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Peter Pan 2012

Peter Pan 2012

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Published by Elizabeth Breed
a play by Elizabeth Breed
a play by Elizabeth Breed

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Published by: Elizabeth Breed on Aug 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Peter Pan: 2012
A play by Elizabeth Breed
SCENE: The Darling family nursery, London, night. There are three beds, and asmattering of toys, but the most noticeable in the space is a large rack holding
all of Wendie’s
designer clothing, a desk with a computer on it, a largetelevision set with about four or five gaming systems on it, and a large picturewindow. At the rise, WENDIE is sitting on her bed, texting. MIKEY is engrossed on a movie on his computer, and JONNY is sitting in front of the large television.They are all wearing pajamas.
Next to Wendie’s bed is a small dog carrier,
shaped like a castle. Her little yappy fuzzball of a dog, Nana, is sitting in it.MARY enters.
MARY. Children! Your father and I are leaving for the evening.
(This does not stir any response from the children.)
We’re leaving for that grand party we were
invited to! Come, give us a kiss.
(The kids remain unmoved.)
(Shelooks up.)
WENDIE. Yeah mom?MARY. How does my dress look?WENDIE. A little out of fashion, but it suits you, I guess.MARY. What do you think of the shoes?WENDIE. Mom, are you going to keep asking me questions? I have to return this
text back to Claire. She’s having total boy problems.
Michelle Warner totally
wants to take Claire’s boyfriend Duncan to the prom. It’s so not happening,but now she’s spreading rumors about Claire saying that she sleeps with guys
on the first date. Which is so not true.
Everyone knows the farthest she’ll go
is third base. I have
to do damage control. It’s kind of life or death here, mom.
MARY. Oh. I understand. Continue.
(Wendie rolls her eyes and returns to the text.)
How about you, John? How does mommy look?
(Jonny doesn’t look up from
the game.)
JONNY. Ew.MARY. Oh. Good to know. How about my youngest boy? Michael, what do you think?
(Mikey looks up from the movie.)
MIKEY. Oh! Mom. When did you get here?MARY. Oh Michael, how about my dress.
MIKEY. It’s blue. What’s the occasion again?
MARY. Your father and I are going to the party now. I need one of your famouskisses goodbye.MIKEY. Do I have to? The movie just got really good.MARY
. No… I suppose not…
(GEORGE enters.)
. Dear, I seem to be having a hell of a time trying to get this knotted right…what’s the
. We’ve lost them, George.
GEORGE. What? What do you mean?
MARY. We’ve lost them. They’re gone.
GEORGE. Nonsense. They’re sitting right here in front of us.
MARY. They’re zombies. Flesh eating zombies attached to their mobile devices andipads and… video games.
(Jonny makes a kill on his game, and grunts inapproval.)
JONNY. YEAH! Killed that motherfucker!
MARY. Do you see? George, I’m worried. They’re not children anymore. They’relittle… adults who want nothing more than to kill car hijackers on their videogames and socialize via text message. I don’t think John’s left that chair for aweek now. I haven’t seen Michael eat any
thing but popcorn and Gatorade,
and he’s gone through some strange growth spurt… he looks like he’s in hisearly 20s and he’s seven. And Wendie… well, she used to go on dates with the
most lovely boys, but 
did you see who she brought home on Friday? I
think his name was Spike. He’
s a motorcycle gang.
GEORGE. Mary, you’re overreacting.
 MARY. I am not. Tell me that you see it too.
GEORGE. I… I suppose, but…
MARY. Perhaps we shouldn’t go to the party.
GEORGE. That’s out of the question.
 MARY. We can out with the children. Go see a movie. Play Frisbee in the park.
GEORGE. I can’t miss this party. It’s important. You know money’s been tight lately.I have to show my boss at the firm that I’m invested. That I’m a team player.The firm is downsizing next month and if I don’t prov
e myself, we could loseeverything.
MARY. I know.
It’s been so hard for you. Maybe I should get a part time job? I could
go back to teaching.
GEORGE. I couldn’t ask you to do that.MARY. I would want to. To support the family. It’s an extra paycheck. And don’t wewant Wendie to attend a good school next year. We’re boarding her,
WENDIE. You’re what?
 MARY. Oh, now she listens.
WENDIE. You’re sending me to boarding school? Since when? When were you
gonna tell me that?GEORGE. It was decided
last week. We’re sending you to St. Andrews.
WENDIE. Scotland? What the bloody hell is this? I’m not going there! You expect meto leave all my friends behind? That is bollocks! It’s so unfair! Make Jonny goto Eton or something, but don’t send me away
from my friends!
GEORGE. You’ll go, and that’s final.
WENDIE. This is such bullshit.GEORGE. Watch your language young lady!WENDIE. I am a grownup! I should be able to make my own decisions.GEORGE. I am your father, the king of this household, and you will respect what Isay!
(Nana, a small little fuzzball barks from her carrying case.)
You’ll respect 
what I say or I will take Nana back to the petstore.
(This perks up Mikey and  Jonny.)
MIKEY. Daddy, no!
JONNY. You can’t do that, dad! Wendie love
s that dog!GEORGE. So be it. This little shit has bothered me for long enough.
MARY. George…
GEORGE. I can’t stand it! No one around here seems to appreciate all that I do forthem, so here’s what’s going to happen. Wendie, you’re going to school in
thefall whether you like it or not. This dog is now living outside!
WENDIE. You can’t do that! She’s a purebred! She can’t handle the snow!
 GEORGE. Michael and John you will stop playing around on those bloodycontraptions, and five times a week you will participate in team sports.

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