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Published by Haider Hussain

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Published by: Haider Hussain on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCARLETWritten byHaiderHussainBeigAddressKorvezeestraat4692628DWDelftThe NetherlandsPhone Number- +31-639430546
BLACKWe hear a girl’s voice, GLORIA.GLORIA (V.O.)We’re like two ripples colliding.Influencing each other’s paths and,eventually, existence.FADE IN:INT. UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA- NOONIt’s the university cafeteria on a weekend afternoon. It’srather empty and there is just one man waiting at the coffeecounter. He’s MATT. A 26 year old senior at the university.He has long black unkempt hair and a stubble.Gloria is sitting alone at a table, right across from whereMatt is standing. She’s silent and is just looking longinglyat Matt.GLORIA (V.O.)I sit here looking t the thickblack hair on your head. I look atthe way you...From her POVwe can see Matt unaware just waiting for hiscoffee. He looks listless and bored.GLORIA (V.O.)...you scratch your stubble, while you wait for the COFFEEto pour. Like you’re waitingfor that eventual collision.You just don’t know it yet.It’s inevitable.MATT (V.O.)COFFEE. Fucking taking toolong. It’s probably gonnataste like dirt anyway. Threebucks for this cup oflukewarm disappointment. ButI love it.Gloria’s V.O turns low as Matt’s takes off with the trigger word, COFFEE.MATT (V.O.)No, I’m dependent on it. Can’tfunction without it. What was hername? Lora...Ly..Lynda! Yeah. She was pretty fuckinghot. She came onto me at the party last night. Icould tell she wanted it.A girl walks in, LYNDA. She’s unaware of Matt’s presence.She’s looking at her phone.
MATT (V.O.)Too bad I was too HUNGOVERand stoned to gage it. But man I could have had her. Ahhit’s ready. Finally.LYNDA (V.O.)Oh God, I’m so HUNGOVER.Shouldn’t have taken swigs ofthat abomination last night.But that first year kid whooffered it to me was kindacute. And a littleintimidated as well. Hisloss.Matt’s coffee is ready and he takes a sip. His V.O Turns lowas Lynda’s starts with the trigger word, HUNGOVER.Lynda doesn’t take her eyes off the phone and flips her hairaround. She looks into a window on the side to check herselfout.LYNDA (V.O.)Wait.. itwasn’t the first year kid who was trying to get me drunk.That was at the beginning of theparty. It was that weird older guy.The one with the dark hair.Matt sips his coffee and turns around. He notices Lynda.LYNDA (V.O.)He was pretty HOT. Why washe wearing a poncho?... ohyeah it was Mexican night.Eww... his bottle tasted abit like cough syrup.MATT (V.O.)Fuck, there she is. She lookspretty HOT considering it’sthe morning after a party.I’d still fuck her brainsout. And I’m only halfsober... hehe. Damn, I missed my shot last night.Lynda’s V.O Turns low as Matt’s takes over with the trigger word, HOT.Gloria, sitting at the same spot, has her eyes stilltransfixed on Matt.MATT (V.O.)She better not make thisAWKWARD. Marina... oh yeah,girlfriend. Fuck her. She’sabroad. Probably fuckingsomeone else already. Whore!GLORIA (V.O.)You lift the coffee and sipit. Your full ips and thatAWKWARD smile. Lips that Icould stick to all day andsoak in the sweet nectar ofour union. It’s inevitable.Matt’s V.O turns low as Gloria’s gets louder with the trigger word, AWKWARD. Gloria just looks at him while he looks atLynda on the other side of the room and smiles.He raises his cup to her.Lynda notices this.2.

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