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Crash Course in Love

Crash Course in Love

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Published by Sara Malamud

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Published by: Sara Malamud on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All client communications detailed in this book are from real people. Only the names, and somecircumstances, have been changed to protect their privacy.
Edited by Gabriella Donati2011
Dearest Reader,First of all, I want to thank you for participating in this journey. A journey populated with singles who feel they are doing all they can do to find love, but still coming up empty-handed. Certainly,there are millions of people who are in the same boat, and honestly don’t understand how they gotthere. These include successful, attractive, intelligent peoplewho may be telling themselves,“I just haven’t met the right one”. The truth, however, is that you have to be the right one to meet the right one, and many people are too busy looking outward to realize that it all starts with looking inward. For a short moment in time, we will be walking together through this book and through these stories, and my desireis that as we make this journey together, with laughter,incredulity, and hopefully, newfound clarity regarding ourselves and our search for love.I firmly believe that what we think about ourselves on the inside is reflected in our lives on the outside-much like a mirror. If you are still single, I believe that it’s because you either want to be single, or you don’t believe yourself to be deserving of love. Both of these core beliefs manifest themselves in your actions and in your life. One of the ways that you create this self-fulfilling prophecy that you aren’t deserving of love is to close yourself off from real possibilities of love so that you never find it. Then you tell yourself that you were right, no one could ever love you. We close ourselves off by limiting our options when it comes to a partner. We start building walls and making lists of qualities that our partner must possess in order for us to love him/her. Some qualities on our list are very important, such as honesty,faithfulness, and thoughtfulness, but some are completely irrelevant such as height, hair color, financial success, etc. These are not the qualities that indicate whether or not two people will be happy together, so why are so many people limiting love byusing these types of characteristics as a blueprint for their soul mate? I have been working as a matchmaker since 2003, and I have seen many successful matches and I can tell you that all of those are between open, loving people who are confident in themselves and appreciateall the best qualities in their partner. I have also seen many people who are given the opportunity to meet wonderful possible partners, and they simply shoot themselves in the foot by closing themselves off.For years I’ve been talking about writing a book that might be able to help someone get past their fear and open up their heart to find true love. This book is the realization of that dream. If it helps even one person, my goal will have been realized.Please understand that although I use many real-life cases of my personal clients, I am in no way using them to make fun or degrade. I simply use them to show how people often limit themselves and their options when it comes to finding love. Don’t let this happen to you. If any of these stories resonates with you, be honest with yourself and strive to let go of the limiting thoughts.Open up your heart and the universe will fill it with love and happiness.With warmest wishes,Sara 

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