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Published by Wilhelm Ramos
Collection of Speeches (In, Community Service)
Collection of Speeches (In, Community Service)

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Wilhelm Ramos on Aug 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wilhelm Ramos
Virginia Beach Organization
Student Ethical Standards of the Virginia Beach Organization’s Plan
Thoughts, respectives, responsive solutions to issues that resolve human initiatives of encouragement, to be political leadersof Today, and not of tomorrow help us to develop partnerships of trust, respect, and honour for the privilege of becomingwhat we are today, men, women and children of our forefathers' labor, work ethic, and worthy leadership skills that are theintent of our Black Women and Men, today.
Our Organization’s Line of Questioning
:"Do we share ideas to develop leaders of the excellent to represent gender and ethnicity roles of the elitest?" Let us listen to the words of wisdom from our Sister Alice Walker:"The common way people give up their power by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker.(The Halls of the Women Studies Center, D Building at the Virginia Beach Campus of Tidewater Community College)
What is Interracial Conflict?
Domesticity of People: Male Breadwinners usually think of their women, as high-class citizens of the elite society caring fromlow-level poverty stricken occupants with occupations that men will not take pride-in, mutual respect to attain (groupadvancement) These ideals ,"Raise the status of blacks in the egos of the dominant white culture." (Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) When African American women rise, no African American man falls." (The Making of a Race Woman, Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism) Albertus Bethune,"Tried to prove to whites that African Americans are of the equal nuclear status, of white families."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52) "The development of talents a well-rounded education is the basis of thesolution to interracial problems, education must identify the most gifted students and give their opportunity to a higher education."(Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, p.52)Citizenship training must secure this right to teach our people to pride their opportunity to learn, of what is their desire tolearn. Should we not be more supportive to the actions of our women, today ? Bethune teaches us: Good African Americanwomen are friends, of churchgoers, teachers, and supportive of the historical attributes, of our Black Political Leaders, whoare from the Black Women of Today. Mary McLeod Bethune taught us, in 1899 at a small missionary school in South Carolinathe thought in my mind had been why not be a friend of a lady equal to our needs, as men:The belief of social responsibility, sexual respectability, the modeling of decorum, and the studying of propriety alleviated thestress of negative sterotypes referred to about Black Women, and women in general. She believed that we deserved to
Wilhelm Ramos
develop abilities to improve the standards of living for us, as children, and for the women to be the acknowledgement of our respect, dignity, and pride publicly, privately, and politically.Black Women Activists, like Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Mary Church Terrell, Eugenia Burns Hope,left their husbands to pursue political careers. Bethune, Brown, and Jane Edna Hunter were separatists. These womenseparated themselves from their husbands to do race work. Dean Lucy Shore of Howard University had chosen to, or chosenot to marry but to spend their lives with other women preferably their colleagues at the University. These actions served tochange the thoughts of women. Marital status, at the time had been, "a separation but, acceptable." If it not were for appearance , impeccable and rarely faltered, the status of women today would not be the same, respectable, with a degreeof success known for dual responsibilities, variety of strategies and the ability to serve under Booker T. Washington, W.E.B.Dubois, and a few other Black Political Leaders of Yesterday. African Americans, today suffer daily indignities, railroad tracks,canals that divide us, into black and white stereotypes. Racial relations become strain, misguided and abusive to the times of relief for if it were not for our forefathers' building churches as, the center of the community creating baptisms revivals, to bea major part of religious social life we would not be the need of psychological, physical, and material oppression of other women, today. "Dr. Texas Adams, his wife Ladosia had been the physician at McCleod Hospital from 1911 to 1975 and on theboard of trustees for more than 50 years. Lack of money was not, a major obstacle." "Meager educational facilities, racial  prejudices of the most violent type-crime and violence, are the real issues of the past, and not of the present. In 1899,wealthy white women of the Palmetto Club agreed to support black schools, believing it was in the best interests of the city to help educate. White schools held nine-month terms and public education facilities were available through the twelfthgrade.','The State of Florida, only had 3 or 4 state supported public high schools for black students, 4 or 5 month terms at the6th and 7th grade level 1 public kindergarten, 1 public elementary school, and a few church-run schools." (Mary McCleod Bethune-Cookman & Black Political Activism, p.58)
What are abolitionist strongholds?
To be freed of slavery, the slavery mentality, and the mentality of enslavement to know that we are not slaves but, men,women, and children not of slaves by choice, but by force will not tamper with the provoked issue of conflict but resolvedomestic violence among separatists, or the legal act of separation. This can only result for the movement of community solidarity for our women leaders to rise to political leadership, and the will to empower other women to serve, and help freeus from not giving the respect to women, for of whom we came from and deserve, this is our, Revelation. Thank you, Dr. Rev.Iyanla Vanzant for being our inspiration for the 2012 Black History Month Event and we hope to hear from you soon.Have a Good Night.
Wilhelm Ramos
Wilhelm Ramos2/21/12 1:30 p.m.TCC ID: 6211944What we now title, "Student African American Brotherhood" has a set of rules and regulations acquired by the students toobtain the goals and achievements necessary to fulfill the needs of the affiliation, S.A.A.B. A person, of such worth, value,and patience, has to be able to commit to "the body of the brotherhood". In order, to enable, the trust of the student body at a level of high learning. The fulfillment of this search creates urge to renounce our past flaw, mistakes, and misfortunes, tolearn a better role in life. Our past history, has taught us to develop a lifestyle, improving those of others, sharing the lessonslearned from our forefathers' of history who have taught us to respect " The Self", to value men, and women with dignity, pride, having the privilege to know each of us with the upmost aptitude. Not expecting, but delivering what was lost and now found, a new birth, the beginning of a livable, justifiable, and honest academia (our lives as, students of S.A.A.B. 2012)What has been taught us can be shown to those of your choice, do we have a choice, to proportionally give people the gift of leadership, knowledge, honor, and the privilege of knowing our teachers, professors, and staff members of our brotherhood.Our future without a shadow of doubt made on all levels should help us grow, levitate, and enhance our minds to a degreeworthy of the pride and joy of brotherhood, today.With the gratitude given, the presence of the past, in the eyes of the future would you vote for me, to have a partner in theStudent African American Brotherhood, do you think we should vote me into the body of S.A.A.B ..?  As a public advocate of the forefathers of the black struggle in America have enhanced the senses and advance the creativity of what is known to be, "The love of African Americans and their sisters, brothers, and leaders of this nation" (Mary McLeod Bethune-Cookman & Black Women's Political Activism, by Joyce A. Hanson)

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