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Social Network Privacy II

Social Network Privacy II

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Published by Yury Chemerkin

This series of articles about security trips how to make social networking is more secure on the top social networks. Part II. Twitter. hakin9.org/hakin9-0812-57-malware/

This series of articles about security trips how to make social networking is more secure on the top social networks. Part II. Twitter. hakin9.org/hakin9-0812-57-malware/

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Yury Chemerkin on Aug 07, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ocial networking services are kind of on-line service that focuses on building so-cial relations among people shared their information about themselves. This informa-tion filled their profiles makes users possibleto search and extract necessary information. Itmeans the search will analyse only the actualcontents you want (images, video, text, calendar events). Such representation is often based oneach user profile as set of social links, interests,public data, and other linked services. Currenttrend has fast been growing to control mecha-nism unification for a long time. Each of thesesocial services meets with users desires to lessinputting about them. That's why you are allowedto be sign up/in by Facebook button or Twitter button following which you can start to organi-zation your own networks groups by involvingothers friends via email, social address book or switching your profile into public zone indexed bysearch engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Thisis so-called individual-centred service whereasonline community services are group-centredbased on user abilities to share ideas, activi-ties, events, and interests within their individualnetworks.
hapter . ecurity beyond the wholePicture
Part . Twitter
Twitter has come in 2006 as a people group tell-ing what they were doing right now as soon ashappens like “woke up” or “overslept”. Now itis social place to leave messages limited up to140 characters long as kind of SMS messages.These messages create your so-called timelinethat can be followed and these messages canbe marked as favorite, retwetted, and replied.Direct messages limited up to 140 characterstoo.
ocial Network PrivacyGuide – 
 This series of articles about security trips how to make socialnetworking is more secure on the top social networks.
What you will learn…
The most useful ideas and advice how to use a lot of socialnetworks mixing fun and businessWhat does the most known social network oer to keep yourdata in privacy
What you should know…
Basic knowledge how to nd and setup security setting on so-cial networksClear understanding of your goal when you start to use a newsocial network 
Figure 1.
Normal Tweets
ocial Network Privacy Guide – ome basic terms and defnitions
 A Twitter timeline collects stream of Tweets listedin real-time order with newest updates are at thetop into you will land by view of your homepage.
Types o Tweets
Normal Tweets
look like as shown on Figure 1and are represent a message not more than140 characters by itself that appear on send-er’s page and his timeline and on other profile’stimeline who are allowed to be seen updates inorder to privacy settings. Not that, it has never been appeared on someone profile until it willbe retweeted.• Mentions
look like as shown on Figure 2 and 
are represent the same message includinganother’s username preceded by “@” placedI message after one word at least, e.g. “This@yurychemerkin is mention for…” Mentionsusually appear on sender’s profile amongpublic tweets or someone timeline if this per-son is following a sender. In addition, men-tions may be found in the recipient's Mentionsand Interactions tabs, whichis accessible only by them. Asa normal tweets, it has nev-er been appeared on someoneprofile until this person wrotethe message.
: look like as shown onFigure 3 and are represent amessage similar to the men-tions except position of “@user-name”. Now it must be placedat the beginning of message,e.g. “@yurychemerkin your blogis cool!” Replies appear on pro-file page or on timeline, whoseowners are following the sender or both of them. Also, replies may be found in the recipi-ent's Mentions and Interactions tabs and never on anyone’s profile page, unless they wrote or sent the message. If your Tweets are private,it means no one is allowed to see any of your tweets unless you have given them the rightto follow you. Thus, when you send a @replyor mention, only profiles approved by you willbe able to see them else you have to unprotectyour tweets to make them and your accountpublic.
Direct messages
is usually non-public mes-sage sent directly to someone who followsyou or sends directly to you from some-one you follow. Other cases are not allowed.It stores in direct messages folders of send-er and recipient as well as on recipient mobiledevice or email if (s-)he turn on this feature(-s)(Figure 4).
The common privacy rules
Twitter considers the posting another person’s pri-vate and confidential information as a violation of the Twitter Rules. Such information may be:
Figure 4.
Direct messages
Figure 3.
Figure 2.

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