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JAC Sampler

JAC Sampler

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Published by: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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_bn` Lzltb N|nt Azn Tilkl`o
_bn` Lzltb n|nt azn tilkl`o+T~zn+ lx“t klcn a iez` l` Tvzl`o.L` xbn klkx em Lzltb ka~obxnz+\e~ da` bnaz xbn a`onkt tl`o._bn` Lzltb bnazxt azn bavv|+Akk xbn wezkh tnnit jzlobx a`h oa|.A`h wbn` Lzltb n|nt azn tilkl`o+T~zn+ xbn| txnak |e~z bnazx awa|.Mez |e~z tilkn lt a vazx+Em xbn ke}n l` |e~z bnazx
. . .
A`h lx iacnt n}n` t~`tbl`n iezn jzlobx.Klcn xbn kl``nxt“ twnnx te`o+Dzee`l`o akk xbn ha| ke`o+Deint |e~z ka~obxnz te xn`hnz a`h klobx.Mez xbn tvzl`oxlin em klmnLt xbn twnnxntx em akk+Xbnzn lt `n“nz a znak dazn ez znoznx3A`h wblkn tvzl`oxlin lt e~ztXbze~obe~x akk em |e~xb“t be~zt+Knx ~t tilkn nadb dba`dn wn onx.
 K|zldt j| Dba~`dn| Ekdexx a`h One. Ozamm Gz. I~tld j| Nz`ntx Z. Jakk "Ajzlhonh }nztle`,
Xbn Mlztx Ha`hnkle`
Tlivkn a`h mzntb a`h malz mzei wl`xnz“t dketn ninzol`o+At lm `e azxlfidn em matble`+ j~tl`ntt+ veklxldt+ bah n}nz jnn`+Mezxb mzei lxt t~``| `eec em tbnkxnz“h ozatt‘l``edn`x+oekhn`+ daki at xbn haw`+Xbn tvzl`o“t fiztx ha`hnkle` tbewt lxt xz~txm~k madn.
_akx _blxia`

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