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DG4Kids Table Talk (August 2012)

DG4Kids Table Talk (August 2012)

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Published by Discover God

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Published by: Discover God on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table Talk
 August 1, 2012
Why do people lie sometimes? Why is it so hard to tell the truth all the time? 
Everyone tells a lie sometimes. It may be intentional, or it may be because they don’t 
have all the facts. Lying is a by-
product of pride. We lie because we either don’t want 
to be proven wrong, or because we think lying will keep us out of trouble or make uslook better. Sometimes we lie to get someone else in trouble or to make him or herlook bad.
It’s hard to tell the truth all the time because none of us are perfect—
we all sin. But as we learn more about God and His truth, and fill our hearts and our minds with HisWord by reading it and memorizing it, we will find ourselves choosing to tell thetruth more often as God transforms us to be more like Him. Part of our job asparents is to teach our ki
ds to be truthful, not “because Mommy says so,”
but because we are training our kids to follow and obey God, and God is truthful.
 August 6, 2012
Can God lie? Why? Why not? 
God cannot lie. He is holy (pure and perfect), so everything He does is right. He doesnothing that opposes His holiness. He cannot even accidentally lie, because Heknows everything!When God told childless Abraham that he would be the father of a mighty nation,
was God lying? No. But after years of waiting on God’s promise and not seeing it 
fulfilled, Abraham and Sarah might have wondered. When Sarah could no longerhave children, they seemed to have given up on the truth of Go
d’s words. They
looked to their own
ways to make God’s promise
come about. But God reiterated Hispromise that He would make Abraham the father of a mighty nation, and it would bethrough Abraham and Sarah.God cannot, will not, does not lie. He always keeps His promises. It may take a whilebefore we see His promises come true
and some promises we will not see fulfilleduntil Heaven
but God is totally truthful all the time!
 August 15, 2012
What are lies you hear other people say about God? 
When discussing this question, it might be helpful to write down some of thesethings, and then look up Bible verses that prove the truth of God. For example, somepeople say that God does not exist. The Bible says in Genesis 1 that God created theworld and everything in it. In Revelation 22, Jesus says He is the First and the Last,the Beginning and the End
. All throughout the Bible are stories of God’s miracles and
His direct involvement with people. Not only are these examples that God exists, but we also see His love, faithfulness, power, justice, and more.So as you discuss some of the lies we hear from others and from our culture, showyour family the truth from
God’s Word.
One pastor reminds his congregation of the
truth of God’s Word by starting
off his sermons with this saying:I believe the Bible. It is the Word of God.Every word of God is true.When it differs from my thoughts,my actions, my attitudes, or my values,then
will change. I
change,through the power of the Holy Spirit in me.
 August 20, 2012
Name as many things that you can think of that are totally true. (For example,1 + 1 =
 2, there is only one way to God, God is Love, God is Just, God is True…)
There are many people who say, “If I have enough faith in something,
it must be
true.” Others say, “If it feels good, then it must be okay.” Both of those statements
 are false. The Bible proves it, and so do the laws of the universe.*
Let’s use this train as an example:

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