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The Ronin Revised

The Ronin Revised

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Published by teo_kuusela8089

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Published by: teo_kuusela8089 on Aug 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Ronin
 An original story by 
 Teo Kuusela,
based on the
Star Wars
Saga created by 
George Lucas.
Special thanks go to
Benjamin Bartle,
for proofreading, editing and continued support.and
 Jen Benkel,
for proofreading, brainstorming and continued support.
Chapter IOld Allies and New Enemies
BWEE BWEE BWEE![Approaching Empress Teta!][Beginning planetary decent]
A V-19 Torrent Starfighter appeared as a blur above a planet, on which rose anecumenopolis rivaling that of Coruscant. It was a sleazy looking place by theflashing of lights that could be seen up all the way to the atmosphere. A perfectplace to escape the past and hide from the future...A hiss sealed a suit of armor from the outside air as the starfighter plungeddirectly towards the planet. The ship began to shake violently and fire engulfedthe vessel from all which way. The pilot could not see anything out of the cockpitdome, but he didn't need to. The attached astromech was handling the decentdown through the atmosphere and on towards the lower levels of the city. Only afew days prior, the pilot had helped a Jedi General escape into anonymity andnow he was one amongst many to be hunted down like a dog by his very ownbrethren; his own flesh and blood down to the genes. It just proves how unfairlife can be at times.Outside the cockpit, the shadows started to grow darker as the fighter flewfurther down through gaps between buildings. Neon lights began to flash in anearly hypnotic succession and a light shroud formed by mist and exhaust fumesenveloped the lower levels of Cinnagar. The airfoils of the starfighter folded upso the ship could land on a secluded opening between structures, a small wayfrom the main street of the lower level. The cockpit dome opened and the pilotclimbed out, arming himself and strapping his WESTAR rifle on his back andheading off while the astromech began defensive duties.Meanwhile, above the planet, a Venator-class Star Destroyer, freshly painted adull Imperial gray, jumped out of Hyperspace and launched a dozen landing crafttowards the planet. Without as much as a reason, the freshly promotedStormtroopers landed on the city streets and took over the planetarygovernment building while sending a small detachment to hunt down the fugitiveclone responsible for treason in aiding the Jedi.Wearing bright white armor, the Stormtroopers looked an impressive sight whenthey began marching down the streets of Cinnagar. What was more impressivewas when the Venator descended into planetary atmosphere, looming over thecity like a great cloud, foretelling the dark times that would be following. Theoppression, slavery, slaughter and racism that were to follow the Emperor'sultimate will. The Sith had truly taken over.

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