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Commerce August 2012

Commerce August 2012

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Published by Angelica Mancuso

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Published by: Angelica Mancuso on Aug 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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• Supporting  Sustinble Future
1556 First Street | Napa CA 94559 | 707.226.7455 | NapaChamber.com
• Battle of the Sexes Infographic• Employment Situation Summary• Retailer’s Participation: NV Film Festival• The Rise of the 1099 Economy• Your Child’s Early Education• 16th Annual Golf Tournament Recap
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NOVATO, CA Bankof Marin Bancorp(NASDAQ: BMRC), parent company of Bank of Marin (collectively, the “Company”), rang TheNASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell on August1. The Company is celebrating a strong secondquarter with record earnings of $5 million and hasannounced an increase in their dividend to $.18 pershare. The Company has paid a dividend for 28straight quarters.“We were honored to be invited to ring theclosing bell at NASDAQ,” said Russell A.
Colombo, President and Chief Executive Ofcer
at Bank of Marin. “This was a special event forour organization. Our employees, customers andshareholders all played a big part in making us thesuccessful community and business bank that weare today.”Bank of Marin opened its doors in 1990 with two
branch ofces in Marin, and has since grown to
17 branches across Marin, San Francisco, Sonomaand Napa. The Company has been traded on theNASDAQ exchange since December 23, 1999.At that time, the Company started with 2,260,339
Bnk Of Mrin RngNaSdaq Closing Bell
 Exertec Health & Fitness Napa Recycling & Waste Services
 Home Depot  Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham
Travis Credit Union Mark Coleman, State Farm
 Napa Planner Financial Group
 Bank of MarinSilverado Resort and Spa Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine
 Bank of Napa Net-Flow Corporation
 Infuence Interne
The Valley’s Daily News Source
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No matter how old or young you are,there are some basic things you can do tobetter manage and protect your money.Here are recommendations from FDICConsumer News.
Comparison shop for nancial
services. Just as you would do forany major purchase, look at what isbeing offered by your bank and a few
competitors, then try to nd the best deal
to meet your needs. For instance, with amortgage, credit card or other loan, youmay be able to negotiate the interest rate
• Creting  Strong Locl Economy
BERKELEY— A new analysisgives Californiansgood reason to beoptimistic about thegreen credentials of the state’s proposedhigh-speed rail project, due to begin constructionin 2013 thanks to funding recently approved bystate legislators.Arpad Horvath at the University of California,Berkeley, and Mikhail Chester at Arizona StateUniversity compared the future sustainabilityof California high-speed rail with that of competing modes of transportation, namelyautomobile and air travel. They determined that,in terms of energy consumption and greenhousegas emissions, a mature high-speed rail systemwins out when it deploys state-of-the-art trainspowered by greener electricity. This was trueeven after accounting for the emergence of more
fuel-efcient airplanes and automobiles.
The study, published July 26th in the journalEnvironmental Research Letters, comes threeweeks after lawmakers authorized $4.7 billionin state funds, which freed up an additional
and other terms. This can save hundredsor thousands of dollars over several years.Start by comparing the AnnualPercentage Rate (APR) on a loan orcredit card. The APR is the cost of creditexpressed as a yearly rate, includinginterest and certain fees. “Many peoplelooking for a loan only focus on thedollars they’d pay each month instead of the APR and, because of that, they don’trealize how much the loan will cost andthey could pay too much,” said Rae-AnnMiller, special advisor on consumer
Prcticl avice for Everyone onHow to Sve n Mnge Money
save $ 
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Future Of Cliforni High-Spee Ril Looks Green
Image courtesy of the CaliforniaHigh-Speed Rail Authority.
August 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 2 |
While the economy has beenmiserable for small business, and manylarger ones as well, the ranks of the self-employed have been growing. Accordingto research by Economic ModelingSpecialists International, the number of people who primarily work on their ownhas swelled by 1.3 million since 2001 to10.6 million, a 14% increase.
This rise is partially reective of hard
times, and many of the self-employed
earn only modest livings in elds such
as childcare and construction. However the shift to self-employment is likely toaccelerate in the future, and into higher-paying professions, for reasons includingthe ubiquity of the Internet, which makesit easier for some types of business touse independent contractors, as well as
the reluctance of large rms to hire full-time employees with benets.
Urban analyst Bill Fulton, who haslooked into this issue, concludes wemay be seeing a fundamental changein how the economy operates. “Eventhough there may not be jobs in theconventional sense, there is still work,” Fultonnotes. “That’s the whole idea of the 1099economy. It’s just a different way of organizingthe economy.”If the 1099 economy is the wave of thefuture, which regions and industries arecurrently at the forefront? We turned to EMSIfor the data. We looked at the change inself-employment numbers for the nation’s30 largest metropolitan statistical areas from2001 to the present, and also from 2008,
when the economy rst nosedived and people
started to scramble.The results of EMSI’s research arefascinating, and somewhat surprising,perhaps giving us a glimpse of where thefuture of economic growth may be takingshape. The biggest changes have takenplace in four metro areas where the number of self-employed workers expanded over 10% growth between 2008 and 2012. Two of them, Houston and Seattle, have done verywell in our previous rankings of economicperformance, and the other two, Phoenix andRiverside- San Bernardino, Calif., sufferedgrievously from the housing bubble.
By: Joel Kotkin
The Rise of The 1099 Economy:
More Americans Are Becoming Their Own Bosses
Social Media Marketing Made Simple
Hosted by the Napa Chamber of Commerce in partnership with ConstantContact! Speaker Karen Rice, Regional Development Director for NorthernCalifornia will lead the series.
Join us for this vital workshop!
We will review the
essential strategies
best practices
 a businessor organization should understand in order to successfully get startedwith social media marketing. We will talk about:
•What social media marketing really is and
why it’s important
•Various social media networks and tools: how they interact, ways to
leverage their strengths, and how to evaluate them for best use for yourbusiness or organization.
•How other businesses are using these low-cost tools to
gain visibility
,develop relationships,
drive sales
and engagement.
•How to incorporate it into your business life without losing productivity,
growing your reach
Next Class Dates & Topics:
September 13
: Brand Identity Strategies: Promotions & Marketing
October 11
: Growing Your List & How to Speak to Your Audience
November 13
: Holiday Themed Marketing
August 14, 20128-10 a.m.1030 Main St 
Napa Valley Opera House
Doors Open:
7:45 am
NapaChamber.com | 707.226.7455
Advance Package-
 Includes all Workshops
Members $80 | Future Members $120
Individual Classes:
Members $25 | Future Members $35
Members Making News
August 2012 | COMMERCE | Page 3 |
shares outstanding which has more than doubledto 5,336,927 at December 31, 2011. The stock
price has also increased signicantly from
$12.56, the low in 2001 (adjusted for stock splitsand dividends), to a high of $39.85 in 2011.Bank of Marin has consistently been
recognized for its strong nancial performance
with numerous awards, including being namedagain to the KBW Honor Roll. Bank of Marin isone of only 45 banking institutions to have madethe 2011 list, just published in June 2012.Bank of Marin webcasted the NASDAQclosing bell festivities in each of their branches.
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New Improvements In Your Child’s Early Education
Children’s Cottage Preschool & InfantCenter is hosting an Information Night onFriday August 10th from 5:30-6:30pm attheir school on 1078 East Ave in Napa. Theywill be discussing the improvements beingmade to your children and grandchildren’searly educational experience as well as anoverview of Montessori Philosophy andhow children will be better prepared fora lifetime of learning in the new worldeconomy. A short informational videowill be shown highlighting Montessoricurriculum, a demonstration of lessonsas they are presented to the children inclass, as well as a Q & A session. On sitechild care will be provided for all parentswho need it. Children’s Cottage has beena Napa Chamber member for 19 yearsand was voted best child care in the NapaValley. They serve children as young as 6weeks old through entry into First Grade.Please call (707) 224-3825 to let themknow you will be attending and visit theirwebsite atwww.ChildrensCottage.com 
NAPA, CA – Channel the spirit of the dada with anight of ready-made fun and frolic as di Rosa presents
its 11th Annual Benet Art Auction– Dada di Rosa!
The evening kicks off with sparkling wine at theGatehouse Gallery and viewing of the art for Live andSilent auction. The fun continues across the lake in diRosa’s Main Gallery, transformed into a Supper-Club
with cocktails, live performance, and a Dada-licous
dinner. The centerpiece of the night is the Live Auction,featuring outstanding work by nationally-recognizedartists such as Enrique Chagoya, Lewis deSoto, HungLiu, Tom Marioni, Raymond Saunders, Canan Tolon,and William Wiley. Back at the Gatehouse, the partyheats up, with Silent Auction bidding accompanied byscrumptious desserts, music, and dancing.This annual event stands apart as an occasion for spirited fun and a dynamic gathering of art enthusiastsand collectors who celebrate our region’s talent.
Event Date: October 20, 2012, 5:00 pm–midnightTicket Prices:Supper Club Tickets: $300-$500 each / $3,000-$5,000 Table of 10: Includes full event access:
cocktails, seated chef’s dinner with premium wines, and
live entertainment in a unique art-lled environment,
followed by Live & Silent Art Auctions, and After-Party
with live music and dancing. Entry at 5:00 pm, plus VIPaccess to October 6th Preview & Artists PartySpeakeasy Tickets: $100 each: Participation in Live
and Silent Art Auctions, and After-Party with live music
and dancing. Entry at 7:00 pm.Preview Party hosted by Onward! Young Collectors:October 6, 6:00– 9:00 pm
The auction artworks will be on view in the
Gatehouse Gallery October 6 – 19, 2012. A complete
list of artists and images will be available online in earlySeptember.
707-226-5991 x17 for information and
sponsorship opportunities.
DADA DI ROSAThe 11th Annual Benet
The inaugural Walk for Animals is anexciting new family event offering aone-mile route through Downtown Napa(with or without a pooch) in supportof companion animals throughout theNapa Valley.
From L-R: Christina Cook, Chief Financial Ofcer; KevinCoonan, Chief Credit Ofcer; Nancy Boatright, Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary, Russ Colombo,President and Chief Executive Ofcer, Bob Gotelli, Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources, and Peter Pelham, Executive Vice President, Director of Retail Banking.The group is joined by Cris Farrell from NASDAQ.
Heavenly Yogurt is a family-owned
not a fanchise
so we are ableto listen to our customers and make
changes with our yogurt avors and
toppings that include fresh fruit choppeddaily. We are a self-serve yogurt shopwhere you create your own masterpiece
for $.43 per ounce. We have 8 avors of 
yogurt and rotate them frequently with
50 toppings to chose from!Create your masterpeice today!
707 Lincoln Ave.
Sun - Thurs 11:30-9:00Fri - Sat 11:30-10:00

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