imight go to a city I’ve never beento before; that connection will beimmeasurable in becoming part of the community there.”Gerson also stressed the impor-tance of using the free member-ship to network and stay involvedwith University events.“By being a member, you’rehelping the University as a wholeby remaining a strong entity inthe Jayhawk nation,” Gerson said.“We want recent graduates to stay connected because that keeps theUniversity strong.”
— Edited by Melissa Johnson
Ties to University don’tend on graduation day 
Nra Smn/KANSAN
The faple n rnt  Strn Hall s
corroded and leaning. It is being replaced as the 2009class gift. Giving a class gift is one of the many traditions for graduating seniors.
gRAdUATioN wEEKENd 2009
Each year, the Board o ClassOcers and Senior AdvisoryBoard choose what contribu-tion the graduating class willmake to the University. Thisyear, they will replace the ag-pole outside o Strong Hall,which is corroded and leaningto the side. The KU Endowment helpsund the class git by sellingClass o 2009 $10 T-shirts, saidAly Rodee, Wichita senior andmember o the senior advisoryboard or Board o Class O-fcers. Parents and riends o graduates can make donationson their behal, as well.“The University said itneeded a new ag pole,”Rodee said. “It was somethingwe could aord, and it wouldbe visible, so that’s how wechose the git.”
To contribute, go towww.kuendowment.org/  seniorclassgit.
Graduating seniors
Free ood and doorprizes
5:30 to 7:30 tonight
Adams AlumniCenter
NOTE: Graduates rom the schools o Law and Medicine are not included in thetotals above.

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