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Scheiman Portfolio(Revised)

Scheiman Portfolio(Revised)

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Published by Samantha Scheiman

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Published by: Samantha Scheiman on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Samantha Scheiman | Publishing Inside Out
Before I took this course, publishing was a nebulous topic to me. Like many people, Ihave always been smitten with the idea of writing and publishing a book, but naturally,that feeling has been accompanied by some trepidation. Thankfully, through detailingthe nuances of the book publishing process
from concept to manuscript, production,and publication
this course has allayed my fear of “not knowing enough” to publish a
book, giving me a boost of confidence instead. Throughout this course, it has beenenlightening to learn about the diverse careers within publishing, ranging fromdevelopment editors to book designers to marketing and publicity specialists, amongothers. I now see that some of my design and marketing skills may fit some publishing jobs, so I will consider such career options upon graduation.My first portfolio piece is the
Book Proposal
 Arkansas Locavore: A Guide to FarmersMarkets and Recipes in the Natural State
. I feel as though this document really solidifiedmy vision of 
 Arkansas Locavore
, giving me a foundation for all of the other documents. Ihave revised this proposal countless times and have incorporated many of Sarah
Mitchell’s excellent suggestions into this
particular version of the proposal, so I feel thatthe wording is strong, brimming with rich detail and crispness. However, I will revise itsome more before submitting it to a publisher, as no document can be revised too manytimes, and I will seek a few editors in my department to offer fresh perspectives.Secondly, my
Table of Contents
is the result of careful thinking. To accommodatenewcomers to the local-
food scene, I included a section entitled, “Browsing Farmers
Markets: What to Buy
, What to Avoid” that delves into the entire farme
rs-marketexperience, from purchasing to storing market goods. I realize the headings are not veryexciting, but for now, they emphasize the main functions of these sections. In the futureI may experiment with headings that are a bit more compelling,
though there’s nothing
wrong with simple headings that highlight their real purpose of outlining the book.My third portfolio piece, then, consists of my
book cover design
, which I consideramong my best work produced in this course. I studied the covers of the local-foodcookbooks I own to gain an informed perspective on what
 Arkansas Locavore
shouldemphasize. I wanted the overall color scheme to be bright and representative of someof the vegetables featured within, so I chose kelly green and gold hues to mimic theever-popular Southern greens and golden summer squashes. I liked the clean look of theFutura typeface, and I thought the Rockwell typeface for the subtitle added someinterest.
Overall, I’m quite pleased with this design’
s unified look, and I hope to find asuitable farmers-market photo to replace the stock image I found on iStock.com.Additionally, my fourth document is
 Arkansas Locavore
Design Document
. Iencountered some difficulty in composing the first part, the story in a nutshell.
has a lot of moving parts, if you will, so it was hard to condense it down to a
3few main points. I also found it challenging to compose the fourth section, which
consisted of describing the book’s overall look. In hindsight, I wish I had
sketched a fewpage mockups
so that it wasn’t so hard to visualize the layout.
Finally, the last component of my portfolio is the
 Arkansas Locavore
Marketing Plan
. Ithink my concept of 
 Arkansas Locavore
audience evolved during this class, so I feelthat this document showcases my audience the best, emphasizing the fact that mytarget audience is savvy about their budgets and at a beginner or intermediate cookinglevel. As I was distilling the results of my market research, I realized I should have askedthe open-
ended question, “What inhibits you from buying local food?” instead of 
offering a list of possibilities, even if I included a write-in option.Ultimately, this class ranks among the finest I have ever taken. I received a fantasticoverview of the publishing process that will certainly stick with me, and more than that,I discovered I have a book proposal that is worth submitting to a publisher, thanks to thewonderful compliments and constructive criticism I received from fellow classmates andyou, Michael. I look forward to converting my newfound publishing knowledge into real-life practice either through pursuing a publishing career or seeking a publisher for
 Arkansas Locavore
. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, Michael!

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