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Published by umadasdey

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Published by: umadasdey on Jan 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Make your QTP scripts perform better
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Miscellaneous Concepts on QTPThis post refers to a thought provoking question which was asked onTesting Toolsforum. In this query
is looking for ways to optimize QTP scripts for best performance. Everyone knows we use automated testing tools to optimize our testing process. Unless you make full use of the capability of the tool and unless a tool is usedsensibly and with proper planning, it would not yield any results. Just record-and- playback is
the solution for any project. You need to go deep inside to understandthe intricacies of any tool. Any software testing tool is only as good as the test engineer using it. On those thoughts, I feel this was one of the best questions asked in the forumsof late.Well, here are some of my tips and tricks to optimize the QTP scripts:
Launch QTP using a .vbs file and not the QTP desktop icon. You will notice asubstantial increase in speed. [Refer the earlier post onHow to open QTP usingvbs file?,you just need the 1st point of that post]
For large tests, always define variables, function in an external .vbs file and notinside a reusable action. Attach these files with your test scripts. If you define avariable or a function in an action, on every iteration of your test run,memory(RAM) will be allocated to those variables/functions and would not bereleased. Now as your script starts consuming more and more RAM, your SystemUnder Test (SUT) will tend to become slower.
While running, QTP consumes a lot of memory by itself. It is always advisable tohave lots of available RAM( much more than what is recommended by HP) andgood processor speed on a system where you intend to install QTP. When youhave tests (and hence QTP) running for a prolonged period if time, there arechances of memory leaks. To avoid memory leakage always restart QTP at someintervals of time. Using AOM you can automate this process. [If you want to gointo details of effect of RAM on speed of computer read the post on RAM,Memory Usage thoroughly]

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