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Another Shit Story

Another Shit Story

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Published by Zachary Cole

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Published by: Zachary Cole on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The toilet was in the middle of a large concerthall type room, yet the only partition that wouldinstill any type of privacy was a makeshiftcurtain. This curtain was suspended on some sort oflength of twine and circumnavigated thecircumference of the toilet area. A teenage girlkept bothering me and peeking in as I attempted totake a shit in peace. Her and other people wouldcontinually open the curtain, leaving me vulnerableto the eyes of the seething masses. It began toinfuriate me, but I had to fi
nish wiping. I’d yell
at the people around me like a king on his throne.
“Close the fucking curtain! Goddamn it!” Sometimesthey’d close the curtain, but it would open up
again. Finally, I had enough. I stood up with mycock and ass hanging out and began to stomp aroundyelling at everyone. As I came out of the curtainedarea, I saw bleachers full of people. In my rage, Istomped toward them, airing my grievances as wellas the private areas of my body. The crowd fellsilent. The rage immediately waned and turned intosome sort of startled, amused embarrassment, and Ileft the hall with somewhat of a grin on my face.As I walked through the door, I could
the crowd’s
silence morph into laughter.There was a music festival going on and Iwalked through the crowds. Surprisingly, no onerecognized me as the man with his pants around hisankles who had recently thrown a temper tantrumbefore the watchful eyes of an entire hall full ofpeople. I came across Ashlyn, my girlfriend, with
some man’s
tattooed arm around her and I grabbedher and took her off with me. I smacked her a bitand asked her why the fuck she was doing that. Shesaid he was some sort of musician. I told her that
I didn’t need her anymore and
turned my back toher. Somehow, I got the impression that she was mymother. I walked back off into the crowd where Iran into my friend Anna. She was dancing with thisguy they call Coffee. I greeted them as his son ran

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